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  1. well he did say windy windy, so it could be both
  2. based on the tales on this forum you need and armed escort to ride in CPT, last time I rode there I had 18 000 of my closest friends riding with me to make sure nothing happens
  3. I dont disagree with you, just shocked at the pricing. But then on the other hand the equivalent bicycle is setting you back close to 300k it makes the 'Blade look like a bargain.
  4. Yeah I look at the bikes on the floor here and when there is a 600 it always just seems to me to be that bit better looking as a package than the bigger bikes. But the prices of bikes makes my eyes water, top of the rang 'Blade is close to 500k. And then there is the "me" safety factor. I know how I push the limits of my abilities on a bicycle, i'd be dead in a week if I got a motorised bike.
  5. I must say my last couple of rides have been pleasant w.r.t. motorists too. With a number of them actually waiting for me to pass when they did no need to.
  6. There was one parked on the floor here for a few months, repsol colours. I lusted after that bike.
  7. WeBuyCars operate very different to a normal dealer, they are very much a "voetstoots" kind of operation and dodge the comebacks by providing a Dekra report. A normal dealer trading in or buying in a bike/car will want to make sure they are not getting a problem vehicle, so if they are doing their jobs properly will go over the vehicle very carefully. They really dont want to have to deal with these kind of comebacks.
  8. There are a number of sides to this. The original owner - He should have declared any accident damage to the bike shop on selling the bike to them. Maybe he did and they ignored him. The bike shop - they are the "pros" here, they should have picked up any accident damage even if the seller did not disclose. They should also have documentation to the effect of the seller disclosing any accident damage or not, this is their recourse with the seller. The buyer (you) - you did not buy a new bike, there will be wear and tare and scratches etc., but like you stated, you asked and were not informed, so either the bike shop did not know or they were hiding it The law - CPA is "supposed" to be there for this kind of thing. But give the bike shop reasonable time to sort out the issues first before heading down what is probably going to be a waste of time.
  9. Yep, that’s why I mentioned the airpressure. rhe different pitch threads sounds like a good idea.
  10. where did you get it from that it came with lube ?
  11. It doesnt come with lube, just the empty bottle. For something like you describe above its ideal. I do wonder though, how would you get rid of the dust on the chain first before applying lube ? surely applying lube onto a dusty chain is a big no no
  12. some feedback. I filled it up before I left for cape town, did not use it in cape town so popped it into a plastic bag and stuck it in my luggage for the return. I'm not sure if it was the airpressure or something pushing against it in my luggage but it leaked, luckily into the plastic bag. I cleaned it up and left it on its side on my workbench, still with a small amount of lube in it, this weekend I went into the workshop and found a little puddle under the device. On the next iteration I'd like them to come up with a way for the nozzle piece to lock into position on the bottle piece, so that when you unscrew the lid it does not unscrew the nozzle piece at the same time. The next thing is the lube I'm using is clear, when using it out of its normal container it leaves a big enough sizes bubble on the link which lets you see that you've dropped lube on it, with the Luberetta you cant really see, so I landed up applying some pressure to squeeze the bottle and ran the chain around twice. On the plus side it is quick to run the chain through, and having the guides means less concentration is needed.
  13. Weather app lied again, it said by the time I turn to come back the wind would have died. It didn’t. Was a hard slog back.
  14. I've done this 17 times. My normal modus operandi was start slow, hook up with a group if possible once onto the blue route, suckwheel until as close to smits as possible, climb smits at my own pace, recover for a bit and then try and catch a group until the little climb out of misty cliffs. After that I was always done for, the rest of the ride was just me trying to get to the finish. There was no giving it horns for the last 40km, there was nothing to give. Despite going balls to the wall from the start, this was the first year I had enough left in me to be able to grab the wheel of someone faster and comfortably hold on through to the finish mats. It speaks volumes about my increased fitness levels.
  15. yeah i thought I was playing it safe and giving myself enough time to sort it out before race day. At least there was the option to revert back to tube. It was however in the back of my mind the entire time that should I puncture I have no way of sorting it out, I was putting my trust in the puncture protection of the Pirellis
  16. i also suspect rubish rim tape. I dont know what they landed up using in the end, but I used their cycle lab branded tape, and they used that too when they re-did the tape the first time. To me it just looks like a narrower duct tape.
  17. tubed. Collected the bike from the transport company on saturday, wheel was flat. We pumped it up there with their track pump and heard the pop of the tyre seating, 2 hours later i could feel the pressure was down again. Thought about pumping it up at the start and chancing it but decided not want to take that chance and stuck a tube in. Dropped the bike off at cycle lab on wednesday, picked it up yesterday. They changed the rim tape twice whilst it was with them. Tyre was hard when i picked it up, they said it had been standing for 2 hours, tyre was still hard this morning before I left for work, so hopefully it is now sorted.
  18. but how much does the screen protector affect the brightness ? Because they certainly do on smartphones and tablets
  19. even the fork is not complete, entire right hand side is missing
  20. Anything is possible. But since it was not my microwave in my house I am not able to re-test.
  21. all those cyclist pee'ing "supplements" into the ocean
  22. I cant do any cereals with cold milk, has to be warm. Oh and futurlife is a big no no. have tried it on multiple occasions and just not stand this stuff.
  23. Well conditioned is relative. you are on another level. I am the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been for the 20+ years of riding I’ve done, yet to do a 3:40 took max effort for me, guys like Savage come along and do 3;40 on their cool down lap, and then crazy blokes come along and do those times on frakensteined kiddies bikes.
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