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  1. Thanks but I only wish. Let us know what you do. Personally I say HT. Either way I know you will enjoy it. Happy Friday gents.
  2. If memory serves the terrain is not that bad. Did my last one about 5 years ago I think. Ran SS hardtail. Did just over 7. Be interesting see what the OP says about it when he is done.
  3. I would run hardtail. As said, save for the last 40. The first 30 are fast and fun. Full gass. Water points are like little all you can eat buffets. Hammer down all the way.
  4. I found a gate remote in Tokai today. Please help me find the owner.
  5. Anyone going from CT to Jhb soon? Got a small part needing to go up for another hubber. Piece of plastic smaller than a R5 coin. Shipping would make it uneconomical. Thanks.
  6. Sorry it is a 120. If you want it let me know. I am in Tokai CT. It is an old specialized one. Aluminum.
  7. Will let you know tomorrow. Going to my garage then.
  8. Also small claims court. It worked for me. Very efficient. Probably much quicker too. Anything up to 15K I believe. Good luck everyone. This guy seriously needs a lesson. Jail time would be good.
  9. And so the tour ends. Shed a few tears yesterday. The smog or smoke over CT was horrific. Nearly turned around. Need to find a new destination. Hopefully not too long. Happy Friday good people.
  10. Nice to meet you Chris. Thanks for the coffee and the chat. Nice ride you did there.
  11. When I asked to take a picture the guy became suspicious. Until then I did not think anything of it. Also the 361 bottle looked brand new. This guy couldn't ride round a tree.
  12. This guy tried to sell me this yesterday. Looked suspicious.
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