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  1. The Log in from the classifieds section does not work? Am I missing something....?
  2. Any 29er front shock with quick release please....i.e. RS Recon Gold or similar??
  3. I'm also done with CRC! Last two orders from Merlin took just over a week. Just a pity they don't have the same variety as CRC
  4. Agreed on Merlin! They don't have the variety of CRC but UPS shipment is just miles better as the shocking service from Skynet
  5. If you can't find it locally, try Qwerty Cycles in uk...
  6. I also have an issue with a DMT MTB shoe boa. Please keep us posted of the outcome
  7. I'm currently in a battle with both CRC and Skynet. Ordered 27/07 and only one item (£8 press fit kit) was delivered yesterday after huge fight! Seems as someone at Skynet London scored a nice Parktool repair stand.
  8. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/crank-brothers-eggbeater-11-pedals https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/crank-brothers-eggbeater-3-pedals - black Please!
  9. Don't know if the trail is still in operation as you are heading towards Bettysbay, just over the bridge, maybe a km or two, a little gravel road takes you to the start of a nice little trail. Used to be run by Cape Nature and need to pay entrance fee. Also the gravel road just before Hermanus t junction provides nice climb without traffic and you can cycle from Kleinmond
  10. I had more success on this number lately....you still need to wait couple of minutes before they answer. They can track it on your name and give you local tracking number 086 0111 502
  11. I believe this was a common problem on "older" series Tune hubs.
  12. Phone the customs no. Eventually someone will answer. Get your SA tracking no and SMS to 32932. You can also go to parcel depot at the back of airport to try and get it before they post it to your post office
  13. Try Solomans cycles in Lynnwood road
  14. Ordered twice the last two months from CRC.....both times through customs and to post office in less than n week.
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