The Ride Of Your Life

There are riders out there that yearn for more than racing, that see the experiences of the open road as an equivalent to toeing a start line. The demands of this sophisticated rider equal that of any racer, for where racers want for speed, these riders demand a package that accounts for everything else, too. Sprightly climbs towards the clouds, wicked descents on the other side—they demand superior handling and an unrivaled ride from a bike that’s the epitome of quality, performance, and style.


Break The Rules

While this endeavour would allow us to apply everything that we’ve learned about making bikes over the last half-century, the goal was not to adhere to any of our preconceived notions around building them. But where would this take us?



We’re as well-versed in the norms of cycling culture as we are in the rules of the UCI, after all, yet neither of these confines would have any bearing on our process. That’s because we see creating this instrument of transcendent bike experiences as being far more important.

It was hard for many people here to wrap their heads around a high-performance road bike that wasn’t focused on racing. We were afraid that the project would meet resistance and get cancelled, so our team worked in relative secrecy for over a year. No one knew about the project until the design was finalized, and we were making our first frames. ROAD + GRAVEL CATEGORY LEADER - Stewart Thompson


Billions Of Calculations In Pursuit Of One Thing – The Perfect Ride

Flipping The Script On How We Build Bikes

We know that shape contributes to the vast majority of a bike’s performance, and that’s why Aethos was born from a “Eureka” moment in the test lab. Our engineers studied the flexing and breathing of carbon frames in the pedaling test rig, and they realized the industry’s understanding of how forces flow through a frame was incomplete and ripe for massive improvements. We used staggeringly large supercomputer simulations—more than any humans can do in a lifetime—to subtly alter round tube shapes. This made their shapes more conical in key areas to deliver huge gains in stiffness and balance with the minimum amount of material. There’s nothing extra here except more stability and integrity.


Just so we’re clear, this is a shape story of how and why the shapes work within this bike. The outcome of Aethos represents an entirely new way of designing bikes. Why’s this really cool? Because it will shape how we build all of our bikes moving forward.

No Lazy Fibers

Now, if the vast majority of the frame’s performance is dictated by shape, then the remainder plays itself out in the actual materials used and the manner in which they are connected—the frame’s layup.


Continuing to study how these frames move under load helped determine that there were too many “stiffness layers” (or extra plies) added in the creation of traditional frames. So, with these new tube shapes, we needed an entirely new way to lay-up frames. Thankfully, it’s one which resulted in reducing the number of needed plies by 11% compared to the S-Works SL6 (which was known for being pretty damn great already). By utilizing larger, longer, and more continuous, unbroken plies, we were able to achieve more consistent positioning than on any frame we’ve made before.


The interesting thing to note is that the wall thicknesses of the tubes, themselves, are substantial throughout the frame, but because of the smaller number of the stiffness layers, the overall weight went down significantly. The only thing along for the ride should be you.

The first frame was 545 grams. We put it on the test machine and the frame behaved so beautifully—it was so stable. We only had to add 10 grams, and we could test-ride the frame. That was the moment we knew we had discovered something big. AETHOS ENGINEERING LEAD Peter Denk

Stiffness To Weight Number Defines Efficiency


Accidentally Illegal

We chased ride quality with Aethos, not a number. That said, we know a light, stiff, and balanced bike is magic at the pedals. The result, however, is the lightest disc road frame ever produced, with no gimmick builds and a weight as light as 5.9kg. Aethos is very illegal in some racing circles, yet it’s still rated for a 275-pound rider and possesses all the telepathic handling, response, and stiffness targets that you’ve come to expect from every bike we make. (Psst – don’t tell the UCI).


The New Modern Road Bike Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

To say that “everything has been considered with this bike” would be an understatement. We spent weeks upon weeks iterating, designing, and obsessing over every piece of the puzzle. But with the rider at the centre of the conversation, our goal was to make a bike that would fit your riding lifestyle— not the other way around.

Threaded Bottom Bracket

ccs-62657-0-36966800-1602156545.jpg32mm Tire Clearance
ccs-62657-0-12377500-1602156546.jpg27.2mm Seatpost

Perfection Is In The Details

From dropouts to derailleur hangers, no gram was overlooked. The same can be said about the approach of our partners at Roval Components. They’ve been working towards the same North Star of ride quality, and the 1284-gram Alpinist wheels and new Alpinist bar/stem combo were tailor-made for Aethos and the ride of your life.

Alpinist CLX

ccs-62657-0-26264700-1602156844.jpgRedesigned Thru Axle
ccs-62657-0-64506200-1602156842.jpgAlpinist Seatpost

Founder’s Edition


We celebrate every new platform we introduce with a Founder’s Edition. Limited to 300 bikes globally, this is the lightest build on offer, and it features an exclusive, stunning paint scheme with colour-matching finishes on some of the more unique parts. This S-Works Aethos includes the lightest Shimano Di2 componentry, the Roval Alpinist bar/stem combo cockpit (the first production bike to feature these), and upgraded CeramicSpeed bottom bracket and pulley wheels.