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Found 25 results

  1. So what do you all think the chances are of Zwift doing a CTCT route or something along those lines? Chappies, Suikerbossie, Ou Kaapse Weg, things like that? Question is purely because its New York, Stuttgart, London, Harrogate and Watopia...would be nice to see something in the Southern Hemisphere, closer to home!
  2. CANSA Active would like to invite you to Ride for a Purpose at the 94.7. We are a registered charity that you can join on the day! For more information contact lvanzyl@cansa.org.za, 083 373 9818 Looking forward to hearing from you! CANSA 94.7 Add.pdf
  3. Hi guys, I am registered for the 94,7 this year. Last year I tore the ligaments in my foot 2 weeks before the 94,7 so I did not ride it and I fell out of tune with cycling slightly, I haven't done any races this year, just a couple of 100 km training rides, The last ride was probably 3 months back I do a twice a week spin session at the gym, and general weight exercises. My last 94,7 was in 2016 with a time of 3:40 Any thoughts as to how I can train for next months ride/race with only 35 days to go? Thanks Yours sincerely A stressed out cyclist
  4. Hi all, I'm sure it's been asked before but: Does anyone know where I can borrow or hire a tandem for 97,4? Really don't want to buy one for one race but me and my partner would love to have the experience of doing the race on a tandem! Any advice or a hubber willing to rent out their beloved 4 pedal, would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi All, I have a family member that expressed interest in doing and completing the 94.7 road race in 2018. The family member does take part in crossfit, but no cardio exercises as far as I'm aware. If they are to be fit enough by November 2018 for a 95km ride, what sort of training would you all advise to get them from 0 to 100km rides? I'll be doing the ride with them, probably on my mountain bike with slicks as motivation probably, but they will also be doing it on a 3x7 shimano altus hardtail- is this being unrealistic in terms of equipment and time?
  6. As per the Carnival City Macsteel National Classic thread there are a fair few guys that said they were interested in learning to be a better road cyclist . A few of the more experienced / talented / stronger riders have expressed a willingness to help us not so experienced learn the ropes and become stronger and more importantly astute riders that can read the conditions and know how to ride them to our strengths . Wish i started this thread a good few weeks ago so we could of got together a band of riders for the 94.7 . With it being such an iconic race with such fanfare and great atmosphere it would of been 1st prize. Not sure if it's complelty outside the realms of possibility,but would be very keen to hear anyone's thoughts and constructive criticism. This is not for anyone who wants a free ride and is just in it for self gain and free ride. This to learn the ropes that has taken these guys years of hard racing to learn and that they will generously pass on to the willing to learn. I for one only know one way to race all or nothing and I am a complete road noob with only 5 races to date.. Yes it has cost me ,but as the saying goes . Win it or bin it . Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through what I do during a race,but the self gratification at the end is always worth for me,no matter how much I suffer during a race and believe me I do. Probably coz I know f all about racing and how to pace myself .Hence this thread . So let's see who's in and even if this idea is feasible. I have added something that fat boab posted in the i-team thread which are all valid points and things to consider . Last year most of us meet at one of the circles within Riversands. This worked pretty well, but even then some people still couldn't find a group of 20+ with cable-tie/yellow dots protruding from their helmets! The biggest issue was moving through to the pens to try and get near the front. This split us into several smaller groups. Thereafter we lost people on Pooks as thedisparate groups didn't know who was ahead or behind as we moved through the crowds, so some people rode ahead, never to be seen again!. A decent sub-group formed on Summit, because we slowed right down to let people catch up, and thereafter we rode together, more or less, through to the M1 turn-off at which point, I let go of the elastic! From memory, suggestions from last year's experience: 1. Don't let the group get too big as its difficult to manage. 2. The group needs to understand what its goal is, and everyone buy in. That's likely to mean some people will get carried, at times, and some people will do the carrying, at times. It's about sharing the work, not wheel-sucking. 3. Practice patience. It's tempting to ride on when the group is waiting for lost riders, but odds are you'll appreciate those lost riders later when your match-box is getting empty. Besides it's fun to ride as a group, and if possible finish with some team mates. See 2 above! 4. Cable-ties/dots etc certainly helps in spotting the team. If this can be improved on, then do it. 5. My view: accept where the group can get in the start pen, as a complete group, even if it's not at the front. Better to start together, to stay together...Besides last year's banter in the pen with other I-Teamers was classic! 6. Don't be afraid to politely ask randoms you will attract to sit at the back, if they're not going to do some work. Alternatively invite randoms to join! We had a passenger who joined us for a bit on the ride to the M1 and we had a lekker chat! All part of the day. 7. We'd planned to equip a sweeper with a whistle to let the train know when to pull, or slow. In the end we didn't do this, but I have to say some audible alert would have helped us know where each other was when moving through crowds: bells? There was an oke in a group on the Jock this year who kept shouting RIDE, RIDE, RIDE. A little annoying at the time, but I knew where he was at all times and I wasn't even part of his group! 8. If possible, do some training rides together to practice pace lines etc. Yes that's difficult to do on open roads, but even a one-off training ride is likely to help, and you get to say howzit ahead of time. Just my $0.02..... Relying on faster riders dropping back to do the lion's share of pulling is unlikely to work. Better to be self-succiei
  7. I have always enjoyed the Hub, and the variety of interests and the various thread topics is something to be admired. HOWEVER, the way the guys/gals come together to work towards a outcome is worthy of praise!! Without trying to cut out the angelic work done from time to time, of which the newest thread is run by 2Bliss (https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169450-please-help-a-preemie/page-6?hl=pre&do=findComment&comment=3180134), here's a breakdown of the fund raisers riding the 94.7. *Disclaimer, by no means is this a closed list. But merely the ones I found on a quick search. Please add as you come across them. PS. Personally I am riding for the Bulldog Rescue Angels Telkom 947 Challenge: Bulldog Rescue Angels https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/168207-telkom-947-challenge-bulldog-rescue-angels/ Ride the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge for Ruth First Memorial Trust (Jeppe High School for Girls)https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/167860-ride-the-telkom-947-cycle-challenge-for-ruth-first-memorial-trust-jeppe-high-school-for-girls/ SPCA - an EASY sms is needed...please help...?!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169161-spca-an-easy-sms-is-neededplease-help/ Ride the 947 for Barking Armyhttps://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169393-ride-the-947-for-barking-army/ Need riders for 94.7 charity https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169591-need-riders-for-947-charity/ Cycling the 947 for underprivileged students-make a small contribution and get a FREE repair stand!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169609-cycling-the-947-for-underprivileged-students-make-a-small-contribution-and-get-a-free-repair-stand/?source=lfp
  8. Dear Fellow Hubsters, Unfortunately I won't be able to participate in the 94.7 this Sunday due to kidney stones. The buggers showed up without warning this past Saturday, resulting in a visit to the hospital and naturally, my withdrawal from the 94.7 cycle challenge. Is there anyone who would like to enter but missed the cut-off date/time? My entry is available for purchase. It cost me R650 for my late entry, but will cost you an additional R150 for a substitute ride. Taking this into consideration - I will accept offers from R500 to assist you. Please comment or contact me on 084-549-6526 if interested. First come, first serve. Regards, Jonty
  9. shaper

    Telkom 94.7

    So I see Telkom are the new sponsors of the 94.7 http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/
  10. Unfortunately I had a small altercation with a car that did not see me a few weeks back which has resulted in a broken collar bone and cracked sholder blade. As such my entries for the Amashova and 94.7 Cycle Challange are up for grabs Free to a good home
  11. Fellow Hubbers This is a plea to join my ex-School's charity bond, Friends for Life (F4L) for the 94.7 cycle challenge on 15/11. Attached is their mailer. F4L has done sterling work over the years and 94.7 was a much needed boost to the empty coffers. But they’ve only got 8 cyclists registered so far, and need 20 by 27th August to be able to register as a charity bond! Even if you're already registered, you can still convert to this - let me know if you need assistance with that. We all know how important education is to get our country firing on all cylinders, so this is the right kind of charity! I'll be missioning up from Durban, so Durbs riders, we can make a plan with logistics! Thanks so much, Tej
  12. Date: 16 November 2014 Route: www.cyclechallenge.co.za/LatestNews/20140623new-venue-new-route-same-challenge Route video: http://garyvdm.co.za/routes/94.7/ http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/ TheHubSA start group list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtpqXPqDsJOMdGlPMWE2UUU3N1JxVkxKVlhfYjdzamc
  13. hi what do you guys recon i should use on my single speed road bike ? 42x16 or 42x17 ? http://2share.co.za/Files/42x16.JPG http://2share.co.za/Files/42x17.JPG and this is the bike i will be doing it on http://2share.co.za/Files/bb97f4be-e819-46ac-9af5-0a5cf47152ba20140815_165121.jpg
  14. I was riding from the finish to Fourways mall after 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I spotted a Guy riding a racing bike, not in Lycra, with the saddle too high for him swerving around. I chased him down and as I caught him, he stoped. I first took a pics of him and the bike. I asked him if it was his bike, he replied it was his brothers. I told him I did not believe him and tried to take the bike from him. He got aggressive with me, so I backed off. He then headed in to a construction site. I felt a bit useless, and was really hoping for some back up from the people sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic, but non came :-( I'm kicking my self for not taking a pic of the racetec chip which would have enabled me to trace down the owner, but my brain was not working so well after pushing hard in the race. Please can anyone identify the model of the bike so that I can put it in the topic title.
  15. Looking for partners to ride the 2014 94.7 on any Single Speed with me. Although it might seem crazy - I know that it can be done. I have set it as a personal challenge, though if the opportunity presents itself, it can be turned into a charity event. Anybody interested? I am aiming to ride my daily commuter road SS.
  16. I was in an accident this weekend and I am no longer able to do the 94.7. Is it still possible to sell my entry?
  17. Hiya We have space for a rider an bike (4 bike trailer) to 94.7. Leaving Pietermaritzburg on Friday the 14th (prob) an back after the race. Haven't worked out pricing yet an May be able to arrange accomm at a friends too PM me if keen
  18. Anyone else got the "no entry found" ? When I try to download my seeding info from the 94.7 website, it says Sorry no entry found....
  19. I have a 94.7 entry for sale. Today is the final day for subs. Contact me on 0761916551.
  20. Good day all, We run a charity group called Cancer Clowns. We ride for the sole purpose of showing people that odds can be beaten, and the cancer can also be beaten with the same attitude. Money that is collected go directly towards Cancer SA. We do not ask anything to ride for our group. we only ask that you ride in our shirt which is R364.80 incl vat. Please help us in getting more riders to join our group. Contact me if you want to join. thanks
  21. This may already be out ther, but naturaly I cannot find it. Does anybody have the split times for a sub 3 hour race at the 94.7 cycle challange and the amashove clasic race. thanks
  22. Hi Everyone I am currently looking for advise on a road bike. I am first timer to cycling and want advise on the size of the bike I need. I am 1.94m tall so what would be the ideal length size for me and what's a good start bike. I have a tight budget so what must I look for brand wise and price. Other thing is does anyone have a training programme I can follow as I would like to do 94.7 in November. I did my first spin class this morning and was thinking of doing 2 a day morning and evening and the ride on the open road over weekends on a Saturday will this be enough prep? Any advise would be appreciated thanks for the help regards Courtney
  23. Join the fight and help create awareness for mental health in South Africa. Help by donating or by becoming an activist. Go to Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge - SA Federation for Mental Health All funds raised will be donated to the South African Federation for Mental Health (SAFMH), more information on this non-profit organization can be found on their website at: http://gigaf.org/1riiBEp. Activists will also have to opportunity to ride the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge for this cause. If however you're worried about your start time, you will be welcome to start the race in your seeded group while sporting the SAFMH apparel. Riders wanting to join the cause can e-mail me at: dihandem@gmail.com and I will assist you. If you have any doubts whether this is a legitimate cause feel free to check out the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge website (http://gigaf.org/1r7XxD5) and verify that the cause is registered. Alternatively you can contact the SAFMH (http://gigaf.org/1riiBEr) or the 94.7 Race Office directly (http://gigaf.org/1r7XxD9)
  24. Please join our charity bond in riding for a purpose in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge on 16 November. For more info, please email willene@ifaasa.co.za. Hope to see you there!!! Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge - Webpage.pdf
  25. Does anyone have any information on how to go about registering a charity for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. How does the whole process work in terms of raising funds etc? I have a friend who runs a facility for orphaned kids and has a group of people who would be keen to support the cause through the 94.7.
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