Sporting a long feature list, the SDG Circuit Mountain is at the cutting edge of saddle design and manufacturing.



On the Trail

I have always been a fan of low profile saddles with a wider dropped nose, minimal (but some) padding. The surface must be durable and easy to keep clean but not slippery. The SDG Circuit meets my requirements perfectly.

The wider, dropped nose of the Circuit serves two purposes. First, the width reduces the pressure point out front . Second, the slight drop makes sitting on the tip of the saddle a little more forgiving - especially when moving forward on technical climbs to help keep the front wheel down.


Even with it's low profile and lightweight build, the Circuit is very comfortable with the pressure-relieving channel on top and the base cutaway underneath. Hanging out behind the saddle is made easy by the flat and rounded rear.

The synthetic cover with kevlar side panels shows little sign of wear after several months of use. It also helps to keep the saddle clean and looking sharp.


Most riders tend to stick to a particular saddle once they find something that works. But if you like a low profile race saddle, the SDG Circuit is worth breaking from tradition and trying out.



I've tried many saddles of this nature and the SDG Circuit has proven to be the most comfortable on longer rides. Throw in the huge selection of candy colours to match your bike and you have a winner here.


  • Under Cut Base // Cut-Out - Base cut out reduces pressure and softens the ride
  • Base Bridge - Bridge design for maximum stiffness and ultimate power transfer
  • Weight: 220g (Carbon rail model weighs 165g)
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 135mm
  • Optimal Rideable Area (ORA) : (90 - 130): Small - Medium
  • Disciplines: Mtn (XC, Trail, Enduro) & CX
  • Black Microfiber Top w/ Black Kevlar Sides, *Black Embossed graphics*or Yellow, Lime, Cyan, & Orange Embossed Graphics
  • RRP: R1,440