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  1. Hi All, just wanted to publicly give a big...huge...MASSIVE thumbs up for Hugo Pretorius for making my first time purchase a very very pleasant experience! We need more guys like him! He even organised transport from bloem to cpt. And he was excellent to deal with. As a first time buyer, i was very worried, but dealing with Hugo was great! Here's wishing you lots of success, Hugo Pretorius! Thanks again so much for my mtb, and thanks Bikehub for providing an awesome platform- I will DEFINITLEY be referring everyone to you in future! Jeremy
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old University graduate looking to purchase a new bike. I rode quite a lot a while ago, but University got in the way (and my bike was stolen..) I would like to ride on trails, so I think dual suspension is important. I have done some research on bikes, and have compiled a spreadsheet of options here. If you could please take a look and offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated! I have added a column for comments to be made if that's easier for you.
  3. Which is the best courier service to use to transport 2 mountain bikes from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape?
  4. Event Name: Around The Pot 100miler When: 18 July 2020 Where: Swellendam, Western Cape Category: MTB OVERVIEW & FACTS WHEN: Saturday 18 July 2020 FORMAT: Solo, Teams of 2, Teams of 3 and Teams of 4 ​​ ENTRY FEES FULL 200MILER/321KM COST: Solo - R900 Teams of 2 - R1700 Teams of 3 - R2550 Teams of 4 - R3400 FULL 100MILER/160KM COST: Solo - R700 Teams of 2 - R1300 Teams of 3 - R1950 Teams of 4 - R2600 60 MILER/98KM (SHORTCUT OVER THE FERRY) COST: Solo - R600 Teams of 2 - R1000 Teams of 3 - R1500 Teams of 4 - R2000 25 MILER/40KM (CHICKEN RUN) COST: Solo - R325 Teams of 2 - R550 Teams of 3 - R825 Teams of 4 - R1100 ​REGISTRATION FOR ALL 3 DISTANCES WILL BE IN THE AFTERNOON ON FRIDAY 17 JULY 2020 FROM 15:00 TO 21:00 OR ON SATURDAY MORNING BETWEEN 05h00 AND 06h30 ONLINE ENTRIES WILL CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY 15 JULY 2020 AT MIDNIGHT GOODIEBAGS ONLY FOR THE FIRST 500 ENTRIES THE RACE BRIEFING WILL BE AT THE START LINE 15min BEFORE THE RACE START. ALL FINISHERS WILL RECEIVE A RACE MEDAL AND A FINISH LINE HAMBURGER. AFTER RACE MASSAGES CAN BE PRE-BOOKED ON ENTRYNINJA @R100. ON THE DAY FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS @ R120 PRIZE-GIVING WILL BE AT 15:00 ON SATURDAY ​ WHERE All 4 races will start and finish at the Swellendam Showgrounds. GPS Coordinates: 34*1.683' S 20* 26.546 E Click on the 'Maps & Directions' icon above to see map and directions to Race Start ​ ON ROUTE & WATERPOINTS This route will mainly consist of fast flowing gravel/dirt roads through the rolling foothills of the Overberg. 200 Miler Riders (321km) will leave Swellendam at 00:00 (midnight) Friday evening and will reach Waterpoint 1 (50km) at about 02h00-03h00 200 MILERS 9x water points (of which 3 are official checkpoints) on route with water, energy drink and eats. (50km / 90km(CP1) / 127km / 170(CP2)km / 192km / 223km(CP3-ferry) / 257km/ 295km/308km) At Waterpoint 6 at Malagas (223km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with breakfast at Malagas and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. All other checkpoints will be included in your timing. At all checkpoint is where you will be able to meet your team support vehicle or support box. Teams without support vehicles will be able to collect their support boxes at the 3 checkpoints. Support boxes to be handed in by 21h00 on Friday. (3hours before start) Support boxes to be collected as from 18h00 Saturday afternoon Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Cut off time at the ferry (223km) 17h00 avg speed 13.2km/h Finish Line cut-off will be at 00h00 Saturday evening. (24hours) 100 Miler Riders (160km) will leave Swellendam at 7am and will reach Waterpoint 1 (35km) at about 08h00-9am 100 MILERS 6x water points on route with water, energy drink and eats.(35km/65km/100km/118km/130km/145km) At Waterpoint 3 at Malagas (100km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with lunch at Malagas and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. This is where you will meet your team support vehicle. Teams without support vehicles will be able to collect their support boxes at the water table. Support boxes to be handed in by 6:30am on raceday. Collect boxes from 3pm after the race. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Ferry cut off time at 100km 1:30pm avg speed 15.4km/h Finish Line cut-off will be at 6pm (11hours) 60Miler Riders (97km) will leave Swellendam at 7:30am and will reach Waterpoint 1 (35km) at about 9am 60 MILER 4x waterpoints (35km/48km/75km/85km) will be stocked with good fluid supplies and some scrumptious snacks. At Waterpoint 2 at Malagas (48km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with lunch and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. Unfortunately NO support boxes or Support vehicles for 60 MILER Riders. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. No support boxes allowed 25Miler Riders (40km) will leave Swellendam at 08:00 and will reach Waterpoint 1 (28km) at about 09h00 25 MILER 1x waterpoint on route (28km) will be stocked with good fluid supplies and some scrumptious snacks. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Unfortunately NO support boxes or Support vehicles for 25 MILER Riders. You will have 45 minutes to eat and cross the river. Any minutes more than 45 spent in the Malagas Neutral zone will be added to your race time. Kiddies area at the finish line! 200 Miler, 100 Miler and 60 Miler routes is Cyclo Cross/Gravel Bike Friendly. Please note this is an outdoor MTB gravel-road race. Please come prepared for all weather conditions. It can be nice and sunny, but also rainy and muddy. SUPPORTER INFO There will be a Support point for the at Malagas on the Western side of the Breede river just before you cross the FERRY. This will be a Neutral zone for Riders to enter for no longer than 45 minutes. Any minutes more than 45 spent in the Malagas Neutral zone will be added to your race time. Go to Event Page
  5. Hi y'all... I put together a video giving a bit of a run down on the process of adding GPS Overlays to a video. I set this up by first doing some color correction in Premiere, then exporting to Dashware (open source) and using the data collected form my Garmin 520, but uploaded to strava. Basically just exported the GPX file of the ride I wanted. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hi anyone heard of the pnarello mantha? advice whether to buy one requested
  7. So I’ve been riding my Merida for a couple of years now, Big Nine. Cassette needed replacing so i decided to try a budget 1x10 conversion as money is tight and i cant afford what i’d really like (any of the 96 DS models). I noticed my xt deore derrailleur was also shot once i started with the build, so that had to be replaced as well. Sunrace 11-46 10spd cassette from Evobikes = R795 Rapide derrailleur extender = R189 XT Deore derrailleur from Bike Addict = R595 Kmc chain from Evobikes = R400 Rapide 34 oval chainring = R595 SLX hollowtech crank from a fellow hubber and my riding partner (thanks TDFN aka DickieDQ!) =R0 Total = R2574 All in all it goes pretty awesome. Yet to test the limit of my pedaling power with the new granny ratio, but on paper it should just be ok. We will see at the K2C.
  8. Hi Last year I received a Bike for my 7-yr old son, which made me think about giving away bikes for others in need of one. I had a mountain bike that belonged to my eldest son, 18, who did not ride anymore. So I found a schoolboy who had to travel to school to give it to. Long story short. I wanted to do this again. So I gathered parts from friends. I have rear mechs and cassettes and a 26" wheel set and a 26" shock, 29" tires and mismatched pedals and some other parts. Hoping to build a bike from the unwanted parts of others. I got another bike together and a boy in our suburb took it out on a trail with me last weekend. I would like to build a bike for a friend though. He has been an amazing support to others although he earns mere peanuts. I was wondering if any of you have a similar desire and would like to build a bike or give away some parts to help me build a bike. He is 176 cm tall. I guess a medium to large frame would suit him well. I was hoping to build a 29er. If you are able to, please let me know. Thank you. Regards Michael
  9. Event Name: Express Petroleum Kwelera 2 Kei 2019 When: 23 November 2019 Where: Crossways Village - East Coast Resorts, East London, Eastern Cape Category: MTB SA's biggest FESTIVE MTB FUNRIDE. Relaxed 70km, East London to Kei Mouth. Plenty food, drinks & music along the route. After-party at Kei Mouth Go to Event Page
  10. Hi All, Here's a little video from the Indoor Bike Park in Strasbourg - The France... Such a fun place to escape the cold and work on skill progression... Next time we'll spend a bit more time in the foam pit when it's not so crowded with BMX Bandits...
  11. Hi everyone, just to let you know that B'sorah's MTB trails near Skeerpoort is open again to day visitors on Sundays to Fridays. We currently have a 18km and 26km trail, and some longer and shorter distances will be added soon to accommodate all types of riders. We also now have a shop and picnic area. Please park and pay at reception before starting your ride. For directions, visit our website at http://www.bsorah.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. Our website will be updated soon with info on the trails, but in the meantime please send us an email at info@bsorah.com if you need any more info. Hope we see you guys soon.
  12. Calculus Munga Built When you say you plan to ride the Munga, responses vary from “You’re crazy “to “Wow” or “That sounds painful” As a keen middle age amateur rider, the last statement might be the most accurate; so when I planned to be “crazy “for the third time this year, I decided from the start the “painful” part should be addressed as much as possible. When planning a bespoke Munga bike you need to look at the conditions you’ll be riding in most of the time. Over a 1000km race like the Munga you get a bit of everything, sand tracks, a few rocky single tracks and never-ending corrugations. You also have strong winds, night riding and sleep deprivation to contend with. Building a bike to handle the worst of these conditions was the starting point. I’m sure all Munga riders will agree the corrugations for hours on end is the worst. I’ve done the Munga both times on a duel suspension carbon bike. For 90% of races this is a perfect bike, responsive, light and with lots of suspension travel…just what you need for 10% of the Munga! So, let’s get to my Calculus Bike. What you need is a bike for the corrugations, wind and stable for those sleep deprived nights. Thinking a bit out of the box it was decided that you don't need a lot of suspension travel, you need volume in the tires and small bump compliance on the front and keeping it as light as possible. You have to consider the vibrations, which is a killer for the hands and tiring on the body. A slack Head Tube angle to keep the bike stable on those long straight stretches plus a variety of hand positions. Working together with Millar Nienaber from Calculus Bikes in Hermanus, the following were done: • First a custom geometry Titanium hardtail/gravel frame, designed to address vibrations. • Lauf fork at the front for small bump compliance and to keep the weight down. • 29” front carbon Nextie hoops with a 2.6 tire for lots of volume to protect the hands. • 27.5" back wheel with a 2.8 tire, again for maximum volume and also to keep the weight down. • Drop gravel handle bars for a variation of hand positions and riding on the drops for those head winds. • 5 water bottle cages on the frame and a frame bag for travel gear. I know a bike is like a saddle, what works for one may not work for another but thus far this one works great for me!
  13. Good afternoon Hubland! Is anyone doing this event? I had a chat with the organizer and she claims that the area where it's being held had some huge rains in the summers, so the roads that the route is going along is not really suited for gravel bikes anymore. Can anyone substantiate that claim? I dearly would like to do this race. It seems to be quite gravel friendly. https://www.highland100.co.za/
  14. Hi I'm planning on visiting Cairns in Australia for a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience hiring bicycles and/or riding trails in the Cairns area ? I spent a few weeks in Tenerife late last year, during which I hired two basic hard tails and cycled with my SO through the pine plantations. We alternated between MTB and diving on alternate days. It was awesome. I'm hoping to recreate that kind of experience in Australia. Any advice/ideas would be great. Thanks
  15. September 25th at 19:00 at Modderfontein Reserve! Has anyne done this before and if so how was it?
  16. The DRI (Dustin Rudman Invitational) was held this past weekend. Here's some footage of mine and others crashes, plus the prize giving. Enjoy!:
  17. Hi all, I recently received a Raleigh El Dorado Platinum Series MTB. Any idea what the exact model is? Thanks
  18. So here's a look at the new 139 Track for a light downhill race, called the Dustin Rudman Invitational, going down in Pretoria this coming weekend. This video is of a shuttle day we had had last Saturday to practice for the race. If you keen to enter, you can still do so on the day. Race is on 24 - 25 August 2019:
  19. Hi Hubbers! Our LE TOUR SALE is now in full swing! New products are added daily. Head over to https://www.evobikes.co.za/le-tour.html to see what is on sale!
  20. Hi all Im new to Mountain Biking and have my first event in November (200KM) looking to purchase one of the below and would really appreciate some advice on what one to get: Merida Big Seven 500 or Liv Tempt 1 2019 any advice welcome!
  21. Good morning Hubbers, Since I joined the gravel frat lately, I've been looking at gravel races to try out, and this seems to be first on the list. http://www.cycleevents.co.za/mtb-events/the-magalies-citrus-gravel-xpress-2019/ Who is joining for the gravel event?
  22. Is there anywhere in SA selling sensibly prices shoes for flat mtb pedals? I see things like the O'Neal Stinger and Ion Raid overseas for under R600.
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