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  1. Lost my Oakley Cross Range Patch, I think down Vasbyt ? They have bright orange lenses and brown/black frame and arms. If you come across them, please call or whatsapp me, Joe Nesbitt 0823447767 or give them to the Tokai MTB Trail Builders (NOT San Perks workers please...) Much appreciated, Joe
  2. Heal up well my friend. Will be thinking of you and your OP & recovery over the next few day, weeks....... Hopefully, you'll be Good2Go in no time.... Miss the old "scratching" downhill days already.....
  3. Lekker oke Eugene! Always helpful. So grateful to have him and his wife in Sedgies and what with Robs GRTP now there, I hope his business thrives.
  4. Stolen: ORBEA ALMA 2014 When: 16 April 2018 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Bike stolen!! Thief entered secure bike area and fled via open gate where gardener was working. Please be on the look out for my kids mtb stolen from his school today. (Westerford) In Rondebosch/Southern Subs areas. ORBEA Alma, 26" mtb, Fox fork, XT group set, white Formula Disc brakes. Colours red, black and white. Size small Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  5. Mac1, have you had any luck in finding your bike?? So sorry to see this..... Can't be many of this colour around..... What size is it?? Cheers, Joe
  6. No ways!! Did a kid seriously run in front of him?? No urine involved was there?? Bummer! I heard Mathew was in the lead, what happened Lance, did you see it??
  7. Wow, Nige-That brings back some memories bud... (some 18 years ago at Worlds!!) If it RAINS in Cairns that course becomes a 'slip-n-slide.... Hence it almost rhymes!!!
  8. Wow, so it is the same Peter. -Because, you don't hear of too many people 'breaking their necks "everyday..." (Thank Goodness..) I was meant to ride with him today! Yikes!! Please wish him all the best. Speedy recovery and all that jazz. High Spirits is where you want to keep him right now.... but he sounds like the guy who will be back!! Tell him to keep counting them 'lucky stars' on the ceiling...
  9. Wow Rolf, That's hectic. Shame man, I hope the op goes well and he recovers. Is your dad Peter??? "Hats off" to all the guys and girls who helped him off the mountain. Such a pity Tokai (and or all of San Parks) don't have the access/funds to be Helivac'd off the mountain here. Choppers all waiting or at forest fires.....?? ...and Hats off to your Dad ("crazy 60 year old") who was out there, on single track, mind you, giving it horns on his bike.-"We don't stop riding because we get old, we get old because we stop riding!" Please post up dates as I'd really like to hear how he is doing. Cheers, Joe.
  10. Too true Tankman! William is the man but don't call him right NOW as he's "kakking off" in the Umko valley @ Sani2C!
  11. SlapSox.... Chris King of course The BEST hubs money can buy! Cheers bud, Give me a call. Joe Nesbitt 0823447767
  12. Red Label by Velotex have gotta be the best! On a parr with Giordana's or Vermaaks but half the price.(+- R900 ,maybe cheaper??) Arssos don't even compare! -JOC's in Moullie Point have good range.
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