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  1. Rudivh

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    I think this is good advise.......Before I spend a lot of money on stuff i dont need!!! Any teams I can join?
  2. Rudivh

    New Rider

    As far as i know the one side is clipless and the other side is flat.....not sure
  3. Rudivh

    New Rider

    Hi there. At this stage I dont even know what flat pedal is and what I have........hehe
  4. Rudivh

    New Rider

    Thank you for the help so far!!! Will surely make a list of everything and start getting my goodies together!!! This is an awesome forum to find out everything I need to know
  5. Rudivh

    New Rider

    Good day I am proud to say that I got my bike yesterday(Second hand) and cant wait to start riding. It has always been a dream for me but i never had a bike so couldn't really get into the sport. Now that i have the bike, there are all the extras that I need to get, like helmet, gloves, clothes, repair kit and all that. Can you guys please help me in making a list of all the essentials that I will need, and maybe if you know where I can get some good deals? I know startup can be quite costly, but I really want to get into it asap. I am in the Germiston area, and also need to find a group to join. If anyone has a extra something I will be more than happy to take it off your hands!!! I also need a bike rack for a my car, but I don't have a tow-bar. There are so much to learn but I am looking forward to it. I am a male, 31 years old. Thank you all in advance!!! Rudi Whatsapp: 083 531 7210
  6. Thank you, yeah want to start and can get this bike. It is the one in the picture. It seems as if the bike usualy comes with 9 speed, this one is 24 speed and I can get the slicks for an ekstra R500 which is also very new, Continental slicks.
  7. Good day I need to find out some info in a Silverback Vida 4 bike. Below are the specs of the bike Silverback vida 4 29" wheels 24 speed. Hydraulic disc brakes Lock out shock I just need to find out what a good price will be for a bike like this. I can get one in very good condition for R5000.
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