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  1. the most comfortable goggles are the right goggles. how many of you swim in a mask? or do you prefer a very slim pair of goggles? https://fluidlines.co.za/collections/goggles
  2. there are other venues on the Cape Peninsula ....and up the West coast
  3. Unless they have already earmarked a new (better) venue for when the EL contract expires in 2 years time. A venue with easy (international) access, more spectators and a cleaner route.
  4. Orca Jammers .........just waiting for Customs to get their S##t together and clear the shipment.
  5. I have a snorkel for you ......and a wetsuit
  6. https://trinitysports.co.za/ Trinity Series Redbub series https://www.redhub-events.com/
  7. Trinity Series https://trinitysports.co.za/
  8. https://www.redhub-events.com/ redhub
  9. From the Fluidlines Newsletter Upcoming Triathlons NWTriathlon Click here for more info NW 18/01/2020 Trinity Germiston #2 Click here for more info GP 19/01/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo City Click here for more info EC 26/01/2020 Blue Lagoon Triathlon Click here for more info WC 15 & 16/02/2020 NWTriathlon Click here for more info NW 22/02/2020 Cross Tri Challenge Click here for more info WC 22/02/2020 IRONMAN South Africa Click here for more info EC 29/03/2020 Walker Bay Xtreme Click here for more info WC 24-27/04/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Durban Click here for more info NL 7/06/2020
  10. The Fluidlines JHB store opens again on Monday. Pop in, I will take you through the whole process (from pre-race to post race beers) and you can try on all the options. Orca / Orbea Concept Store - Morningside Mon - Fri : 09h00 - 17h00 Sat : 09h00 - 13h00 Sun / Public Holidays : Closed Address: cnr Rivonia & North Roads, Morningside, Sandton, 2128 Tel: 011 234 1729
  11. No Stress Big Guy You are in the very beginning of your program so a lot of the work is just getting moving and being consistent - the sessions are not pretty .......just yet. in 3 weeks, then the program picks up and the intensities change. Then the "fun" starts
  12. The week before Gauteng champs: https://trinitysports.co.za/trinity-germiston-2-incl-cgt-triathlon-championship-19-january-2020/ Most (serious) MP, LP, NW, FS, Tshwane and CGT athletes will use the 19th to qualify for their provincial teams. GP school go back on the 15th Sounds like an it might be a great fun event, but the date won't work in its favour.
  13. Fanie 1. Rule number 5 2: fluidlines.co.za for trisuits
  14. It hasn't been warm enough (for long enough) for the plant matter to grow yet.
  15. The water is crystal clear at Germiston lake. Perfect for the Trinity Triathlon this weekend.
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