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  1. help I need adapters FLAT to POST 160mm from 140mm rear ! willing to trade some stuffs ! Or pay you in 💰 💰 💰 So.. I’m building a bike.. one of a few ... and it came with disk brake adapters .. flat mount to post .. however they are both 140mm and they are both fronts . and I have a 160mm disk on the front and a rear.. my bike has a front and back 😬😂 Appreciate it!
  2. Right so some feed back. Headed home today from a work trip stopped at a small bike shop and got a kit. For the price I figured it worth a shot. Valves sealant and tape. came home followed some of the tips mentioned also cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol before applying tape etc . bobs your uncle they hold air ! My 1st tubeless conversion done ✅ and I didn’t even have to swear during the process! I appreciate all the advice and talk around this topic going to let them sit over night rotate them every so often and ride them in a day or so. thanks all
  3. Thanks for the tips ! And reassurance that it’s possible! I didn’t bother going to get stuff to do it today weather is far to crappy and probably won’t ride till the weekend again. now my next question are the conversion kits worth anything ? I see ryder (or whatever it’s called ) stans also about twice the price ... is it twice the quality or am I paying for the name. or do I go buy x2 valves, 1 bottle of sealant and some gorilla tape at the hardware. going on a work trip tomorrow heading home on Saturday morning so I’ll probably stop off somewhere then and grab it. 😬
  4. I have some tubeless tyres in a box of bike bits here that I’ll try with. Alrighty thanks gents, I’ll go grab a kit Tomorrow and see what I come up with will report back. Will be in my gravel bike not road
  5. They are on my gravel bike 700c
  6. Got these wheels in a bundle deal of parts a while ago they have giant hubs so I’m assuming they are giant rims also but zero branding they look very stock though can they be made tubeless? took some pics there is a little lip on the inside section but is that what I need ? thanks in advance for the advice !
  7. Right so INSTANT reply from Wayne. He unfortunately can’t do a built bike due to not having any components due to this shortage ! Can however supply a frame and I build. I guess what I’ll have to look at now is what would cost for a groupo forks and wheels and weigh that up against the cost of the trek I love the build process so that’s no issue it’s just weather or not I can find parts and at what cost.
  8. And Craig throws a spanner in the works with this one 😂😬 how do I get hold of him ? Definitely an Avenue worth checking out before I pull the trigger thanks Craig
  9. Thanks guys. Appreciate all the feedback im pretty keen to go new for once I actually can’t recall when last I bought something bicycle related that was new. Always building bikes up with bits and pieces that others have had the chance to damage 1st 😂 I think it’s my turn. I know this marlin isn’t the highest spec bike but I think it will do what I need it to ! As I’m not use to riding super high spec bikes anyway. I will see if there is a dealer close by to me here in knysna and go see one in the flesh. And take it from there! And it seems upgradable so once bits wear out I’ll just replace with higher spec stuff
  10. Looked at all of those last night I guess the issue is the budget I have. I’m going to go and see one in real life maybe take it for a spin and see how it feels. Dropper is a must ! chisel is rad but out of budget for now unfortunately. and there isn’t a huge difference in spec between the x caliber and Marlin if I compare the two.
  11. I’m all ears for 2nd hand stuff I just can’t find much at this point in time 👀
  12. Fully ! This I guess is my worry is that I’m getting some lame components and bike for some decent money (or though is 18k a lot in the bike world ) if I set my search on the hub to a max of 20k I can’t even find much 1x stuff I like the simplicity of 1x drivetrains. what else could I look for before making a decision? I’ll visit my local bike store and see what they have in stock 2nd hand. but like you guys say the market isn’t really doing it’s thing at the moment.
  13. So do I .. but is it worth it ? Or am I better off buying 2nd hand maybe slightly older higher spec bike for around the same money?
  14. Hi. I’m looking at getting into abit of MTB. Gone from road to gravel and keen for more off-road. noticed trek has launched a 2022 Marlin 8 looks like a pretty cool bike and well rounded in-terms of components for what I need(not being a super serious mtb rider ) yet . They are priced at 18k all in. is this a bike for a guy starting off in the MTB world ? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? If so ... what else do you guys and girls recommend? cheers looking forward to the feedback !
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