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  1. Need to know which trail is safe to ride alone. There are too many trails, not too sure whereabout good to go and ride. Your feedback will be great.
  2. Hi guys, please can I get a bit of assistance, I have searched the forums, and whilst there is a lot of topics advising what pedals to buy, it is not the information I am looking for. Could anyone please (pictures would also help), explain to me the differences between certain types of pedals? e.g. Clipless shimano vs eggbeater and the like. I have been cycling now for a handful of months and feel like I am ready to move away from flats. Really appreciate the help. Edit: also what is the pro vs con about each could also help
  3. Hi everyone, I am riding in Clarens this weekend with two beginners. Does anyone have experience on a nice single track in the area? I'm allergic to endless dirt road slogging. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've got a mostly black mtb with red and white signage with a fork with black lowers. It's a 2013 Merida big nine 29er tfs500 that's got some scuff marks and spots where it seems as if the paint is very dull. I want to respray it at some stage, but what color/colors? I'm tempted on going completely matt black? Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. *EDIT* Updated the title to reflect more accurately, original Thread article can be found below. Kzn Gravity includes the following disciplines: Enduro, Gravity and Downhill. -- ORIGINAL: Yesterday marked the first KZN Gravity committee meeting. Anyone and everyone was welcome at Giba Gorge to discuss what 2018 meant for all disciplines that fall under the Gravity banner. The first big subject discussed: KZN MTB will no longer be supporting any Gravity style races at all. That's the bad news. KZN MTB have stated that they will be focusing on XC style as well as Gravel races. The good news? Well, there might be some, but it's going to be a very tough year for Downhill and enduro events held in KZN. KZN MTB put some funds aside for all Gravity based racing and gave it to some people to manage as a budget. So with that a new group has emerged: KZN Gravity. Anyone want to know more?
  6. I'd like this: https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/k-edge-gravity-cap-garmin-mount It's for an 820 Garmin, and I dont want to use the out front mount, and the little mount and rubber band solution doesn't work on my stem (short and fat). But dang... 500 bucks for that? No other solutions or brands that are cheaper?? Or should I just *** and betaal?
  7. Hey guys, I am undertaking my first "From the ground up" bike build and I need some help regarding this build. I have purchased (currently waiting for arrival) a Ragley Big Wig XL frame. This frame uses Boost rear spacing and has a 73mm BSA Shell for the BB At the moment I am looking at which components I can, should and should not transfer from my old bike. Right now it's pretty much just the drivetrain I'm having trouble with. I have a 2013 Scott Scale 940 which has the XT 3x10 Drivetrain (Shimano XT FC-M780 Hollowtech 2) and a 68mm BB Shell. On the new bike I want to convert to 1x??. My options are: Buy a new Groupset, cranks and BB Buy Used Groupset and cranks, new BB Convert my XT 3x10 to 1x10 (So that I can upgrade later)(Is this even possible??) If I go for Opt 1 and buy new, what would you guys recommend I buy? I was thinking: SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 Upgrade KitLyne / Rapide Crankset (With their accompanying BB's)If I go for Opt 2, have you got any advice as per what to look out for to make sure that whatever I buy is compatible with my frame? If I go for Opt 3 and convert my 3x10 here are my questions: If I just put the single 30T Chainring onto my 3x crank, how do I ensure the chainline is correct and works with my 10spd casette on the boost rear hub?How do I know if my existing crank works with a new BB that will fit the 73mm Shell?I'm assuming that the currently installed 68mm BB won't work on the new frame since it has a 73mm BB ShellGeneral Notes: There is no overall budget for this build, i'm building it over time and want to finish at the beginning of April. Everything I buy must be best bang for buck kind of range, or slightly higher-end.If you guys recommend something higher because you have more experience than I do in this field, just tell me. I'm totally novice at this building thing, but very excited about it and I really need the help!From your guys experience, is there any component/s or items that I must not overlook and forget about IE: Cables and such?? Thanx guys. Bennie
  8. Hi all Is anyone able to give me some details on downhill trails in and around Cape Town? I'm pretty new to the area and don't know many peeps involved. Thanks in advance. G
  9. Hi Gents, About to take the plunge and get myself a good Dual-sus XC bike. I cant seem to decide between Giant and Merida's 2018 carbon models. I have narrowed down to the below: Giant Anthem Adv Pro 1 (2018): Got a deal for about R55k, retailing for R61k-R65k Merida 96 9 7000 (2018): there's a special for R49k, and retails for about R60k-R68k. Spec links below: Giant: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-advanced-pro--29er--1-2018 Merida: https://www.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/full-suspension/cross-country-marathon/2018/ninety-six-7000-8895.html Given that the Merida is at least R5000 cheaper at the moment, will this be the better deal? Or would the Giant be that much more worth it? Any other spec differences to consider? Thanks, Simba
  10. Rapidé TR27-27 Trail Racer Wheelset 650b I was looking for a new wheelset for my bike and came across the Rapidé website, I saw the wheels posted a few times on Bikehub. I could not find out much about them other than what was on the website. So after a lot of questions to them on their web chat, I decided to go for it and buy a set. Firstly I need to make it clear that I am in no way receiving any benefits from Rapidé whatsoever and I bought the wheels at their marketed prices, nor do I have any vested interest with them. This review is completely independent. That out the way, Wayne advised me that the best set for my bike would be the 27mm internal rims as I also purchased the Maxis Minion DHF & DHR from them. Payment was made and within a short time I had the courier knocking on my door with my new wheels all neatly boxed up. First impressions Out the box they were solid and very well built, rim tape and valves included. The rims are solid and have a deep bead to grip the tyres. The hubs are their own branded version of the Novatec D791SB/D792SB hubs with their spec of bearings etc. Novatec hubs have been around for ages and are well known. Nice solid little workhorses. They also come in thru axle and QR so will fit any non boost bike. (Rapidé also have a boost hub available) Fitting So rim tape and valves already fitted, all that was needed was to fit the tyres and throw in some sealant. The tyres fit very snug and the beading grips them very well. They went on well with a quick blast on the compressor and a loud pop. No issues whatsoever. The free hub was a perfect fit for the Shimano SLX 11 sp cassette and for the SRAM people there is a compatible free hub for you too. These guys really have thought of everything. Wheels fitted (Pyga Pascoe 140 650b), I headed off to my favourite trails at Karkloof. It is important to note that I am a very average rider who tends to crash his way through things than float over the top. In other words, I’m hard on my wheels. Now for those of you who ride at Karkloof you will know the trails I’m mentioning are relatively technical and pretty tough on wheels and tyres alike. On the Trails The first trail was The Batchelor which was part of last year’s Enduro stage. With my crash through riding and poor line selection, a few drop offs and rock gardens and a jump line later, I survived and the wheels performed well. Nice and stiff and a feeling of control through my chaos. Next up was Sid Vicious, an appropriately named trail. This trail is just one long rock garden from top to bottom. It has challenging lines and a great place to rip a tyre and buckle a rim. Again the wheels just did their job without any hassles. This is a wheelset review, but oh my how well the Maxis Minions performed. Because of the deep bead on the rims, I was able to run the tyres at 1.5bar through this trail with no burps or issues. The last torture trail was the recently opened Puff Adder Pass. This is one tough trail with very little time to get any momentum, its pedal all the way up, down, up and through one rock garden after the next. Again a flawless performance from the wheels. I also spent my December leave riding most of the other trails at Karkloof the wheels held up well, rolled smoothly and always engaged when required. All in all I must say, for the price point vs quality and functionality, you won’t find too many better deals on the market. As you can see from the bike I ride weight is not an issue when you ride technical trails and have all your fun downhill. I would recommend these wheels if you are like me who does not have deep pockets but loves to ride. It would be good to see future reviews on these wheels from other riders who have them. To see the specs check out their website www.rapide.co.za. The fast and friendly service is an absolute pleasure work with.
  11. I remain surprised at the low frequency of events listed on Bikehub and believe more shouldbe done to attract event organizers to get involved. Looking at some other event pages the listings here seems too low. For such a popular website amongst us bikers this surely should receive more focus?
  12. Hi my name is Rob. I am a cyclist based in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. I am looking for riding/training partners for either road or mountain or both in and around the Southern peninsula/Southern suburbs. The only catch is due to a busy workday I ride early mornings leaving 5 back by 7 or so. I am more than happy to leave earlier if need be and meet up with you somewhere more convenient. I guess I average about 25-26km/h on road bike with climbs included. Can easily handle a bit more and am super relaxed about riding with slower people but faster or equal is ideal. Weekends we can ride at a more sensible hour! I enjoy riding road, love riding mountain, climbing is awesome, I am a bit slow on single track as I am rather new to the sport. Hoping to do rides of about 50-60km during week or hill sprints and repeats. Weekend longer rides are awesome! If anyone knows of groups or people who ride those kinds of times I would love to hear of them. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Cheers Rob
  13. When planning our trip to Knysna about 2 weeks after the devastating fires of June 2017, we struggled to find information about the trails after the fires. Even in the town, we found differing opinions on the conditions of the trails. We have now ridden some of the trails and, amazingly, most of the trails actually escaped damage. Here is what we found: Harkerville: The yellow, blue and green routes are rideable. The red route is closed but you can still get a decent ride in by combining the blue and green route. On the green route you do go through areas that are completely burnt out (but rideable) and even in the forests on the blue route we came across the odd burnt out tree. Areas near the coast are where the damage is. Homtini: After driving through complete burnt out moonscapes, the Homtini trail is is unscathed and sheer pleasure to ride. Well worth the drive out. Petrus Se Brand: Not ridden yet but apparently unscathed. Garden Route Trail Park: Still on the agenda but apparently unscathed. Not ridden, hopefully others can add for Kom Se Pad and Concordia Road (apparently rideable but lots of damage along the way)
  14. Its not about the destination, its about the journey... The Why The Free State province is rarely explored by mountain bikers from outside the province, as it mainly serves as a stop and go or a quick visit to family when passing through to the mountains on the other side. We decided to tackle the Xhariep region as this is where most of the unexplored routes are found. The desire to ride from Dam to Dam has always been an exciting yet daunting thought, until we decided to man up and just do it. We created the Trans Xhariep experience as it will prove to be one of the toughest races in the Free State Province, as well as one of the most rewarding accomplishments you will ever try to achieve. Who’s up for a proper Free State Ride? 3 March 2018 Ultra Team - 310km Relay Team - 310km Lite Solo - 145km Gariep Dam - Vanderkloof Dam - Gariep Dam Http://www.transxhariep.co.za
  15. A while ago I posted a thread about my 1995 Kona Explosif. I have had the bike for a few years and tried a few different builds and finally settled for a "Retro-Mod" build which is basically a retro frame with modern components. The one issue that bugs me with such a build is the frames inability to mount disc brakes. This meant that I had a V-Brake at the back and a disc at the front. Not exactly elegant. Some might call it a "Mullet." I looked at getting a mount welded on but decided against it as the cost would be rather high in comparison to the frames value. Also, I might want to restore the bike to a period correct build in the future. I looked at bolt on adapters but they are few and far between and the ones that are available dont look very good. They look flimsy or are suited to chunckier aluminium frames. Eventually I decided to try make my own. As Jeremy Clarkson always says "How hard can be?" It also helps that I work in engineering and have access to some pretty cool design tools. Step one was getting a 3D model of my frame. I stripped off a few components and "scanned" the frame using a very high resolution GOM 3d metrology scanner. This gave me a very accurate 3D model to design the disc adapter around. Next I used Inventor CAD software to design a bracket that is simple to manufacture, relatively light yet strong. Its very similar to an idea Specialized had to retrofit discs to some of their old bikes called a "Sharkfin" Its not as elegant looking but I wanted it to be simple and cheap to manufacture. I did a bit of FEA on the bracket to check its strength. To be honest I have no idea what sort of forces a typical disc brake generates but can tell you that if bike designers used my assumed forces bikes would have a lot more material around the drop out. Finally I had it manufactured and fitted it. I did modify it a little by drilling a hole to cable tie the brake hose. Otherwise it fitted perfectly. Only issue is I discovered the caliper was leaking mineral oil all over the disc and pads so I haven't had a chance to test it. Its at the LBS getting sorted and hope to take it for a proper test this weekend.
  16. So I have been wondering and looking on the hub, but did not find a place where the conversation was around the enjoyment of the different cycling disciplines. There is lots of comments and jokes between the disciplines, but I am more curious on what the attraction is of the different one. For example road cycling, what is it about it that appeals so much to all the roadies, is it the speed, the reliance of the group / pelaton, the distance covered, the constant smashing it on the road with few "easy" km. But I realised there are a number of disciplines and each must have their own unique selling points (and would hope the conversations stays with the positives of each and not why the one is better than the other (for that I can watch the rap battle again ) Track (Sprint / Endurance) Road (Single-day bicycle race / Time trial / Stage races / Ultramarathon) Cyclo-cross MTB (XC / All-mountain/Enduro / Downhill / Dirt Jumping / Trail riding / Marathon / etc.)
  17. After three amazing but challenging years of documenting South Africa's finest trails, the Trail Daze project has punched its final ticket. From Cape Town to KZN, we've travelled the country to try and bring justice to the countless hours of physical labour and vision by trail builders and riders alike. Behind the scenes, it's a bumpy and sometimes messy process to produce each episode, but the ice cold beers, braais, banter, and good times afterwards always wins. Great friendships were formed and lots of lessons learnt, and without the support of the amazing sponsors and trail riders in South Africa, this project would never have been possible. For that, I'm incredibly grateful, and I hope that this project has inspired you to go out and shred some trails. Giveaway: Be sure to cast your vote in the poll HERE to stand a chance of winning a signed Volume 2 Trail Daze photobook. Competition ends on 31 December 2017 at 12pm. Trail Daze | Cape Town - Part 2 It’s absolutely amazing that these trails have been opened up recently. Being able to shoot out for a quick shred around Lions Head and the Glen to ride and test new product is a dream for us as a mountain bike company! Throw in some of the sharpest rocks in the region, rad turns in the Glen, a top-class sunset as well as your choice of restaurants/bars at the bottom of the hill, and you've got yourself a great place to ride. Mark Hopkins Get all the info and the full photo epic here. Trail Daze | Witfontein If you looked at a map of the trails around Witfontein, you'd probably give it a miss and go and ride elsewhere. You would certainly be making a mistake in doing so! They only cover a small area but every trail is an absolute gem. Multiple lined rock gardens, punchy corners, poppy roots, and beautifully shaped jumps will mean you'll want to ride all day long in this little patch of paradise. Daniel Dobinson | iRideAfrica Get all the info and the full photo epic here. Trail Daze | Jungle fever in the Garden Route The Garden Route Trail Park is definitely a must if you're going anywhere up the coast. I'm lucky enough to visit the park frequently and it's definitely on the favourites list. The trails vary from deep, dark, and dense forests with big bomb holes and tight branches, to open grasslands with amazingly flowy trails. I love riding here because of the natural forest that just makes you forget about the world for a few hours. And it's always nice to finish with a few pump track laps and a good coffee. Matt Lombardi Get all the info and the full photo epic here. Trail Daze | Fatbiking the Garden Route The South African coast is scattered with small interesting towns which are often missed when using a car, I can see this being one of many fat trekking trips to come in the future. A great way to spend three days. We were blessed with amazing weather and got to see some epic scenery along with lots of childish banter and post ride beer drinking. It was a real eye opener to see how easy it is to trek along our coastline taking only the bare necessities and a bank card. Dayle Holmes Get all the info and the full photo epic part 1 here. Get all the info and the full photo epic part 2 here. Trail Daze | Jonkershoek Revisited I remember it started in 2012 with Fanie, Harry, and I on a ride in Karkloof. Fanie and I were sitting at the top of a road gap after descending some trail, quietly staring for some time at the view then he said, "I think you should come and build in Jonkers". They returned home to Stellenbosch and a few months later I was in conversation with Bobby and Bennet about coming down for a few weeks to build trails. Immediately I was drawn to this area - the natural features that stood out, the carves and textures of the land. That place has a powerful presence about it that humbles you very quickly. Jonkers is not a place you just pop into scratch a trail in and pop out. You have to take the time to walk and scout and really get a feel for where the trail is going because of the features, and also visually what the area offers and the feel it has. Like where there is a little stream flowing by with some incredible vegetation that attracts the sounds of the wild life. I often think of it, you probably wouldn't find yourself on this piece of the mountain if it wasn't for the trail taking you there. Hylton Turvey Get all the info and the full photo epic here. Trail Daze | Karkloof Revisited Karkloof is home for me. I was born and raised here and still live here today. I can remember from a young age going on adventures into the mountains with my parents. Having that wide open space to explore with no real boundaries and living on our small farm played a huge part in the creative side of mountain biking for me. We didn't have a trail or features to ride so we had to build it or you rode something raw as it lay. My friend and I rode BMX and my dad helped us push some soil on the farm to build jumps. Every day after school we would be building and just as the sun sets we would ride as the jumps faced into the sunset, that went on for a few years. I'd still join my dad on some of his outrides into the mountains with no real purpose-built trail at the time just exploring on bikes. Hylton Turvey Get all the info and the full photo epic here. Giveaway: Be sure to cast your vote in the poll HERE to stand a chance of winning a signed Volume 2 Trail Daze photobook. Competition ends on 31 December 2017 at 12pm. A massive thank you must go out to all the riders that have been involved over the years. Without you bringing the action, hitting a section 'just one more time', and enduring the rain, heat & wind, there wouldn't be any episodes today. In order of appearance, they are: Daniel Dobinson Matthieu Hamel Rupert von Tutschek Harry Millar Rolfe van Breda Mark Hopkins Tyrone van Rooyen Pieter Henning Romain Belaud Bennet Nel Myles Kelsey Matt Lombardi Hayden Brown Chris Pearton Julien Louw Kath Fourie Tim Bentley Mark Millar Simone Futter Joanna Dobinson Rika Olivier Andrew Neethling Jonty Neethling Dayle Holmes Danie du Toit Andrew Savage Roman Kumpers Hylton Turvey Travis Browning Sam Bull All images by Ewald Sadie www.esphotography.co.za instagram: @ewaldsadie
  18. Looking back at the best of Trail Daze 2017, and the wrap of a three year long passion project. Click here to view the article
  19. So the name says enough! I'm Still building my Lux CF and will post as soon as the Shimano XT 2 x 11 is fitted Here is my frame
  20. Hi everyone, I'll be in Cape Town from the 9th -16th of December. I am looking for early morning group rides, either road or MTB. Anything from 2-4 hours or even the odd 5-6h edurance ride. Please drop a pm or a whatapp on 082 222 6272 for any info. Thanks a lot. Markus
  21. So a few months ago my brother noticed a crack on his frame, at first he thought it was a paint crack but as he rode it more it grew in size and after a few rides he could see the inside of the crack bending the chain-stay slightly inward. Long story short he scraped the frame ,because he bought it secondhand. And I decided to have a shot at repairing the bike. I also thought about writing a long term review as how the repairs hold up and the whole repair process from start to finish. I will do all the repairs myself so I will also share some of the lessons learnt through the process. The bike will become my commuter bike later on ,but more about that later.
  22. Rumour has it The Glen might receive a dumbed-down makeover for the 2018 Cape Epic prologue? Can anyone confirm this? This year's Epic saw unskilled riders at Hoogekraal Gorge Trail hurt themselves badly and if you compare The Gorge to The Glen the wipeouts will be far worse if The Glen is not dumbed-down. Cape Epic, please refrain from dumbing down and ruining a spectacular gem of a trail. One prologue is not worth destroying something that’s been rad for years. Keep your riders safe and rather consider diverting them down the tarmac.
  23. Howzit guys, I am seeking advice in regards to a new wheelset. Quick background on my scenario: "So I have a 2014 Scott Scale 940 running the factory Syncros XC39 wheels. A few months ago I noticed play on my cassette. Ignored and continued to ride. Late September I took my bike in to check out the rear hub. The bearings got replaced and the hub is a bit smoother, but there is still play on the cassette and a roughness which can be felt on the chainstay when freeing. Was told to replace the hub with a new one and to rebuild the wheel." My options which I have in mind: 1.) Replace only the rear wheel (because there is nothing wrong with the front wheel - still running perfectly) 2.) Replace the whole wheelset 3.) Replace the hub (Shimano Deore FH-M615) and rebuild the wheel My problem is with the above options is will it be even worth it to invest in a good quality wheelset or rear wheel? Because if I upgrade later on, the next bike will most probably have a TA (through axle) system. While my Scale 940 is only QR front and rear. Yeah, I know I can buy a conversion kit, but still. Would it be worth it to rebuild a new hub on a three-year-old wheelset? The last option would be the most cost-effective option compared to the other two. I am not a serious racer, but I would categorize myself as a serious amateur and I love climbing. I ride about 150km plus each week with 2000 to 3000m of climbing. Now a lighter rear wheel/wheelset would be greatly appreciated. But then again, 90% lies in the legs. I am a student, so I would like to make a wise decision before spending any money because I would not be able to replenish it quickly. My budget is R4000. Thanks. André
  24. Hi Guys I recently started a YouTube channel (ChrisCrossZA) dedicated to the love of 2 wheels. The idea is to put cycling videos on of rides, gear and track reviews, cycle vs. cycle, and anything else related to riding . There is already some GoPro footage uploaded (including a little crash) for your viewing pleasure... Please feel free to give any ideas or requests for videos here... It is in no way a professional channel, and is just for the fun and love of the sport!!! PS: the channel link is: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCggzFnHCNR5GKbbgXfpfBRA Oh, the pic below is just a dedication to #teamNSPCA and their dedication to raising funds for animals in need.
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