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  1. With the quality of the roads getting worse around Cape Town a gravel bike might not be such a bad idea.
  2. Ja. Now please don't rub it in. I am already heartbroken that I had to climb on the bus exactly halfway in. 🤥
  3. My son is now 21 and he has already done 7. I started him when he was 13, so I have set him up well to do 21 and many more after that.
  4. Yes. I can see my seeding getting me to a later start every year with all these e-bike racers seeded in front of me.
  5. Yes. There were lots who started way before their time.
  6. I saw quite a few very oversized riders passing me on E-Bikes. Hey, I did not even bother to complain to the heavens while I was suffering. I was just glad they were there and not sitting on a couch at home.
  7. Yes. Thanks for helping me looking at it from a glass half-full viewpoint. At 55 with Asthma I am glad to still be here after this past year. In 5 months I will be back stronger, fitter and hopefully more healthy.
  8. Yes. Clearly the marshals at the E shute did not get the memo or were just not following instructions from management properly or did not understand them. If they do this again I will be there 30m before time, no matter what we are told. Lets just hope that in 5 months time we have a normal CTCT.
  9. Lady on the bus I rode on had a crash on the bumpy road after Smits. Pinerello frame broke into 2 pieces from the crash.
  10. Yes, in my case it did not matter anyway. I bailed at 54km. I was sick 2 weeks ago from a throat infection that affected my lungs also. I told myself I should be able to manage it, but my body told me otherwise. I had a mental fight with myself from before Smits, but at the WP after Smits decided it was not on for today. Would have been my 9th race.
  11. What an utter crap shoot that start process was. We were in 4E, was at the point 10 minutes before our start and we ended up starting with 5E. And there were lots and other 4E riders that started with us. SO it was either the process or the marshals at our shute were totally clueless.
  12. My season's roadie training starts with the CTCT tomorrow morning. 🙃 I am soo screwed. This year's long Cape winter really did not help my training at all.
  13. Yes. My mom's fetish for shoes was the cause for many fights between her and my dad and almost led to divorce. My dad had no sport or hobbies in which to sink his money into, instead just trying to keep the home's finances afloat while my mom did the spending.
  14. Doing a relaxed ride tomorrow. Weather will be great for a PB ride but I am well out of shape this year. So I will stop and have a rest at every second water point just enjoying the tour for what it really is about.
  15. Why I do not ride early mornings anymore on weekends. And this being the first weekend on LD Level 1 when alcohol can be purchased over the weekend. As usual nothing will happen to the motorist.
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