I've been riding this test pair of Traylx sunglasses for close on a year. They feature Rudy Project's “unbreakable” photochromic lenses. The ImpactX 2 lenses have photochromic particles embedded in the lense itself, said to be superior to other photochromic options which simply use a film over the lense. The ImpactX 2 black lense, in our test model, is an all-rounder lense offering good performance in a variety of light conditions.

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  • FrameTralyx Crystal Gloss Orange Fluo
  • LenseImpact X 2 Black
  • Retail priceR 4,490.00 As tested (Starting at R 2,990.00 standard lense)

Thanks to their light weight, at just 28 grams, and the super comfortable contact points, the Traylx are hardly noticeable when worn. So much so that I was concerned about how easily they may slip off on a bumpy trail or in windy conditions. The grippy ear and nose pieces work well to cling on to your head though, with little, if any, movement even in harsh conditions.

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The nosepiece is fully adjustable, allowing you to fine tune the fit to your unique features. The tips of the arms are also adjustable via a steel core running along half their length with the remaining material soft and flexible. This allows for even more adjustability and results in an incredibly comfortable fit around the ears with no pressure points.

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A key selling point of the Traylx is the venting and heat dissipation features. The frame has subtle vents above the eye line with larger air “intakes” in the temple region. The lense also features small vents on each of the lower outer edges. While moving, this system is very effective in eliminating lense fog, but when coming to a standstill they tend to mist up quickly, especially in the cold winter air. As soon as you are on the move again, the lenses quickly clear up, and in warmer weather it's not a problem.

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On the off chance you are unfamiliar with the technology, photochromic lenses automagically adapt to match the light conditions, going darker in full sun and lighter to fully transparent in low light. Perfect for early morning rides from dark to light or trails dipping in and out of shade. The lenses do take a little time to adapt though, and quick transitions from full sun to full shade still require a moment for your eyes, and the lenses, to adjust.

The lenses themselves provide exceptional clarity with a neutral tone and natural colours. The shape of the lenses and overall design creates a wrap-around feel with no obstructions to your field of view. The only noticeable element for me was the bright orange nose piece, but this can be swopped out for something more subtle. The lenses are said to provide protection from solid objects (stones, etc.), although the only objects we encountered during testing were bugs of various sizes. The lenses are also designed to be flexible, minimizing the potential for injury in a crash.