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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, Since 2020 has all around made for a bit of a disaster, and I have currently got nothing but time on my hands for most of the rest of the year, I thought it might be a good idea to use that time to do something constructive, instead of wallow in the sorrows, moaning about what 2020 should have been, and while at it, why not try raise some funds for a charity that supports people who really know what suffering is, and who have also lost most of their sources of funding during this time. So, take a look here for all the details: https://adventurelogistics.co.za/echo/ and visit the backabuddy page here if you feel like you can afford to donate a few bucks: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/enduring-4-echo-youth The ride: You can get a much more detailed description on the webpage in the link above, but the ride is essentially a 1000km ride, starting at the Seal Point Lighthouse in St Francis on the 6th of December, going through the Baviaanskloof, then on towards Uniondale, dropping down the Montagu Pass to George, then making its way through to Stillbaai, following the route of our Hessequa/Overberg MTB Adventure to Stanford, from where it heads to the mountains again, via Franshoek to stellenbosch, and then finally into cape town to finish at Cape point, somewhere between 10 and 14 days later. The Cause: The ride will be done to raise funds for Echo Youth Development, a registerd NPO and PBO that runs a number of homes for vulnerable youth across the country, as well as facilitates numerous programs to give these kids a fighting chance in life. Lockdown has seen many of their traditional funding sources dry up, and every little bit will help keep the homes running. My aim is to try and raise a minimum of R10 000.00 through this initiative - or R10.00/Km ridden. If you would like to support the cause, please make a donation via the backabuddy page. Updates regardin the planning, as well as daily updates from the road, will be posted to our website at https://adventurelogistics.co.za/echo/, as well as via Facebook and this thread. Adventure Cycles will also donate R250.00 to the cause, for every booking made with us, between now, and the 19th of December 2020.
  2. For ten young cyclists from the Legadima Cycling Club in Zandspruit Informal Settlement, Gauteng, the forthcoming 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge is the highlight of their year. For many of them, this will be their first time participating in this prestigious event, courtesy of the Pedal Power Association (PPA). Click here to view the article
  3. David Baloyi, Given Mkwayi, Happy Mkwayi, Ephraim Zimbili, Johannes Malejane, Freddie Mkwayi, Reginald Kiti, Classwell Muleya-Ptazwe, Ephraim Monageng Matsemela and Malekutu Jack will be joining celebrity ‘Safe Cycling’ ambassadors DJ Fresh and Gugu Zulu in the PPA’s “Stay Wider of the Rider” start group at the race. “Youth cycling is a particular focus for the Pedal Power Association,” explained PPA CEO Robert Vogel. “A bicycle allows youngsters to explore and channel their energies in a positive manner. We are pleased to support an enthusiastic and passionate group of riders such as Legadima and wish them luck and fun at the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge.” The team will be riding in PPA’s highly visible “Stay Wider of the Rider” cycling shirts and brand new helmets, also sponsored by the PPA. For these youngsters, cycling has been a lifesaver which has given them something positive to focus on. "Cycling has become a safe space for me to destress and refresh my mind,” explained team member Reginald Kiti. “When I am with the team, I feel at home with them; it feels like a community. We have grown as a team. We look out for each other, and that helps us to bring positive things out of our circumstances," he added. The enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle, linked to fitness and the camaraderie on group rides has become a priority in the Legadima team’s lives. "Cycling means a lot to me. It changed my life into a positive one. If it wasn't for cycling, in the community that I live in, I would be doing drugs or alcohol. It has taught me the importance of teamwork, the desire to help others, and endurance. It's a great reason to stay off the streets and away from the bad things around me. It taught me discipline and the importance of time management. Even if I don't ever win races, I still praise myself for leading a healthy lifestyle through cycling," said team member Freddie Mkwayi. “We are honoured to have DJ Fresh and Gugu Zulu riding in support of our ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ campaign, and that they are role models for the Legadima team,” Vogel said. “We appeal to cyclists and motorists alike to share the road in a respectful manner and to always be mindful of each other whenever they are out on the road.” The Pedal Power Association, with more than 15 000 active members, is a Public Benefit Organisation committed to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists. “Our influence and interest spans across recreational road and off-road cycling events and initiatives; supporting cycling community projects; lobbying for the interests of cyclists' safety and rights; assisting communities to develop through cycling; and encouraging our youth to cycle,” Vogel concluded.
  4. Cries and cheers of excitement are heard as dad passes by on his bike, and the smiles of admiration and wonder on the faces of the young supporters are enough to fill anybody within a twenty metre radius with the same energy. The younglings and future rock stars of cycling are as important as our top athletes, and it’s imperative that the love for cycling within these young ones is nurtured from a very early age. Click here to view the article
  5. Cycling offers a number of health benefits and healthy elements like cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle tone, improved coordination and mental health that places an all round positive effect on our bodies. BMX rising starlets enjoy a rest between races: (from left): Jonathan Duarttee, Salvador Cronje and Lee Singh. Photo: Kevin Bender. When it comes to “Cycling for All”, BMX forms a good foundation of cycling skills for a rider to learn from a very young age. Youngsters starting out are able to acquire new development skills such as depth perception, quick decision-making, balance and coordination, which are instilled in them forever during their cycling career. Many cyclists have their roots in BMX before demonstrating brilliance in other disciplines later in life. Other off-the-bike life lessons include manners and respect for fellow riders and elders, sportsmanship and a pure love for the sport of cycling. BMX racing includes quick bursts of speed and skill in a short time period. This way, children are exposed at a very young age to competition environments without necessarily putting as much strain on their bodies as long endurance road races or technical mountain biking races would. Young riders under the age of five can explore their own physical limits on a BMX track as soon as they are comfortable to ride a bicycle alone without assistance. Cycling is competitive, but also about having fun. Fun is a vital element in the basic foundations of childhood, and BMX brings joy to all ages involved. Being part of a sporting community gives anybody a sense of belonging, which in turn helps youngsters feel included and make new friends. This builds self-confidence in young and older riders. Cycling SA BMX Commission Director, Margot Gerber, said: “Besides the fact that it keeps the kids active and gives them a sporting interest, this is a great family environment where they learn bike skills by playing on a BMX track. The youngsters are determined and motivated to overcome any obstacle by watching and learning from fellow riders – they are the future of our sport!” If parents aren’t participating with their children, BMX Parks and tracks are usually situated with seated areas to sit and watch them. This provides a safe practice environment out of the way of cars and traffic. Cycling is a community sport and encourages participation from all ages. By getting more children involved from an early age, cycling in South Africa’s depth and talent pool will be bolstered and the sport will continue to flourish across the nation.
  6. The prestigious event, which caters for boys born between 1997 and July 2003 and girls born 1995 to July 2003, is the largest youth race on the Irish Cycling Calendar. Endorsed by both Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster, each body is represented by their own handpicked teams, with teams from as far afield as the Spanish Basque Country and South Africa competing. Paarl-based Yorkshire Cycling Academy was successful in creating an opportunity for their youngsters to participate in the cycling tour, represented by team riders Ayrton De Leeuw, Keanu Slinger, Luc Green, George Perrins, Kyle De Wet and Joshua Francis, the team captain. “The Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour was definitely an eye opener for the young Yorkshire Academy team,” said Yorkshire Cycling Academy Chairman Ian Goetham. “The boys raced hard and all came away from the three-day, 4-stage tour having gained valuable experience.” Experience included the dynamics of working as a cycling team, and the role in the set-up of a team, both on and off the bike. “Our under-16 rider Slinger achieved a top-15 result in stage 2 of the u16 category, and he was also the best Academy rider at the tour. The benchmark was definitely set and the boys will be working harder to achieve better results,” Goetham said. “This is unquestionably a highlight in their short cycling careers,” continued Goetham. “I am proud to say that the Yorkshire Cycling Academy is doing ground-breaking work and its operations are strong and community driven, since it was established in 1919. “With a sound structure, hands-on approach and committed group of individuals investing time, money and resources into the Academy structure, the riders can be assured of success if they truly commit. Exceptional groundwork has been laid to build on and keep the positive momentum at the Academy going,” said Goetham. Summary of results – Errigal International Youth Tour, Ireland U16 – Stage 1 31 Keanu Slinger 47 George Perrins 48 Joshua Francis 73 Luc Green 76 Kyle De Wet U16 – Stage 2 [Hill Climb TT] 40 Keanu Slinger 42 Kyle De Wet 59 George Perrins 69 Joshua Francis 78 Luc Green U16 – Stage 3 12 Keanu Slinger 42 George Perrins 43 Joshua Francis 46 Kyle De Wet 64 Luc Green U16 – Stage 4 [Criterium] 34 Joshua Francis 45 Keanu Slinger 46 George Perrins 51 Kyle De Wet 64 Luc Green U14 – Stage 1 61 Ayrton De Leeuw U14 – Stage 2 [Hill Climb TT] 60 Ayrton De Leeuw U14 – Stage 3 63 Ayrton De Leeuw U14 – Stage 4 [Criterium] 67 Ayrton De Leeuw
  7. South Africa’s youthful Yorkshire Cycling Academy riders have returned from Ireland with valuable experience when they recently participated in the annual Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour, which took place from 3-5 August. Click here to view the article
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