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  1. Let me try to translate... Great win and seems like a deserved winner.
  2. Thanks Ladies and Gents, on to the Olympics we go. Congrats Mr Wakefield👏
  3. This😊 Carapaz only dropped himself with that move. Nice Jonas!
  4. He made sure to get the bike in all angles... 'Now take off your back wheel for me...; On the trainer; On your head;..." Insert Austin Powers meme here.
  5. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/486438/ladies-mountain-bike When in Rome... Maar genade, nie eers mechanical discs nie...
  6. "beleaguered team on" Cervelos😉
  7. Kom Woutie! Almost at the top!
  8. Just me, or was there some deviation in line? Either way, the man is strong.
  9. Check Mads P and Sagz baby also have them. Ps Please can the Olympics happen so that the gold helmet and all the rest can move on or out of all the events.
  10. 'Matthieu looks super nice though'😆 Pog on not having the yellow.
  11. Magic moment for Cav.
  12. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/481538/2020-momsen-vipa-ultra-for-sale-bargain Comparison time, 5 year old stunner vs 1 year old bargain.
  13. What irks me though, why is it about R1k pp cheaper to do it in a Team of 4.
  14. Thought I had missed something, or paid too much... Phew.
  15. Don't like him much, but hope Ewan can continue. Not nice to see him stay down😕
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