The first thing you'll notice about the Shotgun Kids MTB Seat is that it has no harness. So rather than transporting your little person around like a piece of luggage, your child will actually need to be alert and engaged in riding with you – which is why they need to be at least 2 years old.

The shotgun seat is fully adjustable to fit all mountain bikes, and has moulded rubber padding to protect your carbon dream machine. And it's quick release. You can fit and remove the seat without leaving a clamp or adaptor on your bike. Perhaps a bonus for MTB Mom and Dad's who want to share the duties.


And if you’re looking for the full experience, there’s also a set of mini-handlebars available – otherwise your kid can hold onto the middle of your bars, or fight you for your grips.


Kids Ride Shotgun have recently appointed Get Stoked as its South African Distributor, and shotgun seats and handlebars are now available at, and mountain bike parents can learn more about the product at

We're excited to partner with the team from Get Stoked to bring our products to South African families. We’re keen to help parents raise the next generation of mountain bikers, and we feel that Get Stoked share that vision. Dan Necklen, co-founder of Shotgun

Kids Ride Shotgun is a great product and we have had the pleasure of testing it for several months now. The only downfall is that every time we reach for our bikes the kids are standing nearby with their helmets on. It’s a great way to get the kids outside and spend some quality time on the bike. David Correia, Get Stoked