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  1. When will they be taking over? I really wish I could see and try on Lake shoes before buying.
  2. Squirt lube has given me sticky chain links which don't move freely as designed. I no longer use it.
  3. Lots of laywers on here without law degrees.
  4. Mamba

    Ladies saddle

    Specialized Mimic Power Saddle for ladies is a great option.
  5. They also had LOTS of warning given covid hit our shores in March and TB was originally in August. They were not taken by surprise.
  6. It is also illegal. People seem to miss this. Did we agree to T's and C's allowing them to not refund in these circumstances? If not then they must refund us and cannot refuse to do so. If the terms are hidden somewhere then the CPA applies if not pointed out.
  7. I bought a new MTB from Cyclelab 3 months ago. Got a great deal but the setup they gave me was poor - the only way to describe it. I am based in KZN and am looking for someone who really knows what they are doing to give me a proper bike fit for a reasonable fee. I do a fair bit of long distance MTB riding so comfort and a proper fit is important to me. I am experienced enough to have made basic adjustments at home but my setup is close, but still not quite right. Are there any bike fit gurus that anyone can recommend?
  8. Covid hit in March 2020. TB was originally scheduled for late August 2020. If they incurred their costs before they belately postponed that is a result of bad planning by Ecobound. I have found them to be unprofessional in this process. Their approach of "no refunds" at this stage is unlawful because there is no clause in any T's and C's agreed to by riders allowing them to do so. The problem is it is not worth suing them for your entry fee. Bad planning and a greedy approach means the riders get screwed while they make their buck without putting on an event. How could they be so foolish to open the 2021 entries before holding the 2020 event? Now there will be little room for transfers (plus an undisclosed "admin fee") to 2021. Once again they make sure the riders take the loss while they smile at their profit.
  9. During longer rides (4 hours plus) my big toes tend to go numb. I did Munga Grit (533km) in October which took me about 35 hours non-stop to finish. I waited about 6 weeks to get the feeling back in the front of my big toes. Perhaps I had nerve damage that healed. Is this a common problem? Can anyone give me advice on what shoes to get? Is it a cleat position issue? I have wide "shrek" feet. I usually have to size up in order to not have the shoes be too tight. I currently use Specialized mountain bike shoes, which are apparently wider. But there is space in front of my toes, as a result the shoes perhaps feel *slightly* too big. I use insoles and the smaller size would have been too small. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. In my experience, most bike shops simply do not know what they are doing. There is a lack of professionalism and skill in the industry. Anyone can open a bike shop and hold out to be experts. There needs to be industry regulation and standards, which do not appear to exist in my city at least. The value of the goods they work on would rival many car dealerships. As well as the fees charged! It is a matter of who you are prepared to deal with. It is all rather amateurish, disappointing and expensive.
  11. TB is not the same as Epic or IM. It is not a comparison that one should make in order to reason that TB will also cancel. Epic, for example, involves international athletes flying in, large race villages over almost 2 weeks etc. TB is 1 day and involves a crowd only on the start line. Other than that, everything else is manageable. Many other events have gone ahead recently, with no issues. In my view the event should go ahead as planned, unless the Govt prohibits it. There are those with gripes as there always will be. Suck it up. Times are tough. I have entered the Repeat and plan to be on the start line on 30 Jan. Looking forward to it.
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