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Found 8 results

  1. The joy of cycling atop a Basso is quite similar to the joy derived from driving... it’s all about the ride quality... which is made up of equal parts handling, reactivity, speed, comfort and control. The Palta was engineered to incorporate that same excellent ride quality, without compromise, to cover surfaces of all types, thus allowing cyclist to ride better, riding Basso, anywhere. Taking that performance oriented yet extremely versatile Palta platform and adding a powerful electric motor brings Basso ride quality to an even larger audience. The Volta brings #ridebetterridebasso capability not only for anywhere but for anyone. This is not your average, relaxed, take it easy e-bike but rather a performance platform fully capable of adapting to all situations. Add watts or add volts, it’s still cycling and it has never been this fun or for such a wide audience. The Volta adds electric power pedal assist to a platform capable of offering the best in terms of ride quality in any situation. The extremely sophisticated Polini motor has the power to flatten even the steepest climb, its 500Wh battery ensures that the extra boost is available on even the longest rides. Go big or go home, if you want assistance it should be powerful, a push, not a nudge. The Volta packs the power and durability to go hard and go long at the same time. Average bikes have average motors, Basso bikes pack the heat. The Volta’s motor boasts one of the best power to weight ratios in the industry (2.8kg motor) and it has one of the strongest VERIFIED torque outputs in existence. (70Nm) The 250 watt (500watt max output) motor coupled with long range battery is capable of offering significant assistance for up to 220km, more than enough to keep going strong for those long days in the saddle. The frame design of the Volta resembles the Palta not only in form but also in function. Handmade, just like the Palta and with the same premium carbon, it is designed to mimic as closely as possible the performance of its muscle powered sibling. The Volta shares a similar geometry as well, ensuring a comfortable yet performance- minded stance. However, as the electronic assist platform produces an entirely different demand on the frame a different internal structure and layup pattern were necessary. The engineering staff sought to develop the lightest structure that could guarantee the same Basso reliability for which the Italian brand has been well-known throughout its history. Considering its off-road capabilities in addition to the extreme forces that derive from the Polini motor a total system weight of 16,5kg makes for an engineering feat in its own right. Additionally, keeping weight relatively low adds an extra level of versatility as the VOLTA need not be ridden entirely with additional power support, thus allowing the rider to choose when and how to ride. It’s an e-bike when you want it to be, but not, when you don’t. It is Palta, with an E, for added versatility. Add watts or add volts, it’s still cycling and it has never been this fun or for such a wide audience. Not only does the new Volta add power to the most versatile platform in the history of Basso but it makes it even more versatile. V for versatile, V for Volta, the platform that easily adapts that it is better described as three bikes in one. With road tires the Volta is a force to be reckoned with on the asphalt, offering the same great handling, maneuverability and reactivity as is customary with Basso’s race-winning road offerings. A simple change of tires and that on-road speed-demon becomes an all-road adventure machine. Quickly add carriage racks thanks to the Volta’s threaded bolt.... and your daily commute either just got a lot faster or a lot easier...or both. Local Availability and PricingThe Basso Volta will be limited to the Apex 1 Gravel build in South Africa. The Apex 1 build will retail for R115,000 with a carbon wheelset and R95,000 with an alloy wheelset. Contact Bike Mob for enquires.
  2. In order to render the tried and trusted performance of the Palta available to a wider audience the Tera takes on a price conscious yet technologically advanced design to bring Basso gravel capabilities to all. tera, meaning earth/ dirt/ground in Veneto dialect, applies knowledge gained from the Palta experience, incorporating a healthy dose of Palta DNA and adding significant new technology for a Palta based platform that goes well beyond. Like disco music, heavy metal is dead. It is the age of carbon and aluminium and Basso have seen fit to put the two together in an effort to create a platform that celebrates the performance qualities and advantages relative to both materials. The first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance oriented gravel solution on the market combines an aluminium front triangle with a carbon fibre rear triangle. While it might seem as if similar construction has been seen on the road in the past, the tera’s construction is quite unique as it provides an ingenious and lightweight solution for suspension. The front triangle is made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminium to ensure maximum power transfer where it counts while keeping weight low. The carbon fiber rear triangle on the other hand is bonded directly to the bottom bracket area and via advanced layup technique, form and geometry ensure both an efficient structure as well as extremely compliant vertical flex. the fixed pivot design allows for up to 8 mm of flex while remaining extremely efficient in terms of power transfer. The advantages of the fixed-pivot, semi-suspension carbon rear triangle pairs well with the Palta-derived front fork to deliver a performance oriented compliant complete unit. The Tera fork stands on the shoulders of a gravel icon, the Palta, while incorporating even more versatility thanks to spacing for up to 45mm tires. Sturdy construction, compliant fork and rear triangle and spacing for large tires make for a machine ready for anything. The addition of dropper post compatibility adds both a degree of fearlessness and versatility. Bolts for up to 4 water bottle cages, constructed for perfect compatibility for multiple bags and even bolting options for fenders or racks, the Tera is ready for any terrain or adventure you care to take on. Internally routed cables, on the other hand, make for not only a cleaner aesthetic but for a better protected drivetrain and brake system. Perfectly compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrains the Tera is ready for any configuration you desire for your build. Others do gravel, #wedopalta ...and the Palta family is growing. The younger brother to the Palta has its own personality, as all siblings do, however its mission and performance are the same. Creating a platform that easily translates Basso’s fantastic ride feeling made famous on the road to a cornucopia of terrain through fantastic craftsmanship and design makes both this new platform and the Palta stand out amongst their competition. Tera’s fantastic value proposition brings a riding experience reserved for a smaller audience to an infinitely larger group of riders. There has never been a better time to choose to ride better... Local availability and pricing SRAM Apex 1 - R44,000 Shimano 105 - ​R47,000The Basso Palta Tera is available from Bike Mob.
  3. The new model, available in both rim and disc brake versions, is the first model that follows a new design principle for Basso that offers a stronger family feeling and more coherence in terms of design between all models, regardless of their position within the range. As a result, the new Venta incorporates both design and performance elements that derive from the pinnacle of the range and incorporate them into a package that is accessible to a wider range of cyclists. The 20th anniversary Venta model blends head turning and function driven design with performance that makes it a more than capable race ready steed. Sleek lines and minimalist graphics make sure that this frame perhaps one of the most elegant within its segment. While aesthetics go a long way into defining the beauty of the Venta model it is the craftsmanship that sets this frame apart from its competition. Made by hand, in Italy, by Basso and with the same extreme attention to quality and detail used to make the most premium frames in the range, the Venta represents a fantastic value proposition. Made to race, made to last, the Venta is built to give lasting performance for years to come. It’s beautiful shape and construction meet with advanced features, generally reserved for higher tier offerings, thus making for an even more interesting offer. Internal cable routing and integrated seat post clamp make for a clean aesthetic while the oversized bottom bracket and reinforced head tube junction make for an extremely reactive construction. The injection of premium performance aspects into the most democratically priced offering in the Basso range goes far towards restoring a great deal of the prestige and technology associated with the first Venta models. Introduced in the year 2000, the first Venta came to life during a period when carbon fiber road frames were still semi-rare and almost always round tube construction. The Venta wasn’t innovative merely for being made of carbon during the transitional era of the material, but rather because of the Avant Garde nature of its form, design and performance. Wildly different from anything else available it represented extreme design in addition to structural efficiency to make it both aerodynamic and reactive. It was a perfect example of the Basso Bikes mission to create products that are beautifully functional and functionally beautiful. Every detail was scrutinised, from cable routing, to brake placement to seat tube design...in order to make a bike well ahead of its time. As groundbreaking as the frame’s structure was the paintwork was just as revolutionary. The original Venta’s special colour scheme was not merely paint but rather a special treatment of the carbon composite that lead to a near mirror finish. Fast forward 20 years later and the Venta continues to represent fantastic craftsmanship, design and performance. Available in Anthracite, Silver and Purple Label standard colour-ways that carry on the tradition from the groundbreaking paintwork seen on the very first model. Purple Label Anthracite Silver The Venta, even after 20 years continues to represent the fantastic design premise of the original model. The latest version is a testament to the fact that impeccable craftsmanship, performance and design, built to race and built to last are qualities found throughout the entire range of Basso Bikes, no matter their price point. Geometry Models and Pricing Rim Brake105 - R27,500 Ultegra - R32,500 Link. Disc Brake105 - R33,000 Ultegra - R38,000 Link.
  4. Beauty, elegance and performance have never looked so good, until now. 41 years ago we set out to create the perfect racing bike, the Diamante has always been that masterpiece of performance striking the perfect balance between stiffness, lightweight and clean lines. Today we'd like to introduce you to the next generation of Diamante. ???????? Electric Sky.The new Diamante is a statement of the Basso Bikes identity that is represented by timeless elegance, care to details that belong to highly experienced artisans, excellent craftsmanship and use of the best and most performing materials. We have updated the tubing shapes, improved the materials and further developed the technology. Every Basso Carbon bike is handmade in their own factory in Treviso, Italy. Each is crafted with their own technique with carbon fibre moulds, low curing temperatures and finished in their paint shop just up the road. The factory is also a production centre for other industry making carbon fibre parts for MotoGP, Formula1, World Rally Championship and the Italian military. So to say they are masters of their craft is an understatement. Their paint facility is world class, having studied from the masters at Mercedes Benz, many of their colours, techniques and paint schemes are inspired by motorsport.In this new model design and R&D meet in the rounded tubing that allows an increase in performance. Bottom bracket flex is now 0.4mm and head tube torsion 0.2 mm, a 50% improvement in performance on the previous Diamante model. We have updated the tire clearance to 28 mm and brought the newly developed "3B seat clamp system" from the Diamante SV, further improving comfort while improving stiffness and overall reactivity to any pedal input. The rear triangle is incredibly efficient, lunging forward with every pedal stroke, while the 3B seat post clamp and elastomer insert deaden vibration from the road, with together with the ability to run larger rubber keep the ride planted and forgiving. The front end is a perfect balance of confidence and agility, think, look and the Diamante follows. Diamante is available in five exclusive and proprietary colours: Lunar Blue, Rubin Red, Italia, Selenite Gray and Electric Sky. Frame kit includes seat post, stem, three Basso carbon spacers and the new 10 mm Diamante spacer. Rubin Red Disc Italia Asphalt Lunar Blue
  5. Not being content with a facelift, they set out to design an entirely new model, new moulds and frame features befitting of the genre. Their expertise in carbon manufacture is nothing new. They boast their own carbon factory in the heart of Italy and all carbon models are still laid up and produced from start to finish in-house. Shadowed in secret, the factory has been somewhat hidden because of the other products developed by them for Formula 1, MotoGP, World Rally Championship, as well as top secret production for the Italian Military. Racing parts like swing arms for Ducatti MotoGP and wings and splitters for F1 to give only a hint of their products are developed alongside those made for you and I. The carbon technology that is learned in F1, directly trickles down into their bikes and components and the same level of perfection, attention to detail and consistency of the carbon product is carried through. PALTA: local Italian dialect word meaning dirt, mud or similar. Gravel belongs to others; we do Palta. The all-new frame has increased tire clearance to accommodate up to 40c gravel tires or 42c slick tires which was the drawback of the Fastcross frame that was designed specifically for CX racing and the UCI limit of 33c. The new bike will cope with far more rugged terrain while remaining comfortable with the extra volume rubber. Another key comfort detail is the proprietary seatpost designed in-house with rubber elastomers moulded into the carbon layup to deaden vibrations, from the road or dirt, wherever you choose to ride. The frame is designed to be laterally stiff while offering vertical compliance. The frame is built for 1x drivetrains only and comes in two spec offerings, either Sram Force1 or Sram Rival1 with an optional carbon wheel upgrade on both. Basso now also use their elegant headset and stem and spacer kit matching their top-end road models, the Diamante and Diamante SV. The stems are super stiff and will easily cope with the demands of off-road riding, while integrating beautifully from the headtube. Paintwork is flawlessly done in their matt eggshell finish, with two superb colourways on offer. “Eggshell” is a technique they developed to be much more hard wearing than traditional matt paint. The Palta is now available to order immediately, for build and spec offerings visit: https://bikemob.co.za/collections/bikes/products/bassopalta
  6. As Basso Bikes we have decided to combine the 2 launches to gain maximum exposure but also to support Campagnolo in their launch. For this reason Diamante SV Factory will be available as a frame kit (delivery date planned for April 20th) or as a full bike with the Campagnolo Super Record mechanical 12 speed groupset (delivery May 1st). Basso Bikes will be the first bike manufacturer to receive these very special groupsets. We have a limited run of the so we expect every partner to want this bike as a real “first in the market”. South African Pricing: Diamante SV Factory, Campagnolo Super Record 12s, Campagnolo Bora Ultra Dark clincher wheels - R130 000Diamante SV Factory, Campagnolo Super Record 12s, BASSO Carbon Microtech M150 or MR38 clincher wheels - R105 000 Diamante SV Factory frame kit - R56 000
  7. When Alcide built his first bicycle in 1977 in his father’s garage, ‘’Basso’’ was only his family name. However, he was already aware of the DNA he carried and got the ultimate inspiration and motivation from his brother, Marino Basso, who won the World Cycling Championship in 1972. As time went by, manufacturing bicycles with different materials such as aluminium, steel and carbon fibres with a Basso logo on them kept the soul and identity, this continued to remain the same and was protected by the core values that were born out of that garage, in Veneto, Italy. At the end of 40 years, we, as Basso, are an outstanding brand who are immensely proud of our bicycles. Even though we are not located in a garage anymore, we still do the entire production in our own habitat. As such, we changed the location but not the domain and are still gladly manufacturing in Italy. With all the passion and manufacturing traditions we have, Basso are glad to present something special for our loyal riders and cycling fans from all around the world: Basso Diamante 40th Year Anniversary Edition The inspiration of the design for this bicycle comes from the 1982 GAP model. We adapted it to today’s trends, blended with the technology of Diamante which is famous with its all-round bicycle characteristics. You will notice the use of the small logos, and details on particular parts of the frame such as seat stays and fork crown. The weight of the frame is 780gr without the special crome paint on it. There will only be 400 pieces of this frame and all the lucky owners of it will get a certification, which includes the wet signature of Alcide Basso. Despite all the delicate appearance it has, we would like you to ride it as hard as you can!
  8. Haven't seen this being posted or linked. Paul Kimmage interviews Chris Froome with Michelle Cound present. Part 1 http://www.independe...m-30391816.html Part 2 http://www.independe...2-30394950.html Some interesting answers........
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