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  1. Starting this up again. How often should you replace/ refill the sealant in road tyres? Orange Seal recommends on the product information for their Regular sealant that it has a lifespan of 30-45days. When I shake the wheel I can still hear the sealant sloshing around at the bottom. Any recommendations on top up intervals? Rather be safe than sorry? Thanks in advance!
  2. Just an update: I had my LBS set the wheels up tubeless. I went with the following: Sealant: Orange Seal regular as per the recommendations. Tyres: Conti GT5000 TL 25mm. I bought these new from a fellow hubber at a good price but will happily try the Goodyears when the time comes. Looking forward to my first ride this weekend!
  3. I purchased the Lyzne Pocket Drive Loaded mini hand pump This is for high pressure and claims to pump to 11bar if you have all day. They have the same pump in a high volume low pressure variant for larger mtb tyres I assume. It has a detachable hose and when disconnected the pump is 140mm in length when closed and fits easily in my jersey and just fits in my saddle bag as well I ordered it online from Sportsman's warehouse but I have seen them on Takealot as well. https://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/product/lezyne-pocket-drive-pump Edit: Fitting in my saddle bag was the deciding factor.
  4. Hi All, Thanks for the responses. Sounds like it is a topic that is not covered enough on here! I see there are some good proposed alternatives to the two tyres I mentioned and I take note of the sealant choice. To answer some of the questions posed - The rims I will be using are clincher - Tubeless ready. These have the clincher hooks but are installed with the tubeless tape. Not sure if this influences the tyre choice but I don't think so. I am not looking at going larger than 25mm. I bought a set of aero wheels and they are recommended to be paired with 25mm tyres to retain any of the supposed aero gains they may have. If anyone has further recommendations or wants to share their experience with tubeless please continue to comment. It is much appreciated!
  5. Hi Everyone, I see I am resurrecting an old thread but cannot find anything more recent on the hub. If there is you are welcome to point me in that direction. I am looking at converting to tubeless on my road bike. I am based in Jhb and mostly ride at the Cradle. I am looking at choosing between the Schwalbe One or the Continental GP 5000's. Are there any other worthy and possibly cheaper alternatives? I would lean towards a tyre which has more puncture protection as they will be used on my training rides as well. My current setup is 23mm Gatorskins Lastly let me know from your experience if you believe tubeless is a bad idea! Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the response! Yes, that is what I'm hoping for as I use S health currently. I will continue doing research online but I may take the dive and try it. Thank you!
  7. Hi All, I am looking at purchasing a Wahoo Tickr x to track my heart rate during workouts as my Samsung Gear fit 2 pro watch I find does not track accurately during sessions and often cannot pickup my heart rate. My thoughts are to use a Wahoo tickr x as it will be more accurate and a lot cheaper than purchasing an expensive watch since the chest strap will be linked to my phone and my phone is on my person during cycles. So my question is the following - Is it possible to use a Wahoo Tickr x heart rate monitor to collect exercise information, sync it to a relevant app and then upload it to discovery vitality to receive points and validated workouts? Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Craig
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