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  1. anyone know where I can watch the womens race I see DSTV is not showing it.
  2. gives my index but what I am looking for is which batch I am starting in Also noticed entries via racetec is still open (only closes 30 Sept) . Sent a mail CTCT.
  3. mmmmm....... havent received my seeding mail yet (checked spam, junk, socials, etc) is it because i entered late under international?
  4. I heard Hellsend Dirt Compound (in Stellenbosch) is a destination I need to head out there someday
  5. I think its different for everyone Time will tell if something bad happens to me but i was pretty much back at doing hard bike sessions the very next day after receiving my 1st shot and 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine. (MTB Ultra marathon distance and Vo2max intervals respectively - and numbers looked where they should be - Sh** as always 😁) Gym work was delayed due to the arm pain
  6. oh dear i think the realisation that my eyes were bigger than my legs has caught up to me. Guess i gotta be like the sprinters in the mountain stages of a grand tour. Hang out in the grupetto and make the time cut Edit: Whats the time cut?
  7. Sometimes its hard to convince other well meaning MTBers you still a real MTBer even though you are not entered for the Epic and have never done one (or have no desire to do one)
  8. the exact moment when the camera captured the AG2R rider passing Roglics group is meme worthy. Looks like everything fell apart for Ineos as Yates was not able to dispose of Haig Great ride by Bahrain. Anyone know what happen to Lopez. I believe he got "emotional". Not judging as it can be quite the mental challenge to deal with to watch your entire 3 weeks fall apart on missing a single move.
  9. true Maybe im just blinded by the Slovenians strength right now that I cant see past their bright rays of dominance
  10. I think Ineos has had a fair season. They did very well in the stage races leading up to the TDF. By Ineos standards the TDF was unsuccessful (and likewise the Vuelta) but we in the era of the Slovenians and going up against Pogs or Rogs is almost like a battle for 2nd (or 3rd if both take part) Its like when Froome or Lance dominated the GC game. The only issue for Ineos is that those riders are not on their team. I thought we were entering the era of Bernal two years ago but it looks like that was just a stop gap between two eras of dominance (like the riders between Lance to Froome).
  11. Wow Meintjies up there with the best on this monster climb and beating Yates never thought i would see that The man has form. Why wasnt that form there for qhubeka dammit (could say that about many ex qhubeka riders)
  12. Man, Roglic looks just so strong. I was convinced at the end of TDF that Pogacar was untouchable but Roglic looks like he is in that same company. Everyone else just looks second tier
  13. Eikings teammates really dont like him. Meitjies riding off into the sunset with the rest of the GC riders and Eiking crashing on the descent and his other teammate who was just behind him just rides on. Edit: ok looks like his teammate waited up the road
  14. NextHash deal did seem risky but what about Assos. Did that contract change once NextHash came on board. Sorry to see this happen to Africa's only WT team. Cant imagine they going to attract talent with this kind of publicity.
  15. Nice to see Meinjies upfront and aggressive yes but if he sabotages IWG GC hopes (and by this i mean an almost increasing likelihood of a top 10 for Eiking as each stage goes by) then it could work against him for future opportunities So i havnt been following cycling long enough to add much value when it comes to tactics but been listening and being influenced by Lance, Johan and co as well as Chris Horner of lately. I would have to say what Meintjies did was not the brightest move. Once Yates when Eiking was starting to suffer and was isolated with Meintjies riding off ahead
  16. Any thoughts on IWG tactics with Meintjies going on the attack with De Le Cruz? Initially though he was just covering but then he got in front.
  17. TDF may be the biggest race but as a cycling fan I am enjoying both the Vuelta and Giro way more than the Tour this year
  18. Using "is it available" to start a dialogue is perfectly fine. I dont see an issue to respond "yes it is" to every one of those unless you are being spammed. However whats worse is when you get ghosted after concluding the deal and the buyer is on his way to view but never pitches or when they "quickly going to draw cash at the ATM" but never returns. Just saying its completely fine to test ride, inspect, ask questions etc and if you decide you dont want the product at the very end then just say so. Its not like im forcing you into marriage after youve taken my V card
  19. My guess is that it will probably open just before Cape Epic in October
  20. what do you think of the Pursuit Challenge concept? I did the wellington one and although having a one water bottle bike brought its challenges i still liked the "unsupported" event. they even had an unmanned water station at the halfway mark.
  21. Looking at the website, they really dont like short people....... or is short people not people
  22. flame suit on I think this is a stupid route and puts cyclist in unnecessary danger (specifically the N2 section) i know this route is an icon and held in reverence among local riders but I can easily map out alternative and equally epic routes that are much safer. We could argue that all routes should be made safe for cyclist yes but thats not the world we live in.
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