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  1. Stolen: Scott Spark 940 2019 When: 07/10/2021Where: Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western CapeBike looks exactly as per the picture.Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section.
  2. Hi Does anyone have experience with this mtb rollers?
  3. garmin edge 130 bundle sigma rox 12 bike computer
  4. its difficult for me to comprehend that they broke into my car, steal a car (3 cars down from mine) and rob a lady while she was walking to her car and none of the security guys sees anything. This all happened in the secure parking area.
  5. They broke into my car at Banhoek during the Nissan Trailseeker series, stole almost everything inside (16k worth of valuables). We wrote a letter to Advendurance (they organize the Nissan Trailseeker series) and received a **** reply basically saying it is our fault and they cant help us. He also said the community knows the people that did it and that the community is sorry that it happened and asking if we accept the apology. BUT the event was a big success according to Advendurance.
  6. I asked the security guys why didn't they see anything and the reply was we are only 2 to monitor the parking area.
  7. Hi hubbers I did the half marathon mtb race over the weekend at Banhoek and I quite enjoyed it. What I didn't enjoy was finishing the race got back to my car just to find they broke in and stole almost everything. While standing at my car comprehending what happened another rider came and said they stole his car (3 cars down from mine) and robbed a lady while she was walking to her car. This all happened in the designated secure parking lot next to the event. The parking lot is as big as a rugby field and Nissan Trailseeker organization only appointed 2 security guys to monitor the field. Approx value stolen 16k excluding damaged to my car always nice ending a lekker ride/day like that.
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