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Found 5 results

  1. Suzuki and Like2Bike let the outdoors in for South African kids. View full article
  2. We all love a good day in the outdoors, and Suzuki has teamed up with Like2Bike to make sure the love of the outdoors is shared with our kids and encouraged on the mountain bike trails around South Africa. Suzuki has an extensive record of making the outdoors fun, and for the kids of South Africa (especially these days!) it’s mission-critical to include them in the playtime we enjoy. We obviously can’t let them hop on their V-STROM and away they go, so we’ve extended our enthusiasm for a great day out to the MTB game. Sponsoring these events with our know-how of safety, enjoyment, and the right rush to pump those endorphins has made many families regulars at our events. With races varying in length from 2km to 25km, appropriate for 2–14-year-olds, the field is open to anyone. Our track record in the MTB world Cars, marine, and motorcycles – everything the outdoors needs, from Suzuki! In the natural progression of seeking out adrenaline in South Africa’s incredible landscape, we decided to extend our offering to outdoor activities that don’t require an engine. Our initiative with Like2Bike started seeding itself in our motorcycle events, which, taken in the right direction, would create an obvious next-step to foster a love of the outdoors in the kids who aren’t quite ready for a 2-stroke. The early days had us providing medics to motorcycle events and mountain bike events, which is how we eventually found Like2Bike and discovered our shared goals. We want to share our passion for the rush of adrenaline with as many people as possible – and the best way to get passionate about the sport is to start young in a fun environment. Our mountain biking team –muscle-power from the horse-power specialists. The Suzuki MTB team was formed in 2017, and the ultimate aim is to work on the development of MTB skills in all areas. The good work we’ve done speaks for itself, with our team of 12 taking podiums at XCOSA Series, Like2bike kids’ series as well as at some of the Nissan Trailseeker events. The main aim? To make a difference through cycling. Our Shoshanguve Mountain Bike Team project The goal with this project is to get kids off the streets and onto the trails, providing training for the kids, and transport and gear for each outing. The project relies on the community for funding to maintain and service their bikes and provide much-needed cycling gear and mechanical support to team members. Suzuki stepped up to provide equipment and gear to the team to help them to stay on track. Our contribution so far, in collaboration with UVEX, Avalanche, Diamond Trailers, A3Studio and Like2Bike, is 15 UVEX helmets, 14 Avalanche Bicycles, 20 Sets of cycling kit and a new trailer to transport bicycles to training locations. We aim to get these rising stars onto podiums and take them from strength to strength through sponsorship and development, achieving some dreams in the process. Where from here? We’d like to get everyone involved in outdoor adventures with Suzuki, Like2Bike, and the Suzuki MTB team. This means making the sport accessible and affordable to kids and adults alike. Whether you want to include your kids by entering the Like2Bike series, get involved with our development initiative and Suzuki MTB team, or put down your motorcycle in exchange for a mountain bike for a change (we won’t tell anyone), Like2Bike and Suzuki welcome you with open arms. Like2Bike - http://www.like2bike.co.za/ Visit www.Suzuki.co.za
  3. With most mass-participation events not able to go ahead the last couple of months there has been a surge of smaller, unsupported events which limit person to person contact to the bare minimum. One such event is the Sedgefield500, a 500km single stage self-supported bike race. Entrants get 60 hours to complete the route, so they can either ride non-stop or they can use the 2 nights available to get a good night's rest while splitting the 500km up into 3 days of riding. This feature is made possible by Suzuki. We got to spend the weekend following the riders to take photos in a Suzuki Jimny Click here to view the article
  4. One such event is the Sedgefield500, a 500km single stage self-supported bike race. Entrants get 60 hours to complete the route, so they can either ride non-stop or they can use the 2 nights available to get a good night's rest while splitting the 500km up into 3 days of riding. This feature is made possible by Suzuki. We got to spend the weekend following the riders to take photos and were lucky enough to have the Suzuki Jimny 1.5 GLX with manual gearing. The Suzuki Jimny is best described as a 4x4 Go Kart, the 1.5lt engine has plenty of torque. The 4x4 has high range and low range and we spent most of the time in 4H on the gravel roads for the extra grip and stability. The climb up to the Spitzkop viewpoint above the Knysna Forests in low range showed just how capable this car is. There are no aidstations, no support vehicles and no route markings. You get a gps file of the route and you navigate yourself. Aid is available at established shops, restaurants and padstals but riders cannot take any outside assistance from someone not in the event. It is a throwback to the days of bike racing when races like the Tour de France didn’t have team vehicles, massage therapists and mechanics. If you had an issue with your bike you would use a workshop in whatever town you found yourself in at the time. With all the pampering happening at today's popular events this 500km series looks to try balance it all out with some pure hardcore adventure. You decide how you want to race, you plan it, you strategise and you get all the credit when you cross that finish line. Electronic Hill Descent assist is activated by the push of a button. This is for incredibly steep descents, where the car brakes automatically. With a 210mm ground clearance and significant approach angles I am almost convinced this car could drive up a wall. The Sedgefield500 has just over 7000m of climbing and is mostly covered on gravel roads that meander through the Garden Route and the Klein Karoo. Riders start at the Wild Oats Farmers Market in Sedgefield on the Friday morning, anytime between 5 - 8am to limit large clumps of riders forming. After a short trot on the N2 the route turns onto gravel with some sharp climbing up to the Seven Passes Road that takes them to George. After a quick restock in George the Montagu Pass awaits, it is a gradual pass with incredible views of the valleys below. The “Brake LSD Traction Control” is a fancy term that means when 2 wheels diagonal to each other lose traction, the car automatically brakes the slipping wheels and redistributes torque to the other wheels. While on a corrugated corner this happened to us where the Jimny began to slide a bit, as soon as the car applied the brakes it righted itself immediately. Once on top of the pass the riders will now be in the Klein Karoo for the next 280km. Riders head north towards Oudsthoorn through the infamous Paardepoort, a beautiful narrow pass that follows the Doring River. Once out of the Poort the route goes left and takes the riders through Calitzdorp via twisting gravel roads. Calitzdorp offers some great food options to replenish reserves and most riders who opt to cover the route over 3 days choose the town as a sleep over spot as there are some great Guest Houses available. The next 40km out of Calitzdorp take the riders through the Groenfontein Poort and has just over 1000m of elevation gain before the route goes right at the Swartberg Game Reserve and heads towards the half-way mark, Oudsthoorn. Space inside is limited. With four people there is almost no boot space so a roof rack will be needed. For two people, though, with the back seats folded down, there is a lot of space for bags and adventure gear. You will struggle to get a bicycle inside though, a tow bar with bikerack or roof racks will be necessary. Oudsthoorn is around the 250km mark so riders who are going for a 2 day ride usually sleep in this popular Klein Karoo town. The next 120km to Uniondale are probably some of the most brutal sections of the route in terms of road condition, winds, and endless climbing. There are very little flat bits, it’s rolling hills all the way with a prevailing head wind and rutted, rocky road to navigate. There is also next to no aid along this route, except for a few farmhouses that the riders can visit if they run out of water. The GLX is the ‘range topping’ version which is available in automatic as well. The GLX also comes with the large touch screen which has all the usual features like Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connectivity. The route from Uniondale follows pretty much the same route as the Karoo 2 Coast except that it sticks to the tar and gravel roads. A big climb out of Uniondale awaits before the infamous Prince Alfred Pass. Non-stop riders will go through here in the pitch dark of night, missing out on it’s incredible views. Fuel consumption was pretty decent, for the whole trip we got back to Cape Town with an average economy of 8lt/100km. Eventually the riders will arrive in the coolness of the Knysna Forest, a welcome relief provided it isn’t a mud fest after some rain. Once in the town of Knysna the route heads back onto the Seven Passes road via Phantom Pass. The Seven Passes Road is an incredible route to ride with a nice mix of gravel and tar, the seven passes aren’t too brutal in themselves but add them all together and you have quite a tough ride. At the Garden Route Trail Park the riders start to smell the finish as they turn down to head back towards Sedgefield before finishing at the Wild Oats Farmers Market. Non-stop riders have the reward of enjoying food and beer from the Saturday Market if they get there early enough. If someone asked me to drive to Cairo tomorrow only taking off road routes and I could take any production vehicle I wanted, I would without a doubt take a Jimny (with a couple extra Jerry cans of fuel of course). The inaugural Sedgefield500 was a great success with 36 riders starting and 27 finishing. This “new” style of racing had each one of the riders saying how great the challenge was. Hungry for more un-pampered adventure, most have already signed up for the next race in July which takes place in the Natal Midlands, the Burra500.More info can be found at https://www.instagram.com/sedgefield500/ For more on the Suzuki Jimny range visit: https://www.suzukiauto.co.za/cars/jimny
  5. The first ever motorcycle I fell in love with was a brand new Rothmans Honda NSR250R standing right next to my new MBX50 at Rupert's Bike Inn. Was thinking about it the other day and started thinking how to get my hands on one....it's nearly impossible. Searching the internet you realise how sort after it is and what you will pay for any make or model two-stroke motorcycle in good condition. I see they still love racing them at North West 200 road race in Ireland. The Morecambe Missile John McGuinness who has won 23 TT's thus far, won his fisrt TT in the Lightweight 250cc class back in 1999 on a Honda NSR250 at the Isle of Man. So, here's a thread to discuss everything two-stroke motorcycles; the technology, racing, history, videos, pics, etc. http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/NSR/general/94_250SP_rothmans.jpg http://i.ytimg.com/vi/1QpYb7Yn0Yw/maxresdefault.jpg Found this website for the Ronax 500 http://www.ronax500.com/en/index.php The Ronax 500 will exclusively be manufactured on demand and is limited to 46 units. Purchase price: EUR 100.000,- plus VAT (19% in Germany) delivery: We welcome you at our facilities in Dresden for a personal handover. shipping: World-wide, shipping costs are not included. delivery period: min. 6 months orders: Ronax GmbH, Karcherallee 47, 01277 Dresden An advance payment of 30 % plus VAT is required when signing the purchase contract. After the advance payment has been paid there is the option to sign up for one of our testing appointments to test the bike on a racing circuit. The powertrain Our self-developed power-plant defines the characteristics of the Ronax 500 through our long experience in 2-stroke motorbike-racing and the latest engine control technologies. engine 2-stroke, 4 cylinders, 80 degree V-engine, two counter-rotating crank shafts engine body aluminium, milled cubic capacity 499ccm stroke/bore 54,5/54 performance 160 hp at 11500 rpm fuel supply map-controlled fuel injection. Two different mappings: sport and rain ignition map-controlled cdi unit Starter electronic starter exaust four tuned pipes, steel transmission 6 gear cassette gearbox clutch multi-disc clutch in oil bath secondary drive chain
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