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  1. Another solo operator. Worthy medalist. I want to hill attack like her.
  2. “After the last turn, I switched off my brain and told myself to go full gas… it was a dream for me… if it wasn’t for my team this would not be possible…”
  3. Elisa Balsamoooo - lead-out, punch and eclipse Vos on her favourite terrain. Wow, what a race.
  4. Van Dijk marking like the 39th move for the Dutch. Ashleigh freelancing like a champ, digging deep. Can Italy surprise?
  5. 5 minutes to race: van Dijk in front. And AvV chasing back for Vos. Geez, the strength of Team Orange.
  6. Like two boxers, both exhausted, trying to swing a punch. What a finalé!
  7. 7 riders for the Orange Machine. Bliksem.
  8. So technical with these twists and turns with sharp corners. Positioning, flaring them elbows and kophou is essential.
  9. Ashleigh looking very cool with her custom lid. Well positioned.
  10. van Dijk chasing the tiring Garcia. No race radios, so visibility of the front is key.
  11. Belgium chasing the front bunch after missing the split. Ashleigh sitting tight. Garcia with a slight lead. Hard to predict.
  12. That finalé is perfect for Vos's punch
  13. Anna The Great has done her work for the Dutch team. Surreal to see her in the 'autobus'.
  14. Ashleigh spending a lot of time in the wind...
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