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  1. You doing the single day TB on the 15/16 Aug 2009? Very tempted , will see how my training goes ? Got friends doing it for the third/fourth year now and they have invited me to join there team?? Doing the Kirkwood Wildfestival race at the end of the month , will see how it goes and then decide??? Are you doing the TB?
  2. YES DEFINITELY!!! will be better prepared i hope , hills and hills and hills i.e. uphills that is
  3. The 2 day was a great expierance!!Well organized, nice bunch of people and the ride it self was breath taking the climbs and downhills surface is BAD....
  4. i will defnitely be there trying to finish??
  5. Waiting to hear from the lbs where i bought it from, will keep you posted.
  6. My 2 L Lezyne Hydration Pack Bladder tube is "cracking" from the bladder side ,using gladwrap and duct tape to prevent it from leaking ,bought it 6 months ago? Any one experiencing something similar?
  7. I suppose thats one way to make a man sized condom
  8. just received email from cycle shop with price list on Raleigh's anybody interested??they are wheyyyyy down !? Help.Me.2009-05-13 06:19:36
  9. Does anybody know anything about this recipe : see www.yellowsaddle.co.za goto Misc.
  10. hi orbea i have an orbea soft tail oiz pv!!! i think fairly fit? cycle 2 to 3 times per week 30-40 km gravel road with 400 - 500 m climbs and over weekends anything from 60 - 80 with 1200m climbs ? HR avg 138 age 43 weight 100.kg cycling for 18 months now... BUT BATHURST NEARLY KILLED ME... 60 km 4:04 it was very hot couldn't get my HR to drop below 140 even on downhills...so i am a bit scared
  11. what kind of training lots of off road and hills?
  12. how do i get the edit button to read !report on my posting? or somebody please explain....
  13. Hi Sacrosanct,are you doing it this year? Onetime it is a 2 day event with a sleep over somewhere on route? Help.Me.2009-05-12 06:01:42
  14. Good day all... Some(any) advice for the upcoming event will be appreciated. As my name state , i am new to this forum and any help etc will be great
  15. ppwtf i just met you this morning..... what a coincedence!!! Help.Me.2009-05-11 08:29:36
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