There are three things that contribute to making this bike our best all-around trail bike to date:
  1. Confident Handling
  2. Utility
  3. Robust Construction

We pioneered the “modern” trail geometry by adding lower bottom bracket heights, slacker head angles, and some of the shortest chainstays in the industry. Add it up, and this combination gives the bikes a signature handling characteristic that pushes the envelope of what we thought was achievable. And by combining this with refined travel lengths, the Enduro becomes a true trail destroyer.




Don’t believe us? Take a look at the numbers below:

Slack Head Angles

650b: 65.5° | 29/6Fattie: 66.0°

Low Bottom Brackets

650b x 2.3": 345mm | 650b x 2.6": 350mm
29 x 2.3": 352mm | 650b x 3.0": 345mm | 650b x 2.8": 339mm

Short Chainstays

650b: 425mm | 29/6Fattie: 432mm


Wheel size options:

You want wheel options? The Enduro has ‘em all. Even better, it comes in two frame options—one being optimized for 650b and the other for 29 and 6Fattie wheels.


Wheel specific frames:

These frames were painstakingly poured over to make sure that the specific frame platforms had appropriate geometry for riders to have the best possible experience per wheel size.

The frame sizes break down as follows:

29/6Fattie — Developed on a 29er frame platform, it’s built with tire clearance and wheel size options as a consideration. The bikes will fit tires from 650bx2.8"up to 29x2.5".

650b frames — Built on a dedicated 650b platform with loads of tire clearance, this bike will accommodate up to a 650bx2.6" tire.

“Why mess with a good thing?” But where some would comfortably rest on their laurels, we aimed to keep evolving. And the result is the most fun you’ll ever have on a mountain bike. Seriously.

Öhlins suspension partnership:

It’s no secret that we developed our Demo 8 with Öhlins in order to make the fastest World Cup DH bike on the market, and for the Enduro, Öhlins and our suspension team took that knowledge and experience to develop both the Enduro and the STX22 together. Gone are the days of unnecessary clicks and adjustments and poor setups. The low-hysteresis system, found here, provides unmatched control and consistency.


  • Supple low-speed compression circuit for unrivaled reaction, climbing, or descending.
  • Shock Block mounting hardware provides a stiff, responsive connection;
  • Tuned high-speed compression for more control on big hits;
  • AUTOSAG for hassle-free set up—every time.
  • 3 clicks High Speed Compression;
  • 9 clicks Low Speed Compression;
  • 6 clicks Low Speed Rebound.

Utility: SWAT Door Storage

SWAT integration stands for storage, water, air, and tools. Sounds simple, and it should be. We’ve taken pride in making the sleekest, most convenient package for trail riders, so you’re never caught in a situation where you’re unprepared. It all started with a tool that we stashed under your water bottle cage, a chain tool that hid away cleanly in your top cap, and then the pièce de résistance, the SWAT Door storage at the down tube.

Riding with a pack, just to hold some small, yet essential, bits on your back, is a thing of the past. Everything you could possibly need is stashed away discreetly, cleanly, and most importantly, it’s always with you on every ride.



Cable routing:

  • Internal cable routing—the lazy loop is gone, and so are dirty, messy cables.
  • The cables cleanly enter the head tube and follow independently molded tubes through the length of the down tube. This way, you can say goodbye to magnets, flashlights, hooks, or fighting to swap housing.
  • Cables run over the top of the BB in order to reduce the pull/bend on the cable housing. This creates more consistent and crisper shifting.

Robust Construction:

Updated X-Wing frame design - The silhouette that defined the Enduro has been updated and streamlined. This construction contributes to the stout and precise handling that today’s riders demand.
  • Oversized Bearings & Hardware—Increased demands on bikes called for stouter bearings and hardware. The new links house larger bearings and hardware to increase bearing life and balance, as well as the handling characteristics of the chassis.
  • All bearings the same size.
  • Threaded BB—You asked for it, and we delivered. This means that you’ll get longer bearing life and no more creaks.
  • Dedicated 1x design.

Trail Bike Travel

  • 650b — 170mm fork travel and 170mm rear travel.
  • 29-inch — 160mm fork travel and 165mm rear travel.

We didn’t just obsess over head angles and BB heights, we also revamped the amount of travel for each frame. Now, each platform is spec’d with different travels for the fastest and most nimble setups around.


Local model availability:

Enduro Comp 29 / 6FATTIE


  • FrameEnduro Alloy FSR 6Fattie /29, M5 Alloy, 165mm
  • ShockRockShox Monarch Plus RC3 w/ AUTOSAG
  • ForkRockShox Yari RC 27.5+, 160mm
  • TransmissionSRAM GX 1x11
  • BrakesSRAM Guide R
  • WheelsRoval Traverse 29 148mm boost
  • Recommended Retail PriceR 54,999.00

Enduro Elite Carbon 29 / 6FATTIE


  • FrameEnduro Carbon/Alloy FSR 6Fattie /29, FACT 11M FT, SWAT, 165mm, alloy SS, alloy 29 CS
  • ShockRockShox Monarch Plus RC3 w/ AUTOSAG
  • ForkRockShox Lyrik RC 27.5+, 160mm travel
  • TransmissionSRAM GX 1x11
  • BrakesSRAM Guide R
  • WheelsRoval Traverse 29 148mm boost
  • Recommended Retail PriceR 79,999.00

Enduro S-Works Carbon 29 / 6FATTIE


  • FrameEnduro Carbon FSR 6Fattie /29, FACT 11M, SWAT, 165mm of travel, carbon SS CS, boost 148mm
  • ShockÖhlins STX22M air
  • ForkÖhlins RXF36 160mm
  • TransmissionSRAM XX1 Eagle 1x12
  • BrakesSRAM Guide RS Carbon
  • WheelsRoval Traverse SL 29 148mm boost
  • Recommended Retail PriceR 149,999.00

Local bikes will be 29" wheels models. They will arrive near the end of the year.