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  1. plenty effort with little/no reward? Why not ask seller to go to local bike shop and have someone there check it out? (If a seller doesn't want to take it in to a dealer then that may be your first warning sign). I understand there may be a LBS which doesn't want to help or doesn't have the time, but I often have those requests where people bring parts or bikes to me to check first. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes I can rather recommend new sale which benefits shop and customer- scenarios vary considerably. Used purchases are always a risk. The buyer knows this, but the price is the deciding factor. if it too good to be true then it usually is. If sales contacts are what we need then perhaps a database can be created of people willing to help in the case of validating product and authenticity.
  2. 25 randelas for a water bottle bottle at OLYMPIC CYCLES. easy.
  3. Keen to see how this pans out, as I had an alloy frame repaired a few years back. A few rides after the repair and noticed it had cracked next to the new welds. Hopefully yours doesn't do the same thing!
  4. Brett

    Your Enduro ride

    which model SC is this?
  5. did you bed the brakes in correctly? hot spots of pad material may cause brake shudder.
  6. i was also looking for this bearing the other day... they were OK though so let them be for now but still need too get replacements so let me know where you find them please. Thanks!
  7. merida has air fork. Id rather go with air fork.
  8. Jeez this is bad. I hope there is a way to get the bikes back! Heal up fast.
  9. yeah if you have the serial numbers please put them up here
  10. https://www.isikosports.co.za/Cane-Creek-Thudbuster-Seatposts-p91225409 there we go. ask your lbs to get pricing for you.
  11. think isiko sports bring them in
  12. thanks for the heads up.
  13. if this is stock standard 2014 model then yes it will be equiped with OD2. https://www.giant-bicycles.com/int/trance-27dot5-2-2014
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