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  1. It is this little guy: https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/products/tanpan?variant=11283110789 It works well and you can put together a very capable groupset, ideal for a parts bin build.
  2. The race starts and finishes at Oasis. The Ceder Race route & official segment does NOT follow the Cape Cycle Cederberg Circuit or Cederberg FKT route. That rule is a bit harsh.
  3. Trying to post an advert i keep getting this: Something went wrong We're not sure what happened. You can go back, or navigate back to safety below. I can't go back or navigate to safety.
  4. I don't even run my road bike tyres that high!
  5. Send your measurements to sales@vyecyclekit.co.za, they responded quickly and were spot on with their recommendation. For the price, I have no complaints about the quality and comfort. I have the Mirage and have done multiple rides over 3 hours with no discomfort, except my lack of fitness and ability.
  6. I could possibly help you out, got a couple La Marzocco lying around. They just need baskets and springs.
  7. Not where it took me today. But where it took a handful of us this earlier this year. I mean last year. It was a whirlwind of a fever dream. https://theradavist.com/2021/02/from-dust-to-ashes-fixed-gear-drag-racing-on-the-verneuk-mud-flat-in-south-africa/#meta
  8. Eroica South Africa 2021 Hello friends. I’ve been getting so many messages from you asking about the possibility of an Eroica South Africa 2021. Yes, we have been planning an Eroica for this year, but of course with the current situation it has been very difficult to finalise anything. Thank you for your patience and understanding until now. The good news is we have settled on 24 April 2021 for our next adventure. We are committed to this date, however we have to be realistic and prepared to be flexible considering government regulations and health considerations. We hope that it won’t, but if our date moves of course you will be the first to know. Entries will open mid-February. We’ll be in touch to confirm the date. Considering the pandemic we also have to be mindful of how we run Eroica South Africa 2021. We have some ideas to change the event in such a way that we all have the opportunity to practice as much social distancing as makes us all feel comfortable. The safety of our Eroica community is of utmost importance to us, and so is the safety of the people of Montagu who we have to work closely with. With all these considerations we still want to make Eroica South Africa 2021 an unforgettable one. We will be avoiding big group gatherings and the normal mass start. But for this year we want to focus on giving participants the opportunity to spend the day out on their bikes with close friends and family, and structuring the riding in such a way that you can choose on the day how far and wide you’d like to explore. We’re looking at it as a choose-your-own-adventure type of day, with pick-up spots for picnic-style food packs. This way each rider or group can choose where they spend some time enjoying their food and drinks along their route. Each rider will have a map with routes and distances clearly laid out, food pick-up points clearly marked, and lots of potential picnic spots indicated. As always there will be great emphasis on good, fresh local food and refreshments, and of course our planned routes will be filled with beautiful views and adventurous detours. We will make up for everything we’re giving up because of COVID-19 by making every other aspect of the event even better. The NOVA component will still have a race aspect this year, with timed Strava race-sections, but the distance will be a bit shorter, with more technical sections. Please stay tuned. Let’s work together to make Eroica South Africa 2021 the best one yet, even in the face of the global challenge we’re enduring. We’ll be in touch soon with more details on our Eroica South Africa 2021 adventure! Stan Engelbrecht Director of Eroica South Africa
  9. 123076-how-to-build-a-monstercross-bike-101
  10. Speaking of Verneukpan https://farridemag.com/journal/dust
  11. Where exactly does it start? I often find myself that side and opt to do the longer Camps Bay loop home as that road is too hectic to ride.
  12. Hi All, Looking for a wrecked 35mm and 38mm tyre.
  13. Keep your eyes on the classifieds. I picked one up with Omnium cranks for 5k.
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