Fuel EX 29


The all-new Fuel EX 29 delivers 130mm front and rear travel to complement a longer, slacker geometry that provides additional confidence at high speed and on technical descents. Our new Straight Shot downtube increases frame stiffness without additional weight, rounding out a ride that is tougher in every dimension but remains agile and efficient for optimal performance on all trails.





Fuel EX is offered in three women’s models with Women's Specific Design (WSD) touchpoints. The 15.5˝ and 14.5˝ sizes will be paired with 27.5˝ wheels to give smaller women more maneuverability and a better overall fit.



With the exception of Fuel EX 27.5 Plus, all other Fuel EX models are offered exclusively in a 29˝ platform.


Trek Fuel EX 29 Models

Fuel Ex 9.8 29

ccs-62657-0-31113900-1467310379.jpgFuel EX 9.7 29

ccs-62657-0-34191700-1467310374.jpgFuel EX 9 29

ccs-62657-0-07857000-1467310366.jpgFuel EX 8 29

ccs-62657-0-73805100-1467310385.jpgFuel EX 9.8 Women's

ccs-62657-0-80255900-1467310370.jpgFuel EX 8 Women's



The all-new Remedy now boasts an impressive 150mm front and rear travel, along with a slackened head tube angle for a ready-to-roll package dialed for enduro racers and technical trail riders. Remedy is equipped with Trek’s ABP, EVO link, Full Floater, and RE:aktiv suspension technologies.




For the all-new Remedy, RE:aktiv damping is now available in a RockShox rear shock, coupling this proven technology with a wider range of suspension options. The Straight Shot downtube delivers increased stiffness, creating a frame that is better equipped than ever before to take on the demands of the all-mountain/enduro category. For serious racers, Trek is offering two Race Shop Limited Remedy models with 160mm travel-adjust forks.


Remedy Women’s is available with distinct graphics and Women’s Specific Design (WSD) touchpoints, and all Remedy models are available exclusively in a 27.5˝ wheel size.


Trek Remedy Models

Remedy 9.8

ccs-62657-0-38532900-1467310429.jpgRemedy 9

ccs-62657-0-39190500-1467310422.jpgRemedy 8

ccs-62657-0-32994000-1467310419.jpgRemedy 7

ccs-62657-0-08378400-1467310438.jpgRemedy 9.8 Women's

ccs-62657-0-91581300-1467310425.jpgRemedy 8 Women's


Each platform retains the feel that riders love and have come to expect from these models, with designs that are more capable than ever before.

Both Fuel EX and Remedy benefit from Mino Link, allowing the rider to adjust frame geometry to better accommodate a variety of trails. Trek's Control Freak internal cable routing system has been expanded to its Alpha Aluminum models as well.

Both new bikes feature the recently-unveiled Knock Block frame defense to protect the downtube from fork crown impacts and the top tube from being damaged by spinning handlebars.