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  1. Lyne Dropper? BMC customisation? Csixx chain ring? Hubs from Lyne or South Ind?
  2. For sure, but there will always be a multitude of factors. But what would you feel be your ideal SA built bike for SA for your style?
  3. So I've been wondering if you could buy your dream SA built bike, but being realistic in terms of price.... Titan Racing Pyga Signal Momsen Silverback - Thanks for the suggestions Mecer - Thanks for the suggestions What would it be? Mine would be the PYGA Stage Max GX set. Which has a great all round setup, great 130mm for a good pop, it allows for relative "easy" climbs, great session down the trails and can also be used in some marathon events even. Would be really interested to hear what other hubbers think or WISH. Cheers
  4. Thanks, regarding Paarl - Worcester, I changed it actully to Franschoek - Villiersdorp - Keeping inland on some dirt roads and then back along the coast as much as possible.
  5. Howzit, I'm early stages but starrting a MTB NGO in the near future and will certainly be able to use it. If now I have mates who I can get it to in Langa. They're also always keen for kit. Let me know. Cheers
  6. Planning to take a tent with in case, but would love to meet local cyclist and crash either on a couch or camp in a garden.
  7. So keen to give a solo pedal to raise funds for a NGO program in Cape Town. Any tips on routes I need to ride? This is route I created vir Strava with heatmaps. Advice on destinations to stay over? Wanted to know peoples opionon on solo riding? I'm not too worried, obviously just have to be cautious whats around me. Anything else you would recomend. Side note - the route up to Swellendam will hopefully be avoided with the Malgas Pont. Anyone know if it's open yet? Cheers
  8. Been riding clipless my entire life, when I made the decision last year between flats and clipless I stayed with clipless and these are my learnings: 1) The actual pedal/cleat you have make a huge difference on the experience. I've updgraded and it was a game changer. 2) Uphills it does not make any difference, IMPO. depends in the rider. If you're fit enough you'll climb fast. 3) I've ridden rocky, rooty, steep sections all whilst clip in. Does not matter, but again it can be the rider 4) it is an advanage to know my foot is in the right place when I need to klap a pedal in. but decent flats and shoes also have great grip. If it was possible to be able to "test drive" them on some trails for a day would be the best to solve thie personal dillema. Good luck and happy riding!
  9. For your riding style and conditions you really don't need anything special. That should manage your expectation right there I've had a mate ride out steep Table Mountain gravel roads on a vintage style road bike so you really don't need anything exceptional. I always say it's 10% bike 90% Human. Get a bike, ride as mush as possible, pedal, get fit and then you can get a MTB which is nice. Post some of the bikes here from your area whcih is in your budget and say why you like it etc. Other hubbers can comment and advise.
  10. Any night rides in the Southern Suburbs side of the world?
  11. Hi all, I run a Bike Bus from Claremont on Friday mornings - leaving at 7am from Palmyra. We ride according to the group. And generally have a coffee when we get into the CBD - Seattle or Bootleggers. We do a MountainMute every now and again where we peddle over Rohodes Memorial into town to freshen things up a bit. If you're keen join the whatsapp group here (we don't post noise on there) ---> https://chat.whatsapp.com/E8oOcCFDB3tE5MbQcBHMHu I ride in most days in the week, so does other people on the group so welcome to tag along. Cheers
  12. So.... this post is quite old. ANY chance there has been an update and an improvement in the trails at Lebanon?
  13. Would love to get the communities insight on my allocated seeding for the CTCT. This is my first ever road race, I’ve done many MTB some stage some day only. I’m a keen cyclist over a many a years and over the last 4-5 months been commuting 30kms a day 4days a week on a fixie. I’ve been seeded at 5K, generally speaking what is the skill setbof this bunch? Do i need to try and squeeze in the last seeding? Feedback appreciated.
  14. I would like to see if this rant is still relevant??? Because the lack of cycling lanes leaving the CBD towards Rondebosch is a joke. Zero enforcement from the City, lanes are deteriorated and even parts dangerous. Estimate how many people use that route on a daily basis? From my experience from the last 2 months easily 50 -100 people daily. Guestimate.... Would like to track and use count to show the City how Shity they are.
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for some more options for a rear bike rack mount to put my gym bag on and secure it. The only one I can find is on Takealot. Any other options around Cape Twon I can explore? Any feedback/input will be appreciated. Cheers
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