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  1. :: Ending 2019 On A Good Note - Rapha #Festive500 ::
  2. Pitty Rapha500 only started today, that's a good ride.
  3. :: Just Outside Darling - On My Way To Yzerfontein ::
  4. My first Turkish Coffee at Boston Coffee. My friend was very happy - he loves strong coffee!
  5. The one above is actually a video that I converted to a GIF. While the 'Dale one is actually a motion image whereby I also convert it to a GIF. Something else for a change compared to your normal photo.
  6. Lezyne for me. I have the Super GPS and I simply love it! Honourable mention, the Elemnt - more stylish but the battery life does not come close to the Lezyne offerings.
  7. Can vouch for that going up Vissies this morning.
  8. :: Going Up Jippies :: Disclaimer: Whatever you do, don’t buy tubeless rubber for normal hoops
  9. Yes, he is the mentor - I am just a young padawan.
  10. The new site looks spif! Sorry if this has been mentioned but isn't there a 'remember me' option for login? I need to re-login each time when I go to the site.
  11. Next time guys, when I rank up in the coffee game! I am still new to this and think the French Press would be a great place to start. The Aeropress is great for people who like experimenting with different brewing recipes, who enjoy making a single cup at a time, and who want to take their coffee brewer anywhere they go. The French Press is best for people who love rich, bold cups of coffee, who make more than one cup at a time, and who have the “set it and forget it” mentality to making coffee.
  12. Ordered placed! Went for Bodum after I had a nice chat with Nicholas and he recommends going for the Bodum due to the lack of limited spares of the Bialetti, as well as more sales on the Bodum units compared to Bialetti.
  13. My friend is a fellow coffee enthusiastic and after chatting to him again I would also like to get serious about my coffee but of course on a budget for now. Yeah, I heard so, that's why I went on the recommendation of my friend so that I can at least start somewhere. That's good to hear, will be my first time purchasing from them but their service and feedback seem fantastic!
  14. I see the Bodum is just a few rands more: https://capecoffeebeans.co.za/collections/french-press-coffee-plungers/products/bodum-chambord-coffee-maker?variant=44498065860#shopify-product-reviews I am no expert but the Bialetti just looks way more robust. Let me first try the beans from the shop, still a learning curve for me. That is the next step I will take later on.
  15. Hi Hubbers, I've been calling me a coffeeholic but at home, I drink normal instant coffee (Jacobs Gold)... At work and on my cycling rides I do enjoy my coffee, e.g. Seattle, Coffeeworks and Bootleggers. Spend way too much money on coffee but hey life is too short for cheap coffee. So, I would like to get into the coffee game albeit on a budget. My friend recommended I get a Plunger and beans for Woolies. I am looking at the following: https://capecoffeebeans.co.za/collections/french-press-coffee-plungers/products/bialetti-french-press-coffee-plunger?variant=16716959812#shopify-product-reviews From my little knowledge, the brand seems to be very good and the way to go. Should I look at something else, or can I go ahead and my place my order? Thanks in advanced.
  16. Asseblief, dit sal gaaf wees. Kan dan my Jan Ullrich pienk setup complete met my pienk skoene: OAKLEY FLIGHT JACKET PRIZM (9401 06) Frame Colour: Neon Pink https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/oakley-flight-jacket-prizm-9401-06 Scratch that idea, going plain and neutral: OAKLEY FLIGHT JACKET PRIZM (9401 07) PC Lenses 100%UV Protection-Prizmhttps://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/oakley-flight-jacket-prizm-9401-07
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