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  1. Lapierre XR 729 The Lapierre XR 729 is a carbon cross-country orientated mile cruncher. The first thing you notice on the XR 729 is that the shock is hidden in an odd protruding seat tube to accommodate the single pivot suspension design. I've grown fond of the striking look but don't expect to squeeze two water bottles within the front triangle. Expecting a full blown XC bike, we were a little stumped when a custom built XR 729 with a 120mm Pike and dropper seatpost arrived in the office. The only component that was stock (according to the Lapierre website) was the wheelset and tyres. After the first ride, however, it all made sense but I'll leave those details for the full review. Lapierre also produce the Lapierre XR 729 e:i which uses an electronic shock to adapt automatically to the terrain. This models retails for R82,995. Custom builds of the mechanical suspension bike can be arranged. You can view all the 2016 Lapierre bikes at www.lapierrebikes.co.za. LuvHandles Luvhandles was started by twin brothers late last year who were tired of paying too much for bike components such as grips. So they set out to find a high quality silicone grip to sell directly to the public at a reasonable price. A neat feature of their online offering is that it allows you to select the colour of your grips and plugs separately. They say this results in almost 50 colour combinations, perfect for the matchy-matchy builders. On first look the grips and plugs appear to be top notch but I'll have to see how well they with stand up to some abuse on my wide tree bashing handlebars. A set of Luvhandles grips and plugs currently retail for R120. Check out their online store for more details here. Thule VeloCompact The Thule VeloCompact comes in a two or three bike configuration. The VeloCompact is a relatively new addition to the line up having been released in 2015. It promises to be light weight and compact. The carrier attaches to a tow bar and has a tilt mechanism so that you can access a hatch type rear door. The VeloCompact retails for R8,999 in the two bike configuration and R11,999 for the model that can carries three bikes.
  2. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring the Lapierre XR 729, Luvhandles soft grips and Thule VeloCompact bike carrier. Click here to view the article
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some advice, I have a Chevrolet Utility (2013) with no tonneau cover on at the moment. I am looking at options for carrying 2 bikes on the back of a Chev Utility (1 MTB bike & 1 Road bike), that will allow for the bikes to be locked onto the carrier as well. that is not too costly. I was looking at the option below, from Thule, but not sure what other options are available & looking for some advice. Thule Bed Rider 822XTR http://www.thule.com...22xtr-_-1689832 I would possibly want to add on a tonneau cover on later on, but not sure about it. Thanks in advance,
  4. (I hope I don't get in trouble for my play on words ) How tight should a clamp be tightened on a bike rack? I realize not all brands are the same, but I'm paranoid about (well,....many things )my bike falling off during transit, so I tighten the clamp quite a bit. Should the knob just be turned until it grabs the bike "comfortably" or is it ok for it to have a rather firm grip on the bike? I also use a piece of folded rubber matting like you'd use in a boot or a car to avoid the frame being scuffed by the clamp. I've got a Thule Euroway
  5. THULE’s latest offering for the iPhone 6 range epitomises their motto “Active Life, Simplified”, with the brand new waterproof case. The THULE brand has once again cemented itself as an innovative global market leader in a number of product categories, with the cutting-edge Atmos X5 iPhone case. Click here to view the article
  6. The major feature is the waterproof protection and the THULE Atmos X5 carries an IP68 rating, which is the industry standard for “enclosures as “dust tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water”. As smartphones keep evolving, so too do the cases need to match the evolution by improving their functionality in order to protect these valuable assets from life’s day to day encounters. For the adventure-seeker, a more robust and rugged case is required to optimally protect your smartphone against a variety of elements in the great outdoors. Ideally suited for the adventure lifestyle, the rugged and robust Atmos X5 is built for the outdoors. Whether you love going kayaking, climbing, hiking or biking, the Atmos X5 is safe and ready for whatever you throw at it next. The major feature is the waterproof protection and the Atmos X5 carries an IP68 rating, which is the industry standard for “enclosures as “dust tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water”. You can be rest assured that your iPhone 6 is well protected against long-term dust ingress and total water submersion. Installation of the case has never been easier and is really quick. The new snap-on feature installs in seconds and provides an audible click so that you know your phone is sealed and protected providing a water tight fit one can only associate with THULE’s highly engineered design. Most amazingly, THULE’s innovation comes to the fore with their patented StratoShield, protecting the screen from scratches and delivering five times the impact protection versus the phone’s standard screen alone. Despite the robustness of the cover, exceptional touch screen responsiveness is maintained. More of THULE’s innovation is recognised with the ShockStop Corners and Bi-ComponentArmor, protecting your device from drops up to 2m. Handling of your phone in the Atmos X5 cover comes with enhanced grip from the textured and rubberised back panels. Installation of the case has never been easier and is really quick. The new snap-on feature installs in seconds and provides an audible click so that you know your phone is sealed and protected providing a water tight fit one can only associate with THULE’s highly engineered design. THULE’s innovation comes to the fore with their patented StratoShield, protecting the screen from scratches and delivering five times the impact protection versus the phone’s standard screen alone. The THULE Atmos X5 is available for the iPhone 6 range (6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus) and retails for R1499. It will be available in THULE Partner stores from mid-November. For full product information, visit www.THULE.com/za.
  7. Thule's Touring range of roof boxes is available in five sizes and two colour options to fit every need. The full range comes loaded with features and have been shaped with minimal wind resistance and noise in mind. The Touring S (or 100) is the smallest in the range, but can still swallow a healthy 330L of luggage. That translates into three standard sized bags and one oversized bag that was designed to fit inside the nose of the roof box. Click here to view the article
  8. Features Dual-side opening on selected boxes: A patented Thule feature, enables the lid of the box to be opened from both sides of the roof. This not only means simple and easy loading and access, but also greatly facilitates mounting of the roof box to a pair of roof bars. Available for Thule Touring S, M, L and XL. Central locking: Each roof box has several locking points, for safety and theft protection. The central locking has a safety feature which prevents the key from being removed unless all locking points are securely closed. Dual-force lid openers: A patented spring assisted opening system that makes it easier to open and close the lid of the box in a smooth motion. Fast-click: Thule's unique, patented quick-mount system for fitting a roof box in seconds - safely and easily. Equipped with a torque indicator for a secure fit. Grip claws tighten around the load bar as four knobs inside the box are turned. The complete fitting is done in a matter of minutes. The grip claws are self-centring over the load bar as they are closed, for maximum security and ease of use. The grip claws fit load bars up to 80 mm width. Mounting to your vehicle: Your vehicle will need roof rails or a roof rack to fit the roof box. The only tricky bit in using the Touring S is getting it on the roof, if you're doing it on your own. It's not especially difficult or complicated, it's just that you have to make sure you pick it up high enough not to bang it into your vehicle and then slowly lower it onto the roof. I have found the easiest to pop the Fast-Click claws into the box and lift it above your head - that way it's easy enough to slide the roof box into place. It helps that it's not excessively heavy. Once the Touring is on the roof rack bars, it's easy to clamp into place. The four claw-like "FastClick" clamps slide through slots in the bottom of the box in order to clamp around the rail or rack. These slots are fairly long which makes mounting the box in the right place on your roof very easy. The slots have special rubber linings that do a good job at sealing the box from water and dust. Once you've done this a couple of times it only takes a minute or two to fit the box to your vehicles roof. If you already own a Thule bike rack, the Touring can be supplied with matching keys & locks to match meaning you will only need one key for all your lockable Thule gear. If you're not 100% sure which roof box will be best to suit your needs, Thule has a handy Buyer's Guide to help you with your decision making. Specifications Volume: 330 l Length: 139 cm Width: 90 cm Height: 40 cm Load capacity: 50 kg Weight: 10 kg Mounting system: FastClick Box opening: Dual-Side Colour: Black Glossy or Titan Aeroskin Fits: WingBar, AeroBar, SquareBar and SlideBar with T-track Adapter 697-4 TÜV/GS approved and fulfils City Crash norm Accessories As with most Thule products there are several accessories available. I have been using Thule's Go-Pack set as I was in need of some new bags and these fit snugly inside the roof box. As with all Thule's products the bags are well-made Thule MultiLiftMounts to garage ceiling. Uses a winch mechanism to easily lift the roof box to the ceiling. Easily stores a roof box out of the way and can be used to quickly lower back down onto the vehicle when required. Can also be used for kayaks, canoes, surfboards, ladders and more. Built in braking system provides maximum safety while lifting and lowering. Thule Go-Pack Set Complete four-pack of bags to make the best use of your roof box space. A complete set of GoPack bags, including three GoPack 8002 and one GoPack Nose 8001. Specially shaped to make use of the tighter space in the front of the roof box. Protective rubber pads in the corners. Shoulder strap and grips for easy and comfortable handling. Thule Box Light For best visibility inside your Thule Roof box. Optimal visibility inside the box. Special designed LED lamp and customised reflector. Automatic on/off function when opening or closing box lid. Easy installation to rear lid lifter. Flashlight function when used outside of the roof box. Fits all Thule roof boxes produced from 2009 and onward. Thule Box Lid Cover Lid cover to protect the box from scratches and dust during storage Made out of soft vlies material to protect surface from dirt and scratches. Integrated pocket within the cover for easy storage when not in use. Easy fitting with elastic edge, just slip over the roof box lid. Washable On the Road Driving a Suzuki Jimny as my main family vehicle, I have learned that 300L of extra packing space is a lot. Going away for a long weekend with my wife, kid, bicycling and motorbike gear, plus everything else needed to stay over in a self-catering chalet in the middle of nowhere is no challenge for the Touring S. Important to note that we have a baby that is only a couple of month's old meaning we have to pack quite a bit of supplies and always take her camping cot with us when we go away. Inside the box there are several tie-down points and the box ships with ratchet-straps. I didn't bothered with these as the full available "floor space" was always used so there was no risk of bags moving around under braking or acceleration. I have used the Touring on several off-road adventures and have had no issues with it shifting or any of the Fast-Click grips working themselves loose - no matter how rough the terrain. Driving in a convoy on very dusty roads will see some traces of dust get inside the box, but much less than what I expected and none of it found it's way inside any of the Go Pack bags. Twice already I've had the box mounted on a trip that saw us driving through quite a bit of rain, but the inside stayed bone-dry. I have a habit of loading heavier gear inside my vehicle leaving clothes, bedding and some snacks to go on the roof. This helps keep my Jimny's centre of gravity as low as possible and roll-over to a minimum. I would expect the roof box to have no effect on roll over on just about any other vehicle as the Jimny has a very narrow and short wheelbase. I've tried to keep an eye on the impact on fuel consumption, but it's been virtually impossible due to the variables involved when travelling with the Touring loaded compared to my usual driving. I can however say that there's no discernible increase in wind noise. Verdict The Thule Touring S is a great solution for travelers, families and adventurers looking for some extra space when hitting the road. It mounts secure and is virtually dust proof. The design and features are well thought out making it easy to use. Pricing Touring S Roof Box: R 7,299.00 Go Bag Set of 4 Bags: R 2,499.00 From the Manufacturer Living an active lifestyle, going on vacation or just in need of the extra space? Our wide range of roof boxes have something that fits every need. You will benefit more from travelling than ever before.Exclusive black glossy lid colour Patented FastClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing DualSide opening for convenient mounting, loading and unloading Central locking system provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule Comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed. Purchase any Thule Roof Box in Nov/Dec 2015 and stand a chance to win a R50 000 holiday. Details here.
  9. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring the Thule Enroute Blur 2 Daypack, Rudy Project Traylx glasses, 4Shaw cycling socks & gloves and Syntace W-35 MX mountain bike wheels. Click here to view the article
  10. Thule Enroute Blur 2 Backpack Already sporting a good few Thule backpacks and laptop bags at Bike Hub HQ we're admittedly existing fans of their products. Our latest addition, the Thule EnRoute Blur 2 Daypack, is a 24 litre backpack featuring various handy storage compartments for your all important items. The up to 15.6" laptop compartment includes a tablet sleeve and can double as a home for a hydration pack (although ideally not at the same time). The pack also includes a crushproof SafeZone compartment for sunglasses and fragile gear includes a dedicated phone pocket. Retail price: R 2,199.00 Rudy Project TRAYLX Rudy Project's TRAYLX sunglasses feature their ImpactX 2 lenses which, as the name suggests, are an update to the previous generation optics. The photochromic lense is said to activate faster and features a High Dynamic Range (HDR) for an all round improved image. From an initial look the TRAYLX shades feel ultra light, are thoroughly vented and have a flexibility that seems to lend itself to their "unbreakable" tag line. We'll be putting them through their paces on roads and trails to see how they perform in the wild. From the manufacturer Building on ImpactX technology and after years of laboratory research and field tests with professional athletes, Rudy Project is today proud to introduce ImpactX 2 , a new array of technical lenses perfected with unparalleled cutting- edge photochromic particles, providing unique climatic management technology: getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds and tailored to reach a custom colour from an initial clear state, ImpactX 2 lenses will enhance contrast, even in darker conditions, they will improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection. Specification (as tested) FrameTralyx Crystal Gloss Orange FluoLenseImpact X 2 BlackRetail priceR 3590.00 4Shaw cycling socks and gloves For better or worse socks are increasingly becoming a fashion item for many bike riders. 4Shaw is an Australian brand who produce a range of cycling apparel including a variety of unique, colourful socks at various lengths. The socks are all made using a mix of Coolmax, Nylon and Lycra. Indicative price: R 280 Among the 4Shaw range of items and on our test list are these great looking full finger gloves. Indicative price: R 500 From the manufacturer - Race Glove V2 Full Finger Version 2 of our master piece - the lightest race glove on the market. Anatomically cut finger webbing for non-restrictive & superior fit. Gossamer palm for ultimate grip and bar feel. Silicone grippes on index, fore finger and thumb for brake and shift lever traction. Smartphone friendly fingers. Superior antimicrobial thumb-wiper. Proprietary ICE MESH for extreme breathability. Check out the full range on 4shaw.net.au while the local site comes to life Syntace W35 Mountain Bike Wheels German component maker Syntace were arguably among the early movers in producing a range of wide to super-wide, lightweight aluminium mountain bike wheels. The Syntace W-35 MX wheelset features a 35mm rim said to be tougher than carbon and provide better tire performance. We've laced them with some rubber and have already been putting them through their paces. Full review to follow in a few weeks. From the manufacturer It all began with the simple wish for really wide rims that are still light enough for all-round use from XC races to All Mountain. However, no manufacturer wanted to know anything about it. We’ve dealt with this before, so we decided to get to work and make or our wide and tough rims and nice durable hubs. And both had to be really light. Specifications (as tested) WeightRear: 969 g (29'' ISO 622, 32 hole) Front: 938 g (29" ISO 622, 32 hole)Rim width (outer)35 mm Rim width (inner)28.5 mmDisc standard6 holeFreewheel bodyStandard cassette XX1 cassette optionalAxleRear: X-12 Front: 15 mmRetail PriceTBC
  11. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring Garmin's Edge 520 GPS computer, the Thule RoundTrip Transition hard case bike box, and Leatt's Airflex guards. Click here to view the article
  12. Garmin Edge 520 With the Edge 520, Garmin did away with the touch screen found on the previous 510 model in favour of side buttons. The device is also noticeably smaller than the 510. On launch of the Edge 520 the big news was the inclusion of the Strava Live Segments feature (now available on a number older devices through a firmware upgrade) which allows you to follow your Strava segment achievements while riding. You will need a premium Strava membership but the device does come with a 3 month trial offer to test it out. We’ll be riding Lesotho Sky with this device, giving us a great opportunity to test out the units route navigational abilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eua9CDTOeyw The Garmin Edge 520 suggested retail price is R6,099. Thule Round Trip Transition The Thule RoundTrip Transition is the Rolls-Royce of bike travel boxes. I say that because it’s big, strong and weighs a lot. The Transition is for the serious bike traveller. The hard case is made from a very robust feeling plastic. The aluminium frame that holds the bike in place inside the case can be removed to become a fully capable workstand. Wheels go into their own bags and placed into the case. Inside the case, the bike mounts onto an aluminium rack which fits QR axles and, with adaptors, 15mm and 20mm thru axles. The Transition house bikes with a wheelbase up to 116.8 cm, which could be a problem for the new generation of long downhill and trail mountain bikes hitting the market. Although the Transition appears to be a bombproof solution, there is a downside. The case weighs in at 15.8 kgs and is rather large. We’re interested to see how this impacts our use of the case, especially for air travel. Leatt Airflex Pro The Airflex range is Leatt’s first level of protection for your knees and elbows. Although not as heavy duty as bulkier pads, the Airflex promises sufficient protection for most XC and trail riders while remaining comfortable for long periods of time and exceeds CE certification standards for impact. The secret to the flexibility and thinness of the Airflex is Armourgel. Armourgel is a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact. For 2016 Leatt are introducing the Airflex Pro knee guard. It features additional protection above and on the sides of the knee over the standard Airflex. We’ve already done some testing with these guards, including some big falls. So watch out for the full review in the coming weeks. From the manufacturer: The new AirFlex guard, using Armourgel, a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact. Has great test results in both low and high impacts, works in hot and cold conditions, and is soft, flexible, and comfortable. Its ultra slim design meets and exceeds CE certification for impact like all current Leatt knee guards but with little to almost no bulkiness.Super slim 6mm CE impact certified Armourgel ultra slim impact absorbing gel MoistureCool wicking fabric CE certified for impact protection EN1621-1 Great fit and very comfortable
  13. Thule Sport and Cargo SA is excited to launch three product range updates this month, which may be familiar to the market but they incorporate some practical product changes and in some instances, great feature upgrades. Click here to view the article
  14. The launch to market includes daypacks, smartphone covers and the ever-impressive action camera bags. The trusted and revered Thule brand reinforces itself as a leading sports and outdoor goods company and continues to deliver quality, durability and design innovation to the action and outdoor market, for people with an active lifestyle. The brand just never stands still and is always considering enhancements to products that make usage easier for the customer. Thule EnRoute 2 Daypack range The EnRoute 2 Daypack range appeals to the outdoor lifestyle and has the safety of all your weekday equipment top of mind. The three products in this range are the Escort 2, Blur 2 and Triumph 2, offering a stowage space of 27 litres, 24 litres and 21 litres respectively. What you will find in each of the Thule EnRoute 2 Daypacks is the SafeEdge construction laptop compartment to offer superior protection for all sides of your laptop, plus a padded tablet slip pocket for the optimal safety of your electronic gear. The compartmentalised sections keep all of your smaller items in their place and the improved Crushproof SafeZone compartment for sunglasses and fragile gear includes a dedicated phone pocket, which keeps them safe from damage. New to the Daypack 2 range and keeping in line with the Thule brand’s motto – Active Life, Simplified – is the laptop compartment, which doubles as storage for a hydration reservoir offering fantastic versatility with this product. The ever-present airflow channels on back panel provide adequate ventilation when carrying the bag, promoting multifunctional use of the same bag. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/daypacks-and-messengers/thule-enroute-daypacks THULE EnRoute 2 Escort (27L) Daypack R2 199 THULE EnRoute 2 Blur (24L) R1 899 THULE EnRoute 2 Triumph (21L) R1 699 The Blur is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux and Drab The Triumph is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux, Drab, Dark Shadow, Blue Grass Thule Legend GoPro backpack and slingThe feature-rich Legend GoPro backpacks, now available as a Backpack and Sling, are packed with smart features for safe camera storage and quick access, which is equally important for those on the move. Customisable spaces adequately store essential items and accessories in a unique die-cut foam organiser while protecting the camera itself. The streamlined Legend GoPro Backpack features integrated mounts that allow for two GoPro cameras to attach so that you can capture your adventure from multiple angles whilst on the move. The state-of-the-art CrushProof padded compartment holds up to three GoPro cameras, LCD backpack, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The die-cut foam pad is removable for easy cleaning to keep the interior of the bag free of dust, mud, sand and build up. The conveniently placed lid pocket stores additional items like chargers and cables, while the easy-to-reach pockets positioned on the waist belt keep your phone or multitool secure and handy. The sleek shape of the Legend GoPro Sling coupled with the lightweight construction keeps the bag in its place during activities. The padded compartment holds up to two GoPro cameras as well as LCD backpacks, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The front compartment has adequate space for the stowage of mounts and personal gear. Small gear can be easily located in low-light conditions thanks to the unique high-visibility interior lining and the novel separate, nylex-lined pocket protects a phone or sunglasses. The conveniently placed shoulder strap pocket provides quick access storage for a remote control or phone. Convenience comes in the form of oversized zipper pulls, which provide easy access even when you are wearing gloves, and is found on both the Backpack and the Sling. These products are truly well advanced, making life for the active GoPro user easier but safer when it comes to looking after costly equipment. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/camera-bags-and-cases/camera-action-cases THULE Legend GoPro Sling R1 299 THULE Legend GoPro Backpack R2 999 Whether your valued possessions are small or large, you can trust the THULE brand to safely protect your goods ranging from smartphone covers to luggage bicycles carriers. Thule Atmos X4 iPhone case Thule’s Atmos X4 iPhone Case offers extreme drop and screen-impact protection, a state-of-the-art enhancement, which has been expertly engineered into an ultra slim case. The patent-pending “Bi-Component Armor” provides superior protection while maintaining its slim line appearance. New to this product is the inclusion of protection for the iPhone screen, which comes in the form of the StratoShield. This shield delivers five times the impact protection compared to the standard screen alone. The StratoShield not only guards against impact, but also scratches and fingerprints as well as minimising glare without losing the phone’s touch screen responsiveness. The innovative design and construction materials provide shock-stop corners, offering exceptional protection from damage and cracking even when dropped from a height of two metres. The FunctionPlus metal volume buttons are functional and easy to use for enhanced performance. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/phone-and-tablet-cases THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Case R1 299 THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Plus Case R1 299
  15. hi! i found a post about this, but from 2009... desperately need advice. the Thule roofrack on the back of a bakkie, is it a custom job, and where can it be done? is it a schlep to remove and is it stabe enough? Thanks
  16. Hey guys, I am based in Cape Town. I have recently bought a second hand Thule ClipOn 9103 bike carrier. The hooks on the top and the bottom are metal, but have been coated with a very thin ayer of rubber obviously during a heating process, which is still not sufficient for protecting the bodywork of your car. Does anyone know where one can find a strong adhesive rubber tape where you could line the inside of these hooks with tape to prevent any damage, as well as providing cushioning? Please see below a picture of the bike carrier as well as the tape I am looking for:
  17. I am absolutely exasperated by the service I have (not) received in attempting to locate spares for my Northwave Aerlite MTB shoes and Thule bike carrier, ant trying to buy a Giant Trance! My tale of woe starts some months ago when my Thule carrier decided to dismantle itself on a road in the Cederberg. One "click-lock" knob later and my bike was hanging behind my car! Was advised that the agents for Thule resided in Olympic Cycles so I contacted them and was told the parts were on order but that I would be contacted when they arrived in a couple of days. No calls of course but I followed up as I realized they may be busy. Then the runaround started.......no the parts were missing from the order etc but they would arrive soon. Some weeks later I again followed up. No parts. Now getting pissed off dismantling bike to travel. So I placed an actual order. Needless to say 3 months down the line still waiting for the f@$#ers to actually come up with the parts! So I have a little accident and break the micro ratchet strap on my NorthWave shoes. Ok shoes cost 3k so I'm kinda keen to replace a R50 part (available on Amazon,but not to SA) so I go to Trail and Tar where they were purchased and after begging to be served they agree to contact the agents to locate spares (did ask for agent details but not forthcoming but fair enough they are running a business). Obviously it would be too much to ask to actually get a call back from a Cape Town business so a week later I decide to go to Cycle Lab to have a look at a Giant Trance (yes apparently they are the agents now) and am pleased to learn that they also sell NorthWave and they will contact the agents for the spare part. Two weeks later and I am still riding with insulation tape to keep my shoe on! Oh and just for information CycleLab did not have a single Giant in stock but I could buy one from the catalogue!! (Jesus wept!) But wait.......Google is your friend........Hullabaloo is the importer.....so a quick email ( followed by another 2 weeks later after no response) and I am settling into a winter holding pattern with taped up shoes, a non-folding bike rack and an aging 26' Silverback begging to be replaced. So in order of priority I am imploring the Hubber community for suggestions as to where I can get parts for NorthWave shoes, Thule carrier spares and finally a Giant retailer that actually carries stock!!
  18. Bought a Thule Euroway G2 yesterday, and the number plate section seems to trouble me a bit. How do you fit the number plate nicely so it don't fall off. Its got 2 hooks you slide it in a t the bottom, but the top has none. Should you just double side tape the plate or is there a better way? Any advice much appreciated!
  19. Living up to the THULE motto “Active Life, Simplified”, THULE has produced the Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and the THULE Legend GoPro® Case which enhances this bold statement with its simplicity in design to suit those with an active lifestyle. Click here to view the article
  20. It is not hard to see why the THULE brand has become a global market leader in a number of product categories, including their innovative, highly functional, top-quality camera bags. What you’ll find in both cases is the THULE brand’s uncompromising quality and functionality in these innovative products specifically designed for active people. As part of the product development, THULE Crew members, professional athletes and GoPro® users contributed with their individual thoughts on an ideal case to carry their equipment, which ultimately took the products to a higher level. With all your equipment safely stowed in a protective case, the world awaits as active families and outdoor enthusiasts capture their next adventure. The THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case can pack up to two GoPro® cameras, Flex Clamp, 3-way, Gooseneck, LCD backpacks, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards in the crushproof, padded compartment, while the THULE Legend GoPro® Case carries one GoPro® camera plus the LCD backpack, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. Inside the case, you’ll find a die-cut foam organiser unit keeping the camera and accessories firmly in their place, protecting them from bumps and jolts of your activity. The foam pad can be removed and rinsed for easy cleaning and allows the user to fully rinse the interior of the case, ridding it of dust, mud, sand and build up. Two pockets in the lid offer storage for chargers, cables and strap mounts and the high visibility interior lining allows you to locate the smaller items with ease. With a sleek design, the THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and the THULE Legend GoPro® Case fit easily into another bag and the semi-hardshell construction ensures protection of your goods as well as secure grip. An oversized zipper pull provides quick and easy access and aides those wearing gloves. The integrated quick-grip collapsible handle attaches easily to a belt, harness or pack with a carabiner, ensuring that you have the quickest access to your essential items at all times.The THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case retails for R1199 while the THULE Legend GoPro® Case retails for R799. Available at Thule Partner stores from mid May. For full product information, visit www.thule.com/za. For dealer enquiries or to order your THULE Legend GoPro® Advanced Case and THULE Legend GoPro® Case, call Jamie Owen at THULE SA on 0861 1 THULE (84853).
  21. Hello Hubbers, I need some help please. I bought a second-hand Thule ClipOn 9104 a couple days ago to attach to the back of my Toyota Auris (2010 or 2011 model I think). Although it says on the Thule website that the bike rack should be compatible with my car, I’ve been having trouble with getting it to fit properly. Basically, the rear spoiler (stock part) is being pulled down a centimetre or two by the 2 metal hooks at the top when I lower the handles to tighten the rack. I’m worried that the carrier will damage the spoiler or even snap it off completely. I’ve tried bending the hooks as much as possible but that hasn’t helped. Has anyone else had problems with this? If so, has it damaged your car or have you done anything to fix it? I would even consider taking the rear spoiler off as a last resort (if that’s even possible!). Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. These are the hooks I'm referring to:
  22. Anybody use one of these? I'm getting a bit fed up carrying stuff on my back. The Topeak and Thule solutions look quite neat. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/za/en/topeak-beam-rack-mtx-e-type/rp-prod39084 http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/luggage-and-bags/bike-bags-and-racks/racks/thule-pack-n-pedal-tour-rack-_-pp_100016 I go to Europe a lot and see all manner of racks but these seem the neatest to me. Opinions, ideas etc would be appreciated. Cheers.
  23. So about 6 months ago I took the plunge and bought a tow bar and a Thule 914 2 bike rack. As you all know these racks aren't cheap, but thought at least I wont go wrong with a Thule.. Well this weekend I attempted to Load a second bike for the first time.... I could not for the life of me get 2 MTB's on my bike rack designed to hold 2 bikes... at lease not without them both getting scratched to $#$%#^ Am I being a moron? is there a trick to this? or should I have bought a 3 bike version ??
  24. Howzit guys. I'm in the market for a thule towbar mounted stand on carrier. Either the euroway or euroride. I will only ever carry 2 bikes max. Should I get the 2 bike or the 3 bike. I've heard stories of people saying it's better to load 2 bikes on a 3 bike carrier. Any advice and experiences would be appreciated.
  25. I hope that i am posting in the correct place but was curious to find out from those of you who frequently transport your bikes by plane, which would be a better option: Thule 699 roundtrip box or BikeSafe box? I have a BMC RM01 and really do not want my bike to be damaged due to negligent airline staff so any advice in this regard would be appreciated.
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