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  1. Thanks! Look, starting out, the R2k saving will be very welcome as well.
  2. Hi guys, I am in the process of getting into the sport. Good to meet you all. After deciding on a bike (thread here) I will have to get the towbar and rack sorted so we can be a bit more mobile. So, a platform type will be great but the price at this point might not be possible. I will be fitting a towbar though. So the next best thing will be something like a Thule Xpress 2 or any of the other rack-style carriers. However, looking at the design, what is the possibility of the bikes swinging and potentially damaging the car with these types of racks? (sorry if it's a silly question) Other suggestions also welcome! Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi guys, New here and looking forward to getting into the MTB swing of things, and have visited an couple of shops over the weekend to have a look at some hardtails. I will come right quicker buying new as a start as I don't see a lot of XL bikes doing the rounds secondhand unfortunately. Ok, so intro out of the way, my nearest shop has a couple of bikes in my starter price range, and it's been narrowed down to three options a little above budget but I can stretch a bit. Around R11k is the absolute max I'm willing to spend....for now. I am essentially looking for a bike that can handle some bumps and starter trails etc etc. Just something of decent quality. I'm not planning on jumping it on massive ramps and so on. The options available are: Titan Racing Rogue SE (R9k) Scott Navajo 955 (R11k) Silverback Stride Deluxe (R11k) Out of the lot the friendly sales guy suggested that the Silverback is the best buy in terms of value for money etc etc. Thoughts? Are there other options I can/should be looking at? Thanks a million!
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