Powerfly FS (full suspension) is modeled after the proven Fuel EX platform and equipped with 130mm of front and rear suspension.

Powerfly builds on Trek's legacy of MTB expertise with its proven ABP and EVO Link suspension design. The new full suspension Powerfly also features the latest in Trek’s mountain bike frame technology, including Boost hub spacing and the new Straight Shot down tube with Knock Block frame defense for true mountain bike performance.

The Powerfly hardtail features an Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame with an E2 tapered head tube for increased responsiveness and lower weight. The lineup of new hardtail Powerflys delivers pedal assistance in a range of models including a women’s specific model.


All Powerfly models come equipped with a reliable Bosch Performance CX motor designed specifically for mountain bike use. The motor offers an impressive 75Nm of torque and four modes of assist. Trek’s exclusive Motor Armor offers additional protection to the weatherproof Bosch system for peace of mind in even the most brutal conditions.  

As Trek brings these new pedal-assist mountain bikes to North American riders, they are also working with BPSA, People For Bikes, and IMBA to help evolve regulations around pedal-assist mountain bikes and educate riders on where pedal-assist mountain bikes can be ridden.

With new full suspension and hardtail options, there’s a Powerfly for any rider who wants to explore more terrain than ever before. All Powerfly models will be available in September at Trek retailers in North America.

ccs-62657-0-34659600-1470321762.jpegPowerfly FS 8

ccs-62657-0-33039000-1470321761.jpegPowerfly 7

ccs-62657-0-31977600-1470321760.jpegPowerfly 5

ccs-62657-0-83735500-1470321760.jpegPowerfly 5 Women's

Powerfly FAQ

Isn’t riding a pedal-assist bike cheating?

If having more fun, riding farther, riding new places, getting new people into mountain biking is cheating, then yes.

Where’s the throttle?

Powerfly is a pedal-assist mountain bike. It amplifies the power the rider puts in while pedaling. If the rider isn’t pedaling, the bike is not assisting. It is not self-propelled.

Where can I legally ride this bike?

Regulations on where eMTB bikes can be ridden legally vary by state and whether the land is federally, state, county or privately owned. Trek and IMBA promote a position that safely guides eMTB users towards trails that won’t be questionable: “E-MTBs are approved for use on trails that allow pedal-assist or motorized vehicles. You are responsible for knowing and complying with all regulations and use laws. If uncertain about trail status, check with local parks management or consult your retailer.“

Where can I learn more about eMTB regulations?

People For Bikes has a well-curated list of resources and explanations surrounding eMTB:

Do eMTB’s have any more impact on trails than traditional mountain bikes?

“Not significant.” IMBA conducted a study of Type 1 (low speed pedal assist) mountain bikes, like the Powerfly, and found that “the impacts from Class 1 eMTBs and traditional mountain bicycles were not significantly different, while motorcycles led to much greater soil displacement and erosion.” In short, riding poorly constructed mountain bike trails or riding trails while still wet will have much more impact than eMTB riding. You can find the full study on People For Bike’s e-bike resources.

How fast can it go?

It’ll go as fast as your legs turn the pedals. However, the pedal assist cuts out at 20mph.

Can I ride the bike in the rain or wet conditions?

Yes. The Bosch system, including the battery, is weatherproof and will function fine in wet conditions. The motor is further protected from mud and rocks by Trek’s exclusive Motor Armor that also acts as a skid plate over large obstacles. However, none of the Bosch components should ever be submerged in water or cleaned with a high-pressure hose or power washer.

How does the Bosch Performance CX Motor differ from other units?

The Performance CX motor is designed for the rigors of off-road use with 75Nm torque for enhanced responsiveness and capability on steep or challenging terrain. The drive unit is slightly smaller than other motors, giving it better obstacle clearance. The mid-mount placement of the motor ensures the best weight distribution for balance and control.

How long does the battery last?

The 500Wh battery has an approximate range of 170km in Eco mode, and 60km in Turbo mode. Actual range will depend on various factors such as terrain type, incline grade, and individual riding style.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

From empty to fully charged will take about 4.5 hours. From empty to 50% charged will take only 2 hours.

Does the battery require any special care?

The battery should never be opened, as doing so not only voids all warranties, but also poses the risk of uncontrolled thermal reactions. Use only the provided Bosch eBike charger, which is specifically matched to the Bosch battery and has the right software for optimal charging and maintenance of the battery. Using any other charger will void the warranty and also risk malfunctions or reduced lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects, so the battery can be partially recharged at any time without affecting the service life.

How many power modes are there?

The Bosch Performance CX system allows riders customize the amount of power produced by the motor by choosing one of four modes:

  • Eco (50% assist): maximum efficiency for maximum range
  • Tour (120% assist): steady support for long rides
  • Sport (210% assist): powerful support for more aggressive rides
  • Turbo (300% assist): even more power for support up to maximum cadence (120 rpm) or maximum speed (20 miles/hr) for the most aggressive rides

Will the display still function when pedal assist isn’t being used?

Yes. The Intuvia display units will still offer all on-board computer functions even when the pedal assist modes are inactive.

What makes Powerfly FS better than other pedal-assist mountain bikes?

Here at Trek, we know how to make great-riding mountain bikes, and Powerfly FS is no exception. These bikes get the same proven frame technology as the rest of our lineup, including ABP, EVO link, Boost148, Mino Link, and our new Straight Shot down tube with Knock Block frame defense for an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. All of this adds up to a true mountain bike with the added benefit of pedal assist.

Why do some of the bikes have 27.5+ tires?

We gave the Powerfly 8 FS premium spec with 27.5 x 2.80” tires mounted to 40mm rims. This setup offers incredible stability and traction, which enables riders to get the maximum benefit from the added torque and power provided by the motor.