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  1. Seems like no where is safe anymore.
  2. The best news I've heard in a long time. Awesome!
  3. Please let us know who you will be using in the future.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Hope the bike is retrieved. Surely the iPhone ping is the best lead one can follow?
  5. Adjust the height of the tow bar using an off the shelf plate. Can't be done on some tow bars, those where the ball slides in and locks with a pin.
  6. Yoh Learning mtb skills are easier on some bikes than others. Skills like manual and American bunnyhop. So, I hear you asking how much travel to get. That depends on what level you want to take your riding. Big jumps and gnarly downhill sections require lots of travel. Beginners typically don't do this because you'll die. I advise you to get the Slade or similar with a slack head tube angle. It'll feel more stable. Everybody starting out wants a black sworks because it wins the Epic, but that's not a bike to learn on. Good luck and don't forget heels down on the downhill, and look ahead.
  7. Bought this beast from a hubber a few weeks ago. Injury keeps me off the trails for now.
  8. Any recommendations for a Chiro in the southern suburbs to reset an SI joint?
  9. Love the thread. Different shades of orange might not look so lekke.
  10. Anybody know who the agents are for Raceface droppers? Is it worth fixing? It comes up half way and then needs a push to come up all the way. Once up it doesn't slide down.
  11. Hi Who is the best in Cape Town to help me finetune the settings on my fork and shock. If its relevant to the question, the bike is a stock Pyga Pascoe ie Pike and RockShox Monarch Plus DebonAir.
  12. Hi Guys, Anybody have an entry for sale? Please contact me Faisal on 0834089315 Regards
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