In the past, power meters were difficult to install but with Vector S, cyclists can visit Garmin’s approved Vector Dealers, purchase the system and then install it in minutes. There is no need for a mechanic or downtime while your bike is in the shop. The Vector S system includes the left pedal with embedded power meter, a right pedal without sensor, pedal pod and related hardware. With additional crank arm clearance (in thickness and width), Vector S fits almost any bike. The standard pedal pods, will fit crank arms between 12–15 mm thick and 44 mm wide. The large pedal pods will fit crank arms between 15-18 mm thick and 44 mm wide. If cyclists decide to upgrade to the dual-sensing Vector system at a later stage to achieve direct left/right accuracy, left/right balance data and other data features, this can easily be done by purchasing the upgrade pedal separately.

Vector S works by measuring the deflection in the pedal spindle as cyclists pedal. By comparing that measured deflection to a factory calibration, Vector S can determine how much force cyclists are applying to the pedal. Vector S measures this hundreds of times per second. The force sensor and related electronics are permanently and securely sealed within the left pedal spindle.

Vector S measures total power and cadence, and sends the data to compatible Edge cycling computers or other ANT+ enabled devices. Use compatible device such as Edge 500, 510, 800, 810, 1000 or Forerunner 910XT and Forerunner 920XT to take your training to the next level. Don’t forget to save, plan and share your ride on Garmin’s free online community, Garmin Connect. Vector S is available at the retail recommended price of R12 999.

The maximum weight limit of the cyclist using the Vector system is 90 kg. Cyclists over this weight limit risk personal injury and property damage.