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  1. Hi @Zarrasi'll take this off your hands please. I could use it for some spares.
  2. Hi If you still need it, drop me a PM to arrange for collection of v brake rims. Cheers
  3. Hey there. Not too worry. I came right with another hubber. Thank you for the offer though :)
  4. Hi There. If I can find a set of shimano 3x8 speed shifters (the ones without the integrated brake lever), then i can let go of the 26" v-brake rim set + v-brakes + 3x8 shifter / brake combo unit i have. I'm changing my daughters wheelset and brakes to hydraulic, hence the need for a 3x8 speed shifter set. I'll PM you if when and if i come right. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for chicken teeth Shimano 3 x 8 speed shifter set (not with the integrated brake levers). Looking to buy, if anyone can point me in the right direction please. Thank you
  6. Looking for an Avid Elixir Hydraulic brake caliper. No hoses, or lever needed. It's the last part required to complete a build for my daughter's bike. Willing to pay for it.
  7. I once had an issue similar to yours not too long ago, although on an MTB with single chainring. Whenever I applied pressure to pedal, I heard this noise which sounded like my chain was rubbing up against something - like a slight grinding noise. With no pressure applied (spinning freely), it was gone. After trying everything (swopping chains with my other bike, tightening up chainring bolts, swopping rear derailleurs, new derailleur pulley wheels, swopping BB's, servicing pedal bearings, tightening crank arms etc...), I eventually found the culprit to be the chainring itself. Although the chainring was noticeably flat when placed on a level surface and no visible bent teeth, I decided to swop it out with a spare chainring of mine....and it solved the issue. The issue turned out to be "chain suck", not because the chain or chainring was dirty, but purely because the chainring bent slightly when pressure was applied to pedal. This caused the chain line to shift off axis to the rear derailleur, resulting in the chain rubbing up against the derailleur cage. Still not sure how the chainring manages to fail this way - I probably bashed it on a downhill run without knowing.
  8. Stolen: Specialized S-works Fsr 2006 When: 20 August 2017 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Eft sms Received, bike handed over. No funds reflected in bank Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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