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  1. Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me chirping in. I have just booked a flight to Capetown, will be spending the first week of October in Stellenbosh/Somerset area. I have considered hiring a road/ mountain bike for the duration of my stay to experience the Western Cape in all its glory. Being from Gauteng and using a SS to commute every day - I thought this would be a fun experience. I have decided to use ww.irideafrica.com to rent a bike. This post caught my attention and I have gathered the following questions for you guys: -Is it safe to travel by bicycle in these areas? (Roads safe i.t.o traffic?) -Will I get mugged or murdered for the few worthless belongings I own? Which areas should I rather avoid? -Any recommendations on sight seeing/ roads to use? And finally,should I hire a MTB (to travel offroad) or road bike to travel longer distances and in cities? Thanks in advance for your advice. Will also post the matters in this regard on a different subject.
  2. Hi DPG, I have had a similar incident. I do a lot of road running. Taxi driver pulled off onto the pavement at 30km/h, and almost right over my right foot ant the rest of me. I also provoked him by hitting his window as hard as I could, telling him off for driving like a lunatic. I wanted to beat his silly little head in up until the moment he got out his taxi with a beer bottle, with me having nothing else to defend myself with but my running shoes on my feet. I told him to get back into his p********* taxi and f********. I was very relieved that he turned around and did just that. In conclusion: this is Africa. Not going to change, only gets worse. Take care. SuperG
  3. Looking for partners to ride the 2014 94.7 on any Single Speed with me. Although it might seem crazy - I know that it can be done. I have set it as a personal challenge, though if the opportunity presents itself, it can be turned into a charity event. Anybody interested? I am aiming to ride my daily commuter road SS.
  4. Hi guys, I am considering to do the Bela Bela Triathlon this year. I have done triathlons in my youth (15 years ago) and now I want to relive the thrill. Has anyone of you completed this race? Any tips? Also - since I just can't get myself off of my "new" single speed road bike.. Would this be considered a good idea to take this bike of mine to the event? I am really not interested in winning, it is more of a personal challenge. The only other bike I have is a MTB so it is either the single speed or the MTB on slicks. Any hints would be appreciated. (Already vowed to sign up for the 2014 94.7 on this specific single speed) Eish. Kind regards, G
  5. Thanks for all the encouraging replies, I truly am looking forward to go ride my SS on is race! My bike is a work in progress - already bought some new racing brake levers, seat, front and rear brake assembly and a whole set of new rubbers. I am considering some new wheels, so if anyone has some light weight wheels to trade - give me a heads up. Next step will be to sand / sandblast the whole thing and respray it. but that will take some time so for now will just ride it with its old paintjob. Peugeot Mirage is the model. I have no idea if this is good or bad, or what year model it is. since it weighs about 1/3 of the weight of my Giant MTB, i bought it right there and then. Here is a photo I took of it.
  6. Since you are doing it too, I guess I'm not the only one with these stupid ideas. It is for a good cause though. Will check out the ratio of my SS once I get back home.
  7. Thanks Furbz, Rest assured - it is single speed. I now know the difference between the two!
  8. Hi guys. Proud to announce that I am new to the forum, and that I have committed myself to one crazy idea: I want to ride the Momentum 94.7 on a single speed bike. I decided this after I recently bought a SS project bike, weighing in at only a few kilo's. Rides like a dream, and even wheelies spontaneously. So I decided that the 94.7 is a challenge I set myself, and that I would like to do those tough km's for myself, and a charity. I need some advice on this topic though - if any of you guys have done it before, or know of people who will be riding fixed gear or single speeds in 2014 Momentum 94.7 - please share your thoughts. Any charities that need some extra support are also welcome to be presented here so that I can consider them! Thank you in advance, Gus
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