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  1. @Thomo .. i have a big roll of bubble wrap for you.. just to be safe wrap yourself a few days before
  2. HI i have a crank for sale .. https://www.bikehub.co.za/index.php?app=hubmarket&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=350759&new=1
  3. well said ... this is Cape Town after all .. all 4 seasons at the same time in different parts of the peninsula ....
  4. Thanks Nick , Admin and all at the Bikehub for making this possible ... Till next year TDF .....
  5. Congrats Team Scott ...... Enjoy the Cannondale ......
  6. so ... not sure if its luck ... or plain stupidity from me ... i picked my team @11pm the Friday before the tour started. just picking random names that sounds familiar ..... my son ... did research .. tracked stats ... then picked his team ... he was suppose to advise me on my picks ...... but he forgot to . after today's stage ..... i am 2nd .... (Biker) ... my my son is 333 (BR87) he is not impressed with my random choice of riders ....... lets hope that my good fortune continues till the end of the tour ... and i end #1 ... ( not sure if my wife will appreciate another bike in the house ... especially since we sold some to make space.... ) All the best to all for the last week of the Tour.
  7. Yes i was disappointed .. and so was my two sons .... yes we will get over it .... and the safty of the entrants is way more important. Then there is also the fire ... thats a different topic as to why .... As for a refund ... i know they say no refunds .. and that costs has already been incured ... like Eddy say settle what must be settled .. and this is my opinion on the left over funds .... Split it evenly between the charities that they support .. including all the prize money.... AND.. make the amounts public ... it is after all our and sponsors money.
  8. Thats because they to light .... Us that have a few more kg around the middle ... wont blow over .... lol
  9. mm... i was about to get ready ... then my one son called from the start to confirm that the race was cancelled.. and that his brother can go back to bed ... I feel for those that travelled to Cape Town for the race .... PS : Since they changed the name from The Argus .... they only had one full race out of 3 .... thats not good stats ....
  10. and .. they announce this 2 1/2 days before the start .... why not make it from next year if they want to give the elite ladies a shorter route ... then they can at least train properly for it .... So now they trained for 109 km ... including 1 extra hill .... If they had known .. they could have adapted there training accordingly ... Sometimes i wonder if the organizers know how much there decisions affect the participants .. Maybe only if it effect the bottom line then they will worry.
  11. Why a shorter distance ... what happen to equality .... A woman's only start group i can understand.... Wont the men catch them and then have a problem going past them ....
  12. Hi The juniors ride a 52/39 .. gear restrictions ... once they over 18 there is no more restrictions and they can fit a 53 and any cluster as well. My 19 year old still prefers his 52 .. but has moved to a 11/25 ... from a 14/25 (Under 19)
  13. What .. i was there .. with my two boys .. they outclimb me so they on there own all the way up .. This is getting ridiculous .. every week there is at least one incident .. and for the next few weeks till CTCT just about everyone with and without a CTCT entry will be out on the road ... We as a cycling community must take action .. When one of these hit and run drivers appear in court .. we should all go and support the cyclist / or worst case .. the family of the deceased cyclist ... Its also time that the cycling bodies in the country take note and take action .... we don't pay affiliation fees for nothing ... RANT OFF ...
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