Shimano has been producing pedal systems since the late 1970s and MTB pedals since 1990. Shimano’s SAINT pedals are now used by world-class downhill athletes such as Brook MacDonald from MS Mondraker and Wyn Masters from GT Factory Racing.

The new SAINT flat pedal (PD-M829) features an aluminium and carbon composite resin body with a concave shape and up to 14 pins (4 optional) in 6 mm or 3 mm lengths for secure and stable grip for better bike control. The PD-M829 is intended for Downhill, Enduro, Freeride or Park riding. A pair of pedals weigh 397g. Each pedal is 121x100 mm in diameter with a maximum height of 16.1 mm.



Last in the flat pedal line-up is the PD-GR400. This is a more affordable version of Shimano’s flat pedals for trail or casual riding. It comes with a smaller 103 x 96 mm resin body, nine removable pins per side, a maximum height of 16 mm and a weight of 394 g.


An updated SAINT SPD pedal (PD-M821) will be music to the ears of MacDonald and Masters because it now features a new axle to improve durability, which means less frequent bearing maintenance.



The wide and grippy contact area, with a thin but tough pedal body, and SPD shoe retention system is retained. The pedal body is designed to allow for easy mud-shedding and its thin profile provides obstacle clearance. The PD-M821 features four height-adjustable pins per side, which match the lug positions of Shimano’s downhill SPD (AM-series) shoes.




SHIMANO’s final 2021 pedal introduction is the flat pedal PD-EF102 for everyday riding. It is for general comfort riding in various environments with a wide-body & grip pattern for stable pedaling, resin body for a stable pedal-to-shoe connection and great axle durability. It comes with an integrated reflector for urban environments.