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  1. If MdvP planned to ride the entire tour he would have approached it way differently, me thinks. I think it is unfair to compete with riders who know they must do a 3 week tour and you planning just to do a week. They must spare themselves whilst you can go harder and be a disrupter because of your mindset of only doing this for a week. I do not like it, never liked it when a rider pulls out other than with a crash, injury or sickness. It should not be tolerated.
  2. Thanks DJR, I will most definitely have a look see. Velotex also have the retro shirt, bib and cap for the Peugeot. Bit pricey and worried about the fit... I usually take a medium shirt and large bib, but always found Velotex to be slightly different...
  3. Got my hands over the weekend on a beautiful Rapport Peugeot awesomely restored by buffvintagebikes. Took it for a 110 km ride on Sunday to the top of Chappies and was pleasantly surprised on the comfort and handling, climbing and descending of the bike. I am pretty stoked with bike #8, my 1st Vintage... Any idea on Retro Kits?
  4. Hi Nokka, Kaapstad uit op die Weskus, Blouberg/Tableview/Sunningdale/Parklands se kant...
  5. Still the same situation, many moons later this is still not on the selves here. I keep on looking and *keep on buying the really poor existing cycling magazines because I must have, and they are on the selves taunting me to buy... *and every time I say never again, just to buy it again...
  6. Interesting, do you know when this was send out? We have not received a mail as yet....
  7. Was looking for this yesterday and today and none of the retailer's had the magazine in stock. Is dit al beskikbaar, en indien, waar kan ek hom koop?
  8. And, add a touch of red... #yesplease #dollopofred
  9. Yip, isn’t that so unfair... these damn boycotters [emoji2957]
  10. Good question, I guess because it is so in the open now and that with bragging rights, and I know myself, I will react badly on the day when I see this, and will not be able to use my very effective EI factor effectively... [emoji12][emoji41] And I cannot enter my VTX1800... #unfair
  11. So, it has finally become a motorized event. I think that is me out... #cryalittle
  12. Hold on... They should not start earlier, thereby these wannabees getting the trails in top condition and riding (usually) at the best time of the day with awesome water-points and back in camp before the heat of the day. This privilege should go to the true cyclists. They should start last, long enough back so that they cannot catch any back markers, spend most of the day in the sun and wind, get to water-points that are pretty much used up, and then to the end when the beers are lekka warm and the burgers are cold. Hopefully this will get them to become real cyclists and drop the motorized assisted vehicles for a lekka real MTBike that requires leg-power.
  13. And THIS is exactly the reason they they trust your word - keep staying true to yourself... #welldone #goodonyou
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