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  1. Yoh! That one German bird are strong like ox. Little but stumped at the no helmet decision. The worst accidents I have had are fooling around at 5km/h.
  2. You are asking people about their opinions. Why so angry boet? If you like yours lekka. If you don't like yours, not me problem. I don't care much for them. I didn't need to ask the uci or my dad about it. Just my opinion. When I pass you on my mtb with 2.4 tyres don't tjoon me. Just kidding. I will never pass you because I will always be ahead of you.
  3. Keep going. Instagram is a big one. Facebook too. Size is irrelevant, said no woman ever. Epic took many years to build that product. Same with W2W and Sani. The biggest names out there. All of those races were started by passionate people. My suggestion would be to not drop your entire life savings on the debut race.
  4. I think races, for people who organize them are quite specific and done for one reason or another. By what I can see now there are quite a few new ones popping up. Believe in your product and understand it will take time to grow. Be involved and show passion. For me that is a winning formula. Again just my thoughts. While the hub is a cycling website there are a ton of cyclists out there. Quite a lot have never been on this site. It is a rapidly growing sport. From what I am seeing, price and value for money are key points. Keep your idea. It seems your passion is good.
  5. Not for me personally. While the Cederberg is amazing and really beautiful I go there often and like to do my own thing. I am looking at starting rides elsewhere. But that is just me. Good luck.
  6. I feel the banks did nicely out of this. Maybe Wade works for the bank. If he does this all day @R45 per quick transfer you could do well. Also the op lost a few days interest. Not in the deal but financially. Sure another R45 bucks gone. So he is down a fist full of madibas. That's a nice lunch.
  7. Wade is busy trying to finalize the deal for more money to the 16th buyer.
  8. Some days I wonder if Jerry Springer pops on here for ideas for his show.
  9. A lack of respect on the sellers part. You got your money back. Don't let it get you down. Integrity and respect are qualities found rarely these days. Keep yours and move on. I have bought from 2 hubbers recently. One of them I have met and even gave me a discount on the already magnificent price (thank you Sir Nick) and the other deal was exactly as he said and 100% good deal. I feel your frustration but maybe a better deal is just around the corner. Check the warranty on Trek. Their corrosion clause is rather worrying!
  10. You paid a cat 75 large as a deposit. They must have some rating or you know them? Not in a million years of corona would I do that. What are the chances of you telling us who the seller is?
  11. You just won't be able to buy sandals or smoke at the waterpoints. Or any other new rules they dream up between now and then.
  12. Yip. He lives above it. Was quite busy there today actually.
  13. My old man's spot in Simons Town. What a day to ride.
  14. Any chance you could post a picture of the frame and the price. I know you said good price but I am struggling to see it.
  15. The mast at 7.30 this morning. What a day in CT. Might have to go back there tomorrow.
  16. Once you get to the gravel parts not so much. If you need help most of the places have wifi and free to hop on. There is a tower near Jamaka which helps a bit. Probably about 50% coverage I would say.
  17. Your first mountain bike race is 36one? RESPECT.
  18. 5L say whaaaaat. How much do you need. That would be like a 2 year old buying a pension in Zim dollars. By the time he gets to it, it will be worth nothing. I am on my third set of tyres this year and only top up with 100ml a time. Yip... Enduro seal.
  19. Yussssssssses! I can ride it there for you for that price 🤣
  20. Only leaving end of September. Pity man. Would have been good to catch up again. Enjoy your journey and will see you out there soon.
  21. I am in Tokai too. Shout next time you head to the mast and I will do my best to keep up with you.
  22. Lots of guys do this sort of stuff locally. If you on Instagram easy to find. Check wonky donky bags and bike bikebags South Africa. They will make you anything you want as far as I know. SA quality to boot. Top notch stuff.
  23. Enjoy man. If you post your route you may get a better response.
  24. With the snakes and ground bugs we have here I would definitely not sleep outside of a tent!
  25. Me personally I would definitely go anti. The reason being is you get to see the views without killing yourself to get to them. Also it makes day 1 tough but the rest very enjoyable. I don't know your stops so not sure on your plan. This is just me personally. Most people I know do it the other way. But getting to the top of Uitkykpas and looking towards Clanwilliam still with plenty of energy is my favorite. If you are going to stop for the day with your wife maybe do something more fun than Oasis... also do not end up at Oasis on the weekend. The noise doesn't stop until the early hours. I really don't like that. I make sure I stop there for a few nights during the week. If you stop at sanddrif then you have Cederberg Wines and Kromriver within a short drive. Well Oasis is also only 10 minutes away too 🤣
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