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  1. I would second this. I did a frame with Canned 2k paints from an auto body shop. For the base coat i just used rustoleum primer and paints - with the 2k stuff just as 3-4 layers of clear coat. (has to be used within 24 hours of mixing) ...worked very well! Little tip - Letting the can sit in some warm water for a few minutes really gets the viscosity perfect to prevent bigger droplet splattering for a nice fine spray.
  2. Ive done a 1x sram setup for my road bike. 50 tooth up front, 11speed Sram 1x rear deraileur with clutch and a 11-36 cassette works wonders. Sram cassettes also have a good distribution of gears, shimano cassette jumps between gears feel somewhat uncomfortable. Works great, havent missed the front derailleur ... Especially while watching others struggle with front shifts????
  3. Wasn't thinking, sorry...Instagram has some videos and some more posts to look at: https://www.instagram.com/swaycycling/
  4. Hey Madmarc, I designed and developed the SwayRocker system. I am in the process of developing an upgrade for this. its a bit challenging, but hopefully I can have a solution soon - so ill keep you updated on this...seems a few peope are keen to see something similar. Our system uses any standard old dumbell weight, which mounts inside of a routered 'pocket' under the deck to make sure the top is clean and not cluttered. There is space for 2 weights, so you can mount up to 5kg (2x 2.5kg) in order to balance things out. They are also adjustable, so you can really fine tune this to suit your specific trainer setup and balance point.
  5. Same for me. Have you gone to fetch your order? was under the impression that they arent doing collections during level 4?
  6. I normally do either rinse, or wash it with some light soap. Might give them a shout and see what they say. Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys, Has anyone else encountered rusting on the Tickr belt clips? I took mine off yesterday, and noticed that one of the 'button clips' have rusted and broken completely off. The strap is just shy of a year old now, so i expect normal wear and tear, but a complete failure seems odd?
  8. I got to go out for a Maiden Voyage ride this morning. Really liking the Oval Chainring, seems to do well for my power stroke and fatigue rate. Hope to do a nicer photoshoot some time this weekend. Cheers.
  9. This will be my next go to! Have you tried it with bicycle paints? Not that im planning any more re-paints for the foreseeable future...but you never know!
  10. I just used a standard paint stripper, from Luxor Paints in this case. If i do this again any time, i might consider some sort of blasting - media, or hydro etc. Not sure which would be best for Alu frames. It would have so be soft enough not to damage the aluminium in any way. But in terms of Do it your-selfing at home, paint stripper is probably the most accessible method.
  11. Haha ...i dont think my skills compare to his quite yet though...specially given my lack of equipment and expertise...but thanks!
  12. Thanks! It was actually just a stand in stem for the moment, i have a Farr Aero stem on there now which is nice and clean...now that you mention it though, perhaps i should give stem painting a go, i will test it out on an old stem and see how it goes first!
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