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  1. Rapide Tigre frames are available locally https://www.rapide.co.za/product/rapide-tigre-29-ht/
  2. Nice rig! How do you find that Sardinha and in particular the CrMo fork on corrugations? What size tyres are you running?
  3. @DonatelloOnPinarello So to confirm the de facto document to be used when calculating duties is as follows on Page 624 of the Ordinary Customs Duty_Schedule1_Part1_09JuL2021 - is this correct?
  4. Totally agree with this sentiment. When you are controlling a vehicle you are focussed on what's going on in front of you not behind you ... particularly when negotiating an obstacle (jump, drop, log) etc. It was Pauline's perrogative to ride that jump in the safest way possible according to how she felt at that moment and it was JN's responsibilty to make allowances for the rider ahead of her. IMHO JN came in too hot, realized that she had made a cock up and took evasive action at the last moment and she can be very lucky that she didn't OTB! If she had OTB'd it probably would have been game over for her. So it appears to me JN is trying to deflect her stuff up.
  5. IMHO this is dependent on the type of hardtail i.e. frame material, geometry and fit. You will be surprised at what can be ridden on a hardtail. A well designed steel / titanium hardtail with a good fork (120 / 130 mm travel with 34 / 35 mm stanchions) will be a very nice bike to ride. Hardtails are also cheaper to maintain than a full suss.
  6. Agreed ... the riders are going to have their work cut out in the heat and humidity on that course and if it rains some of those rock gardens are going to be a smash fest ! I see that clip was taken in Oct 2019. I wonder if the course is still the same?
  7. Grew up in Zululand and I can attest to the heat and humidity ! Northern Zululand is even worse than Empangeni / R Bay.
  8. Pleasure mate! Contact deets: Contact Us – Rapide
  9. Speak to Wayne at Rapide ... he may be able to build you a Tigre for a similar price. Tigre will blow the Marlin out the water i.t.o capability with far more progressive geometry and durability with a 4130 CrMo frame. His customer service is unmatched in SA Frames – Rapide
  10. Nico, please name these unscrupulous 'rats' ... resellers so that they can be avoided like the plague !!
  11. Some more info – refer to link: “before venturing to elucidate hasty conclusions, we have preferred to consult official sources. Is the new 2022 Giant Anthem the bike that Indergand used in the World Cup? The answer is yes.” “we can confirm that the weight of the frame of the new Giant Anthem 2022 will be a spectacular figure slightly less than 1,700 grams,shock absorber included.” "This means that this mount will feature, depending on the final figure, the first or second lightest frame on the market among the double suspension for competition XC. A real featherweight." New Giant Anthem 2022, we reveal the first secrets: it's a featherweight! (solobici.es)
  12. New Giant Anthem Prototype Bike Info: A Proto Giant XC on the WC des Gets (velovert.com) New anthem 2022? | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum (mtbr.com)
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