We have combined two unique rim depths and inner diameters to create a rim set that works in the real world, taking all conditions and rider sizes into account. We started with NACA 0024 aerofoil profiles and 25mm tyres, ensuring they as fast in a straight line or going up the Mur de Huy as they are in a crosswind descending Chapmans Peak in a summer South Easter.


We realised that the ideal profile was a 32mm deep, 22mm internal front profile for its weight and crosswind stability, combined with a 40mm deep, 20mm internal rear profile for its aerodynamic benefits. This combination proved a solid favourite in real world testing, giving riders the best results in climbing, descending and stability.


We found riders taking smooth dirt road shortcuts or even taking on longer ‘brown tar’ sections on their road bikes with anything from 25-32mm tyres on the RX wheelset. Their confidence extended beyond the tarmac and as adventure is such a key driver for us at South Industries, we welcomed this exciting development.



Recommended Pricing

Individual rim
Wheelset with Tune KillHill / ClimbHill hubs (1350g)
Wheelset with Tune Prince / Princess hubs (1285g)