It’s an Altitude
The Altitude Powerplay has the same geometry and suspension performance as the unassisted Altitude platform. It is the first e-MTB that features true aggressive trail ride feel.

Next-generation drive system
The Powerplay drive system was designed from the ground up to allow true mountain bike performance, while providing class-leading torque, massive battery capacity, and ultra quiet operation.

Intuitive pedal assist
An in-line torque sensor provides smooth, instant power response, making for an intuitive, natural ride with no learning curve. Get on and go.

Charge fast, then charge hard
The 48v system provides super short charge times, taking only two hours to reach 80% capacity of the available 632Wh lithium ion battery.

Powerplay Drive system details

The Powerplay drive system was born from our desire to push the boundaries of electric assist bikes. We knew from the project’s outset that to design an electric mountain bike to our suspension and geometry standards, we would need to take a fresh approach.
A low-mounted motor keeps the centre of gravity low and the entire system compact, while allowing for ultra-short chainstays and a bottom bracket that is integral to the frame. We use a high efficiency, three-phase brushless motor to provide class-leading torque and ultra quiet operation. To get instant power response on trail, we put the torque sensor between the chainring and the drive gear, and our 48v battery voltage allows for super fast charging.


Designed by us in Canada, the Powerplay drive system is sleek, lightweight, and powerful. Ultimately, it’s a drive system that allows us to deliver electric mountain bikes that ride like true mountain bikes.

  • High efficiency, three-phase brushless motor provides class-leading torque
  • Instant, natural power response makes for an intuitive ride, thanks to an in-line torque sensor
  • Ultra-quiet drive operation
  • 48v battery voltage for fast-charging and heat management in high-torque scenarios
  • To prevent creaking and wear, pedaling forces are isolated from the drive system via a bottom bracket shell that is integral to the frame itself
  • Increased stiffness thanks to structural motor casing
  • Compact, low-pro le motor design with reinforced motor casing and integrated motor-brace bashguard
  • Display-free with a low-pro le remote for a pure ride experience
  • Bar-mounted remote displays assist level, battery level, and diagnostics; controls three assist levels and “walk” mode
  • Optional eBikeMotion mobile app (iOS & Android) connects via Bluetooth and provides a wide range of system customization, reach estimates, ride tracking, and more
  • Available with a massive 632Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Minimal drag when exceeding the motor speed or when drive system is disengaged thanks to crankset clutch and elimination of traditional e-bike gearbox
  • Based on a third generation electric drive system that's been in development since 2010
  • Dealer service and parts support in Europe
  • Wear items (BB, drive sprocket) are shop-serviceable with common shop tools
  • Works with standard Race Face bottom bracket and crankset
  • Charge fast, then charge hard ultra-fast charge times of 1 hour 40 minutes (to 80%) with the 500Wh battery, or 2 hours (to 80%) with the 632Wh battery


Bike Details:

  • Available full Smoothwall carbon frame
  • Weight:
    • Altitude PowerplayTM Carbon 90, size Medium: 47.6lb (21.6kg)
    • Altitude PowerplayTM Carbon 70, size Medium: 49.2lb (22.3kg)
    • Altitude PowerplayTM Carbon 50, size Medium: 49.1lb (22.3kg)

    [*]Ride-9 system for a wide range of geometry and suspension adjustments [*]All sizes t a water bottle inside the front triangle [*]Geometry & pivot points identical to the traditional Altitude, with suspension kinematics optimized for additional chain torque [*]Upper idler straightens the chainline for reduced drivetrain wear [*]Integral bottom bracket shell is part of the frame, not the drive system—improving sti ness and preventing creaking or wear [*]Standard PF92 bottom bracket is shop serviceable and easily replaceable [*]Single-sided chainstay and seatstay pivots for a narrower rear triangle—reduces heel rub, even with Boost spacing [*]Enduro MAX cartridge bearing pivots with simplified hardware [*]Shock-eyelet bearings for small-bump sensitivity [*]Designed for 27.5x2.5 Wide Trail tires for precise, aggressive performance; compatible with 26+ tires (26x3.0) [*]Clean and tidy: oversized downtube ports for ease of cable routing, with full-length internal dropper post routing and internal brake routing in the front triangle [*]Lightweight bolt-on axle for reduced hardware complexity and extra security in e-MTB applications [*]Tapered ZS44 | ZS56 headset [*]Post-mount 180 brakes [*]Boost spacing [*]1x specific [*]Metric shock, 210mm x 55mm