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  1. Any news if SBR was open today ?
  2. We have 2 man entry for the Repeat event. My best friend's wedding is on the same weekend as the Repeat event. I know it is a long shot but I am willing to swap my entry for the Race event or alternatively buy someones Race entries and then selling my Repeat event entries. My cycling partner is going for this 5th TB so he really wants to get it done and dusted.
  3. For the past 3 years we hired a car and closer to the event the company that provides you a driver will send you the driver details. This was from Tempest car hire and Hertz. The only downside to this is that our driver got a fine last year and I had to pay for it. Otherwise it is not too bad.
  4. Hi Arno, I have some items which I would like to donate. Which courier company do you prefer me using?
  5. Good luck for to the guys and girls riding this weekend, hope the weather is good. See the rest of people for the repeat, can't wait.
  6. Congrats, hope you plan to give us a review after some rides. I am also thinking of getting a gravel bike and to keep the MTB for trails.
  7. I completed 2 TB's on my sola 4 and last year I did it on a dual-sus. It makes you really appreciate the dual-sus.
  8. Same here I am about 156km from my home to the park. Must do a double loop to make it worth the drive.
  9. I never thought that I will see an e bike on the wheel of a road bike. Yesterday I did on the m1, guess his battery got flat. Couple of minutes later he got dropped. Just a bit of rant, IMO, there very many inspirational riders out there yesterday all shapes and sizes and some with disabilities, how can one possibly enjoy the race riding with your e bike ? On a lighter note, enjoyed the route. Hope the route stays the same for next year.
  10. Yesterday my friend and I went for a ride at SBR. I believe a lady had a crash, luckily there was ambulance and people to assist. I hope she is okay ?
  11. Discovered they are broadcasting on SS8, ah man what a great finish to watch.
  12. Looks interesting.What is the entry fee? Had a look at the website but seems you have to register for more information.
  13. Well am experiencing a similar issue with my Garmin. It started a couple of months ago. Luckily I have a spare HR strap that I got with my Forerunner watch that I can use but I still prefer the one I got with my Garmin Edge. Still need to find the cause though.
  14. Yesterday I went for a bike fit at Mike at SBR Sport. What a pleasant experience and very professional. Comparing to my bike fit I did a 3 years ago at a bike shop, this was done in more detail. Went for a ride today and I am very happy MTBiker. Will definitely recommend.
  15. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I want to sell my comrades entry. Not sure if it is possible but I will like to give someone else a chance ? If possible and interested, please send me a pm. I also have some other entries like Dischem21, Johnson Crane 42km and Tough one as well if interested.
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