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  1. Hey Patches, Yeah I did this last year. If I remember correctly it took about a month and cost a couple hundred dollars. I dunno about traveling, cos you would have to hand in your passport, wouldn't you?
  2. My missus and I will be there too, silver Suzuki Grand Vitara.
  3. I think I'll get me and my wife there. She's only happy to do it because I said your wife is a noob. We have ridden one one weekend in more than a year.
  4. I should mention that I did my tax return online in about 15 minutes and had my refund paid out within 4 days. Nice little bonus that. I can't submit my last SA one yet...
  5. Hahaha, I remember that event. I think I might have peed my pants a little.
  6. What kind of money are you looking for on the brakes and Crankset?
  7. In other news, I have been approached for a new position, which is great, but it means I would have to travel to East Tamaki every day. Wifey drives to Viaduct area at the mo. It seems that living on the shore is not going to make sense anymore.???? Any good suggestions of a nice area to move to? It seems that Remuera is about the most central for traffic avoidance.
  8. Hmmm, that ride is very tempting. I have not touched my bike for months.
  9. So today gave us windless blue skies for basically the whole day. My limited experience of NZ weather just hasn't lived up to the negative hype.
  10. Very nice! We would love to do that but are sadly amongst the many that can't scrape together enough for a deposit. It's such a shame because affordability is not the issue.
  11. RIP Barry. What a gentleman you were. This world is poorer without you.
  12. Modern kites are much safer than those from a few years back. I also wouldn't have touched it before now.
  13. It's huge fun so far...and this wind is perfect for it!
  14. On another note - I haven't touched my bike for a few weeks, and even then just used it to commute to work. I couldn't have imagined how different life would be here.
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