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  1. So hows the work ethic of Declerq for quickstep. Unsung heros sitting on the front for hours. the mans a beast.
  2. It lives. Still one of my favourites. Thanks TNT.
  3. Inspired by Mr.Copperhead's travels that he posted here, I dusted off my Copperhead and heade for the hills. Past Turvey's turf Headed for the forest Up and over the Lebanon hills To coffee @Bluebird A good day out The view from the top of Mt.Gilboa
  4. I've noticed all the good doctors have left since the Covid thread. Those guys input off and on the bike were always helpful.
  5. I reckon Dale could print his own coffee table bike book
  6. The front wheel valve is 0.005 degree out of alignment . 😉 Kidding hey. It looks really fine.
  7. Think I recognised a Turvey there.
  8. http://www.bucketlistbiking.co.za/contact/
  9. I would suggest contacting Mike VD Berg Bucketlist biking He does the route the otherway round. From Howick to ballito. But he will have all the info and advice you would need. It will not be easy. good luck
  10. I really enjoyed it. Will Arnett is a funny guy.
  11. I rode up to fire tower this weekend. I did'nt take Gums or Katheirines down but went down Sheeps Pass. It was a bit overgrown. I think the club guys are concentrating on maintenance more on the Karkloof side. There are some trail closed signs around Puffadder and Back of beyond. I'd rather ride the Outback from Karkloof side.
  12. chainsaw

    Who remembers?

    PS. Today is my Hub anniversary. Just clocked 1000 posts today after about 10 years here. I remenber what the hub was like when I joined. Some interesting characters have come and gone. Lots of laughs, lots of tears.
  13. chainsaw

    Who remembers?

    Happy to see you back.
  14. chainsaw

    Who remembers?

    Flip. This okes still around.i thought aliens had taken you.
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