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  1. https://youtube.com/c/CapeepicMTB
  2. LIVE on youtube me thinks... subscribed to something like that
  3. I almost felt like creating my own podcast to get my daily cycling news fix..... but who's going to listen to a nobody speaking to himself about the world's greatest MTB race with the world's worst media coverage?
  4. https://www.redbull.com/sg-en/events/uci-mountain-bike-championships-leogang
  5. I have both an Bikehub and Gumtree add. The WhatsApp makes it difficult to know which add. I rarely use Gumtree due to this type of thing.
  6. Contacted me on WhatsApp number +27 72 368 9904 asked me to mail him. Had conversation with exact same Oil rig story till I sniffed a rat. Asked me to open a Neteller account. I then googled...
  7. apperently World Champs... Man these past 3 days have been soooooooo exciting.
  8. got the same message... form pwrightson20@gmail.com
  9. Here some pictures of the size comparison and the 3 D printed mounts
  10. Great review Frosty. I purchased the Mega XL for my son last year 2nd hand on BH loved it so much then immediatly got myself the Mega C also 2nd hand on BH. I have also been using wrist based watches for the last few years also the 310 XT and the 920 XT suunto ambit and suunto spartan. i decided to get a head unit for cycling to save the wrist units a bit and also it is annoying having to look on your wrist when riding. the wrist based heart rate while cycling is also suspect. I love the unit. so far i have paired it with , Bontrager Speed and Cadence sensor BLE and ANT+, Garmin ANT + HR strap , Cycleops Powercall BLE and ANT + and Lezynne HR monitor. The bike mount it comes with has a knack to crack , so my mate 3D printed me 4 out front mounts. they work like a charm . DO NOT buy the Lezynne HR monitor. IT is a SCHLEP. You have to remove the battery after EVERY ride as the sensor does not stop transmitting by itself. I cannot fault this computer and it is TOUGH. Battery life is amazing. The app has limited reporting and some earlier versions of the app kept crashing . the latest update is super and just keeps doing it's thing. If you are used to Garmin connect be prepared to be underwhelmed by the Lezyne Ally APP. However the Desktop site gives more details and analysis of your rides. I am curious to know if any body has paired their Lezyne lights to their head units on how that works. You apparently get a myriad of light settings.
  11. Personal opinion.... get a tribike frame and use that as your basis. Build it with road parts and add or remove tri bars as needed. Then you wont hassle to try and get the right tri bike geometry when you need it. Many tri bikes have very adjustable saddle positions. Otherwise look at the older Cervelo’s like Soloist they had nice multi postion seatposts. Remember a tribike has a huge steep seatube angle of 78-80 degrees if memory serves me right versus road bikes of 74 degrees according to uci standards. You will thank that seat tube angle on the run. You want to be more forward of your bb on a tri bike. Slamming your seat forward simply does not cut it on a road bike.
  12. Jarryd is one of the smoothest riders i have ever witnesed and yes humble does not describe entirely
  13. Sean i don't know who you are but you seem to know more. I also read the emails this morning as there were several. Yes they asked for collection adress but CC did not offer a NEW crank set as advertised..... It was advertised new and upon delivery was not new. A lame excuse was also given per email that it was mistaken as a new one because there are two in the shop one new one not so new. Then it was said that it was put on a demo bike in a new condition and had to be the sold as shop "soiled" it was clearly ridden unles CC has a rock garden inside their shop. Newby left the crank at lbs for fitment and being clueless had not noticed it as used till lbs brought his attention to number one it requires a spacer which by the way was to this day NOT sent and two it had knock and chaffing/scuff marks. I am giving facts about the story and not fabricating an ill repute... Fact is the shop has been nothing but helpfull rather doubtfull and several versions of why the crank is not new. Do please ask Dwayne if he can remember my phone call when i thought that they were infact linked in some way. Do ask him if he suggested i take this further. Yes our side is one sided because we are the consumers who got shafted and do not want to send back a crank we paid for and want... To pay more for ethe same thing just new...... Which was advertised
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